No mask, no service – frustrated shopper hits sign with truck

By Guy Page

‘Tis NOT the season to be jolly for one disgruntled Hunger Mountain Co-op shopper who on Dec. 16 declined to wear a mask, left the store gesturing and cursing, and then struck a sandwich board sign with his pick-up truck, Montpelier police say. 

In a Facebook video post shared by the Montpelier Police Department, a pickup truck can be seen driving towards the store’s front entrance, veering towards the sign, knocking it over, and then driving off. A photo of the alleged truck operator is included on the post, which reads:

“MPD is seeking the community’s assistance identifying the operator of the vehicle in this video regarding an ongoing investigation. An image of the operator prior to departing the building is available in the comments. Please contact Sergeant Truhan at (802) 223-3445 with any information.”

The Montpelier Bridge Dec. 19 said the deed was done by an “anti-masker” and referred to it as “a potentially dangerous form of anti-mask protest.” Police reportedly said they are not responding to civil complaints regarding the city’s newly imposed mask ordinance, only criminal complaints. However, they are actively investigating now the incident.

The video has 17 comments, only two of which – both by Montpelier PD – are visible, and has been shared 76 times. 

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  1. I suspect people are getting to the end of their rope with all of this. My personal solution is to just not patronize the stores or cities/towns with mask mandates. Simple. I spend my money with those that support personal rights and freedom only.

  2. The question is why is anyone spending money in Montpelier or any town with these mandates?

    Money talks folks….spend it elsewhere and don’t battle with crazy people.

    Even if they mandate these dumb things state wide I’ll just wear my ‘This mask is useless and so is yours’ mask around my chin.

    We live in a modern day looney bin.

    • RIGHT answer!! Boycotting masking businesses is the only way to get their attention. Best idea is to get rid of our zombi legislators who are out of touch with reality

    • I use a neck gaiter when I am forced to. One layer of nylon just about usless but it make everything all right. Can we sing a chorus of feel good music now?

  3. As of today, I go anywhere, WITHOUT A MASK. No shot no no no no. I go where I please. The trick is this. ONLY trespassing will be the charge so. If told to leave DO SO!!!
    BUT you see a cop will not , as far as I know ,will not stop /arrest anyone for “non-compliance” Save the cops and yourself the hassle go to places that don’t hassle you. It is no different than in the 50s-60 when a Blackman is told to not come here or only drink from this fountian. I did have problems, being poor and w/o a car. VT service agencies (things like the people who drive poor or diabaled people to the doctors or for food.)will let you die first, same with ambulances, the hospitals. No mask no help…. Hey here is a plan. get refused. Get the name of the person/business that require you to provide medical info to enter. THEN start a suit with the federal government for violations to HIPPA and the ADA. The BS they spew to say it’s allowed is garbage. Most of those who say that are those who did not read the law. Oh to all, it’s really simple the Constitution is a list of GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS ON THEM, not us. STOP ASKIING FOR PERMISSION TO DO STUFF. And Yes, that is my real name I have no fear from these people.

  4. I assume this man took the safe and effective “vaccine” because we were told if you have the vaccine you don’t have to wear a mask. Fooled again! We still have to wear a mask and we are not fully “vaccinated” unless boosted with another shot. How far we have come from 14 days to flatten the curve. If this were a regulation size football field, the goal posts they keep moving every 90 days or so would be in the next county.