Top News of ’21: Heather Sheppard crosses into eternity (March 9)

by Guy Page

Today, as I prepare to write about crossover in the Vermont Legislature and a meteor that flashed across the Vermont sky Sunday night, my heart is with the family of a dear friend who blazed her own beautiful path until Sunday morning at 11:55 when she crossed over into eternity.

It’s impossible to start talking about Heather Sheppard without going on and on and on. Instead I will add my small contribution to the growing communal memory of this unforgettable woman. Here are two news stories from 2020 featuring Heather and her outspoken, politically-incorrect love for all people.

Essex mom advises school board to choose Booker T. over BLM


Heather Sheppard of Essex Junction, a mother of four and an on-air personality at the Light Radio, yesterday send this letter to the Essex-Westford School District Board:

I was raised (as an orphan with my baby brother) by my single grandmother on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma, lived among Black friends in troubled Ferguson Missouri, and am honored to be a surrogate mom for a young black man who lost his adoptive mother. I rally for black lives, raise funds for black lives, support young black youth. And I urge you to not fly the BLM flag. Its goals and methods are actually detrimental to necessary reform.….

LOVE WARRIORS – Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King, and Heather Sheppard

“All lives matter,” MLK niece tells Vermont radio audience


Interviewed by Heather Sheppard on the Light Radio, Dr. Alveda King counsels Vermonters, Americans to repent and “live together as brothers and sisters, not perish together as fools.”

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