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Essex-Charlotte ferry to resume Monday

At a Feb. 1 meeting of the Essex County supervisors, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-NY21, said her office had been in touch with the ferry company and reopening the Essex route was a priority. She said the company would be eligible for another round of stimulus — a previous allocation had helpedAlong with reduced business, Stefanik said the company had also had trouble finding adequate help needed to run all its boats. it maintain its routes last year.

41 towns decline retail marijuana vote

On Town Meeting Day, March 2, voters in 20 Vermont cities and towns will decide whether to allow retail marijuana. The new state law says local voter approval is needed before a marijuana store can open. But what about towns that don’t want to vote on retail pot? 41 towns won’t even have the question on the Town Meeting ballot.

Gov. Scott, why aren’t ski tourists following Covid rules?

Vermonter’s are doing what is asked of us. We are wearing masks, not gathering, quarantining if we leave the state, limiting our children’s ability to go to school full time, etc. We are doing this all because you said we need to protect fellow Vermonter’s. It seems to me, you are asking a lot of us while turning the other way when it comes to protecting us from others.

Baruth says gun carry ban not needed if problem solved by current law – and it is

Police have a tool they can use to immediately correct the problem of a person carrying a firearm into a prohibited place; it allows them to remove that person; it allows them to cite or arrest and at that point they can confiscate weapons. That’s current law today. To quote the lead sponsor one more time: “… if in fact there are other laws that do what S.30 purports to do, then I would say it is a strong argument for not passing it.”


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Monique Thurston on Vermont Daily: “Just in time!”

Monique Thurston

Vermont Daily testimonial by Monique Thurston:

Just in time!

Vermont needs Vermont Daily like an anemic patient needs a blood transfusion. It is frustrating to be a Vermonter today.  

Montpelier is like a mill – run by activists and lobbyists of all sorts who grind into oblivion those who do not fit their political agenda.  To the Democrat/Progressive majority, taxpayers are an inexhaustible supply of money for their schemes.  

Now Vermont Daily and True North gives Vermonters another choice than the “mainstream media” reporting of VTDigger, Seven Days or WCAX, whose sympathetic bias to the power structure is evident in the slant they give to the news as well as the news and opinions they choose to ignore. Adding insult to injury, VTDigger and Seven Days eliminated reader comments thereby squelching all but their point of view.

Vermont Daily Publisher Guy Page is determined to give his readers a “bigger picture “of what is going on in Vermont. Now we know that a new VTDigger editor tweets about affluent neighborhoods full of “rich boring white people;” that Elizabeth Cady, opposed to the national Black Lives Matter movement’s Marxist roots, won her race for school board in Essex; and that H39, a bill that proposed to require that Climate Council members with connection to the renewable industry need to declare their conflict of interest, is still languishing in the Energy and Technology Committee.    

And in a victory to free speech, readers ‘ comments on articles are allowed and lively debate is encouraged. Springtime in Vermont!

Monique Thurston is a retired radiologist living in Ferrisburgh.