Vermont Daily Chronicle publishes online news and commentary about Vermont state government and policy. It is published by Page Communications, a media firm operated by Guy Page of Berlin, Vermont.

Editor and publisher Guy Page is a Vermont native, Berlin resident, and 1979 University of Vermont graduate. He has 43 years’ experience as a journalist, government affairs professional, and lobbyist.

After graduating from the University of Vermont in 1979, he began his journalism career as an intern reporter at the Burlington Free Press. He also worked at the St. Albans Messenger and the News & Citizen in Morrisville. He founded the Winooski Eagle and the North Avenue News. From 1988-2002 he published the Colchester Chronicle, a community newspaper.

His public affairs advocacy included the Vermont Energy Partnership, Divestment Facts, the Vermont Lung Association, Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Vermont, the Church at Prison, Physicians, Families and Friends for a Better Vermont, and the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare. He is an occasional guest host for the Ethan Allen Institute “Common Sense Radio” program on WDEV.

Guy Page was elected in December to his second term on the coordinating committee of the Consumer Liaison Group of ISO-New England, the operators of the region’s electrical power grid. Since 2004, he has served as the media consultant for three statewide political races. He is also a volunteer for two local libraries, an elder and worship leader at his church in East Montpelier, and the father of three adult children. He and his wife live in Berlin, a 5K run from the Vermont Statehouse.