Scott backs vax passports for restaurants, bars

Also “open to” reduced insurance for unvaccinated

By Guy Page

Governor Phil Scott supports vaccine passports for bars and restaurants and his administration is “working on” getting more businesses to limit access to the vaccinated only, he said at his press conference today. He also opened the door to reducing insurance coverage for the unvaccinated.

Science shows that transmission is most likely to occur with the sort of sustained human contact of 10-15 minutes common in bars, Scott said. He said more restaurants across Vermont are insisting on proof of vaccination. “It’s like a vaccine passport,” Scott said. “It’s a step in the right direction. We’d like to see more businesses take that approach as well. We’re working on that.”

In opening remarks, Scott and other administration officials took aim at the relatively high rate of Covid-19 hospitalizations among the unvaccinated – 280/100,000 in the last six weeks, or 30 times higher than the fully vaxxed, according to state statistics. 

Retiring Human Services Secretary Mike Smith signaled the administration’s impatience with unvaccinated Vermonters filling up hospital beds. “We are spending considerable amounts of money on people…who are vaccinated. It’s unfair for those who have done the right thing and now must pay” for those who haven’t, Smith said.

News 5 reporter Stewart Ledbetter asked whether unvaccinated Vermonters should receive diminished insurance coverage. “It’s a good question,” Scott said. “We’re looking at every avenue at coaching them. It should be a consideration, I guess. We haven’t talked about that,” and his administration is still working on educating non-vaccinated Vermonters. 

Scott also noted that being “fully vaccinated” will soon include receiving the third booster shot – “it’s a matter of if, not when,” he said. 

Scott also expressed concern that when – not if, in his opinion – any statewide mask mandate imposed by the Legislature next year fails, it will move on to even more restrictive measures, such as lockdowns.  “What will they do next? They’ll move on to something more,” Scott said. 

Scott unaware of possible vax passports at State House – Gov. Scott was asked by Vermont Daily Chronicle about the legislative recommendation to impose vaccine passports on lawmakers and legislative staff – and possibly others – under consideration at tomorrow’s Joint Rules committee. 

“I think that is for them to decide,” Scott said. “I think of them as an employer.” But he added he is unaware of the proposal and expects to learn more tomorrow. 

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  1. I am absolutely sick over our leaders. I can’t even fathom any justification to require vaccine passports for an experimental treatment only approved under an Emergency Use Authorization.

    • I never trusted Scott. Vermont needs an outsider of politics to clean out Montpelier. Yes a Trump type that has no puppet strings attached.

  2. I just want to reiterate what is written in this article above:

    Get your third shot or you’re going to be locked out like the rest of us:

    “Scott also noted that being “fully vaccinated” will soon include receiving the third booster shot – “it’s a matter of if, not when,” he said.”

    The governor is working on ensuring that some vermonters can’t eat publicly in a restaurant and that a vaccine passport is a step in the right direction:

    “He said more restaurants across Vermont are insisting on proof of vaccination. “It’s like a vaccine passport,” Scott said. “It’s a step in the right direction. We’d like to see more businesses take that approach as well. We’re working on that.””

    If this doesn’t worry you then I don’t know what to say to you.

  3. Vaccinated or not, when the government starts mandating that you “Show me your papers” I’ll boycott any place that supports this.

  4. fail to get a vax mandate for a vaccine that does not stop you from transmitting the virus and does not stop you from getting virus. Scott becoming more and more disappointing as government wants to flex their muscles. i would say you normally vaccinate before the flu season not after pandemic has arrived

  5. If the vaccine protects you, then you have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. If the vaccine doesn’t protect you, why should anyone get vaccinated?

    Also, isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? We tried masking up–didn’t work. It would almost make more sense for Scott to require people to wear two masks–at least that would be something different.

  6. An obvious police state measure with no scientific/legal basis – neither emergency nor lethality. Scott is a disgrace who should be removed from office. Was he a good race car driver? He should go back to that – taking the rest of the red luddites with him. We need good governance in touch with out fundamentals, not peripherals seeking to normalize the deviant, much less the perverse. Freedom in 2022!

  7. If they are going to reduce insurance coverage, or raise premiums, on the unvaccinated then they darn well better consider doing the same for the obese and smokers or anyone else that participates in any sport or activity that poses a greater risk than my 99.1% of not being hospitalized with COVID

  8. This guy is complete garbage. He’s truly outing himself as an NWO stooge. It’s also funny how this RINO is aligning himself with Biden….one of the worst rated Presidents ever.

    He is leading this state over the cliff and the sheep don’t see it. When the Vaccine injuries start piling up (and believe me they are) he’ll have to answer to the people.

    • Alex, Scott will never have to answer for the injuries because the general public will never find out about them. Any reporting of said injuries will be discredited by the major media outlets to protect themselves.

      The general public in Vermont needs to let Scott and the legislature know that we will not comply. When businesses are faced with turning away paying customers or ignoring Scott’s dictates, one would hope they will choose self-interest.

  9. Maybe he got a blood clot in his brain from his vax? Only reason I can think of for his continued adherence to something which neither prevents infection nor transmission. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. They already got 95% of the 12 and up to get the jab here yet somehow they don’t seem to have reached herd immunity.

    • Scott never took the Vax or the Booster. Go on youtube and look up the video of him ‘getting’ the booster. It’s the fakest thing ever.

  10. Since when can the government punish certain groups of people who are not breaking any laws? This is not a vaccine, it is an experimental drug of which the ingredients have not been disclosed to the public. The Nuremburg code as well as federal law requires informed consent and does not allow for coercion in the form of punishment for refusing to be experimented on. By refusing access to insurance or blocking people from their pursuit of happiness is a direct violation of rights under federal law and the constitution. Do we have any lawyers in this state? The lawsuits should start as soon as this is implemented if it ever is. Further, this so called vaccine and it’s makers have been afforded immunity from any death or injury resulting from their product. no one is under any obligation to be forced or punished for refusing this unproven injection. Implementing such a requirement will further damage business, the ski resorts and small family bars and restaurants.

    • And illegals are free to roam around Vermont with no punishment, felons can carry guns and be out on bail the same day!! Some laws are enforceable and other laws ignored?? This is madness!!

    • Collin…. That is exactly the point… You are vaxxed and others are not… and that’s absolutely fine! We all live here together and we all would like to think that only we alone can make health and body decisions for ourselves. I very much appreciate you and your vertical smile!

  11. Scott’s rant about ‘The 5 percent” wreaking havoc over all of his coronavirus success was pitiful.
    It’s as if he ignores the evidence of disease transmission by the “vaccinated”.
    If he believes this is an “epidemic of the unvaccinated” he needs time off. It appears this is an epidemic of political manipulation and Scott has swallowed the hook, line and sinker. His new assumption that a “booster” is required for “fully vaccinated” status is troubling. Levine was on point to brush off any talk of side effects of the vaccine and downplayed the VAERS reporting system, stating something about stomach aches instead of addressing deaths and heart issues attributed to the vaccines on the VAERS system. I have heard anecdotally of several deaths recently in Vermont of folks that passed suddenly within days of receiving the “booster”. I guess that if you control the information and the media, things must be as you say.
    There were a lot of words coming from Scott, all seemingly indicating he would make life difficult for anyone not partaking in his “vaccination” program- all of it- as he is now moving the hoop he expects Vermont to jump thru- to end his “epidemic”.

  12. So when will it extend to grocery stores, governor? Help me at least plan ahead so I won’t starve to death. And if you could give a heads-up on where Vermont’s quarantine camp will be located, I’d much appreciate that.

    • It’s my understanding that the designated FEMA camp for Vermont is actually in Northern New Hampshire.

  13. My vaccine passport is my middle finger and a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You see if you are all ready vaccinated, you now have to get the booster because Fauci the serial killer is changing the definition of fully vaccinated. You also have to keep wearing your mask. This illegal tyranny has nothing to do with a virus. There is a sickness in this State and it’s not COVID.

  14. Folks….big rally at 11AM Saturday at Tafts Corners against Mandates and passports. Boycott and don’t comply. This is the battle of our lives and our kids lives!

    • I have a handful of people that are interested in participating. Is there any information that can be circulated??

  15. I noticed in listening to part of the news conference that the Governor and Dr. Levine dodged the question about ivermectin and early treatment. The plain fact is that early treatment for Covid-19 using safe and effective (and inexpensive) drugs has been deliberately suppressed. We could’ve likely stopped the pandemic in April, 2020, if we’d heeded the advice of Dr. Zelenko. Instead, this advice was suppressed by the establishment scientific community; we never got the chance to experiment to see if the Zelenko protocol would work. Bogus studies using extremely large doses in extremely sick patients were used to prove the drug dangerous. This isn’t science; this is Lysenkoism. The same thing is happening with ivermectin, an even more promising drug. There’s no longer any open and honest discourse and debate in medical science. Factions (Federalist #10) aligned with big pharma are censoring science and there are no checks and balances on the power of this faction to censor and stifle debate. The public, hearing about “science” and “data,” fails to realize that this is half-science and half-data: only what we’re allowed to hear. We have separation of powers and checks and balances in our government, but when science is given free reign due to an emergency and there are no checks and balances on that science to ensure that power doesn’t accrue to one faction that suppresses other perfectly legitimate scientific views, then what we end up is with government dictate by a faction aligned with pseudoscience (and coincidentally aligned with big pharma and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.) Society could’ve proceeded normally with minimal disruption and liberties could’ve been preserved, but now, unbelievably, we’re apparently going to be asked to “show your papers, please” in order to move about freely and participate in society. The legitimate scientific views, promulgated by well-qualified scientists who tried to talk common-sense, were deliberately suppressed, and Tony Fauci’s faction gained the day to rule over America. This is so wrong, but the Governor and Dr. Levine are clueless. It’s time to wake up.

    • I think that rather than being clueless, the Governor and Dr. Levine are part of the American Marxist establishment.

  16. What does it take to get expelled from the VTGOP?


    Has he ever heard of herd immunity? How about “I’m not sick??”

    When will the VTGOP jettison him? Or is the VTGOP just uniparty right? Actions speak louder than words….and they seem to be embracing him.

  17. Hey Phil just in case you need my papers, I’ll leave them here for you:

    ……..…../´¯/)………… (\¯`\
    …………/….//……….. …\\….\
    ………../….//………… ….\\….\
    …../´¯/…./´¯\………../¯ `\….\¯`\
    .././…/…./…./.|_……_| .\….\….\…\.\..
    (.(….(….(…./.)..)..(..(. \….)….)….)… )
    .\…………….\/…/….\. ..\/……………./
    ..\…………….. /……..\……………..…/

  18. The proposed policies will not “keep us safe,” they will only reward compliance. What about Vermonters with natural immunity? “Freedom and Unity” are the words written on our state seal. If these deeply flawed policies go forward the state motto will need to be changed to “Compliance for Unity.”

  19. The progressive socialist party of Vermont has hijacked phony phils sanity it appears. NO mandates and NO passports!! This isn’t nazi Germany or is it under comrade phil??

  20. I didn’t realize Scott had any more stupid to blow off. Go join the leftist progressives Philly. They always have a little more room for more tools such as yourself!

  21. In response to Mike Smith’s comment, “It’s unfair for those who have done the right thing and now must pay” for those who haven’t.” I have felt the same way for many years and not said anything, but now feel constrained to protest with these questions: Is it fair that I, a non-smoker pay for the poor health choices of those who do smoke? Is it fair that I, a non drinker, pay for the price for those who over indulge in alcoholic beverages? Is it fair that I, a monogamous married person, pay health costs associated with venereal diseases? Is is fair that I, who exercise regularly, pay the price for those sedentary individuals who choose not to exercise to maintain their health? Need I continue? Even if it is granted that being fully vaccinated is a healthy choice, there are many other health choices, with more far reaching consequences, that are being made every day. I am all for fairness. When does it start?

    • @ Dwight

      Exactly. Given that the obese, smokers, alcoholics etc utilize large amounts of medical care and cost all of us for this care, just when are you going to make them pay the price Governor? Are you going to threaten to charge them more for health insurance or decrease their coverage? Why are you so fixated on those admittedly few Vermonters, many of whom already had Covid, who are determined to make their own healthcare decisions? Waiting for you to ban anyone with a BMI of 25 or more from accessing fast food restaurants!

      • Any person who came into this country and did everything legally to be a citizen now watches our government protect those who are here illegally. Remember the bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple – business can’t discriminate against gay people or brown people, but you can openly discriminate people with medical issues. The list goes on and on of the blatant violation of our civil liberties and breaking laws with impunity.

    • The “It’s not fair” argument sounds like a fifth grader after always being the last kid picked.

  22. I can’t tell you how disheartening it is to read this article. Our governor is suggesting that we go down a dangerous and unnecessary path that won’t keep anyone safer.

  23. I will not comply. I can only see evil intentions at this point w/ these measures. I’ve sent all my state reps data that they likely will not read that demonstrates w/ science how these policies are of no benefit. I highly recommend this site ( for great articles w/ links to studies to arm yourself w/ data points to fight against the policies that are being implemented. I also recommend reading one author in particular, Vinay Prasad, whose works are very data-driven and insightful ( As a new Vermonter, I’m glad to see that there are conservatives in this state.

  24. Ok tried posting and it didn’t work – one more time. I will not comply w/ any of this nonsense. I highly recommend this site for good articles that link to data-driven science on these issues ( I also recommend Vinay Prasad’s blog for great commentary on the science of COVID ( I’ve emailed all my state reps great data on why mandatory vaccines make zero sense, though I doubt they would read any of it. Cognitive dissonance can be difficult to overcome.

    Anyway, I’m a new resident to the state, and I’m glad to see that there are conservatively-minded individuals who actually try to think on their own and not accept the spoon-fed narrative of fear.

    Don’t forget – ALL this b/c of an infection fatality rate (among known cases) of 0.77%. Deaths allegedly due to COVID only make up 0.06% of the state population. Lawmakers want to change your entire life for that.

  25. I refuse to go out to dinner in California. I go there regularly. Doing my part to help the state go the rest of the way out of business. With more and more empty store fronts in every town, this is exactly the kind of thing you don’t want to do, but hey…..Go ahead Governor……Twist my arm. I’ll never hit the Birdseye Diner in Castleton again. Im serious. I can live without it.

  26. This is another Government control to control the voters and people that speak out against our constitutional rights being violated .

  27. Is it any wonder why our local woke media (and we all know who they are) no longer accept comments? I am encouraged beyond words by the majority of courageous sentiments being expressed here and on TNR. Now, if only we can find a principled person to run for office.

    • I am considering running for office in the next election and have started a dialogue with the VTGOP chair. One person stepping up will not make a huge difference. We all need to take an active part is reclaiming a balanced political environment that respects all citizens. No position is to small and all are critical, from schools boards and select boards to the House and Senate. It is time for all honest, caring, hardworking people to take an active part in influencing the policies that govern our daily life and financial well-being.

      • Tell us about yourself CJ. For what seat are you running? What is your platform?

        Start the process right here on VDC today. Submit an article to Guy Page. Let us ‘kick the tires’ – and then you can push back.

        Clearly there will be support for a candidate espousing the principles being expressed here. But I, for one, first want to see someone who is articulate and who can demonstrate a semblance of management skills. Then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of platform policies.

        Postscript VDC readers. This can be your political platform. But Guy Page needs our help. He can’t maintain this site by himself. Please consider contributing to the maintenance of the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

      • I will run as a Republican, although I have not committed myself. I am considering the various elected positions, therefore I can’t speak to the platform I will run on. I agree that contributing an article to assist Guy and introduce myself would be beneficial. My comment was intended to motivate others to consider running for an elected position. Our school and select boards are in dire need of Conservative perspectives and voices. I appreciate your interest and input!

    • Thanks for pointing out TNR! Didn’t know about that one.

      All the local libby sites (digger, 7days) shut down comments at the beginning of the scamdemic. Gee….wonder why?

      Also try posting any truths on FPF. They censor everything.

  28. As an adopted daughter of Yahweh of Hosts, I judge Phil Scott et al as WRONG and put him on Yahweh’s altar for his righteous action. Go get him, Daddy!

  29. I am lost for words to explain how pissed off I am at “KING SCOTT”… as far as restaurants demanding vaxxed passports I’ll just stay home. If enough of us band together and not go out to eat that’s a start because money talks and when restaurants start losing money, well….

  30. The manipulation of every aspect of our life n livelihoods must stop! We must all join together to stop our leaders, who have alternative agendas fueled by money or politics, n take back VT/USA.

    To wear a mask or not is each individual’s decision!

    I urge you all to stand firm n remove those who threaten our life n livelihood.

  31. There are no long-term studies on the safety of these EUA injections, and the short-term warning signals coming out of the VAERS database are profoundly alarming. Never before in the decades of collecting data has there been such a massive uptick in serious adverse effects and deaths. It is unconscionable to force or coerce anyone to inject such materials.

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