Trailhead car thief suspect jailed

A 28-year-old man from Winooski is facing multiple charges following a lengthy investigation by local police.

During the months of October, November, and December, the Essex Police Department opened an investigation into several incidents involving theft from motor vehicles. The cars were usually parked in secluded recreational areas as their owners were away using the trails. The suspect would break out a window and after stealing items, use the victim’s credit cards immediately.

The Essex Police Department, with the assistance of other agencies, say they identified Tyler Herd as the suspect in several of these incidents.

Herd is facing numerous charges including false pretense, unlawful mischief, larceny from a motor vehicle, identity theft, and possession of stolen property.

On Friday, Herd was arrested by Colchester police on several outstanding arrest warrants, and then jailed.

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  1. Vermont needs to adopt the reasoning that some other states have: that a vehicle is an extension of one’s home. That makes the illegal entry of a vehicle essentially a burglary. On top of that, Vermont needs to (but wont ever) adopt Castle Doctrine self defense laws that allow the criminal incursion into a dwelling to be considered an assumption of a deadly threat. Moonbats will argue that “it is only property”, but maybe most moonbats and members of the legislature lead charmed lives and dont have these kind of things happen to them. At the very least, we should have a law in place that if you catch someone messing with your private property, the maximum penalty that can be levied on you for assaulting them is a $10 fine. These crimes happen all too often and the perpetrators are rarely caught. When they are caught, it is usually by private citizens. There needs to be some level of legal tolerance for private citizens doling out “justice” in these cases.

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