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Commentary: Vermont not immune from mob rule mentality

The lesson here is clear. A political party spent several years gaining control of the government and then demanded complete conformity to their ideas. They implemented a concentrated ‘fake news’ machine which relied on the dictum that a lie repeated over and over becomes the truth. Anyone who opposed them were considered undesirable as members of society and were to be deplored and silenced. No dissent of any kind was tolerated.

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Courts, Congress fail to fight electoral fraud

Even responses to concerns for relaxed Election Integrity standards are dismissive and not what would normally be expected. And now Americans are about to trust that which is untrustworthy, accepting election results that will not or cannot be validated due to relaxed standards. Our concerns are routinely dismissed as false or unfounded and without merit.

Goodbye to TCI

Gov. Scott is not likely to put forth detailed objections to TCI. He’ll raise a few questions, point to pandemic uncertainty, and pay his customary homage to climate change orthodoxy. But he clearly sees that this is just one more elaborately concealed carbon tax. He knows what that will to do families and Covid- stressed businesses, he has opposed that for four years, and he won’t buy it. Good for him.