Cady: Fear justifies hate

By Liz Cady

My interest in WWII began in 8th grade, when I read and presented to my class The Diary of Anne Frank.  I remember the difficulty in trying to articulate to my 14-year-old peers how ordinary people were part of the horrors of WWII, how a little girl and her family spent her final years hiding and then sent to a horrific death.  Now, 25 years later, I would be able to describe far better what happened: fear was used and injected in society in order to allow hate to seem justified, and hate grows at an exponential rate.  

“I am not comparing what is happening now to the horrific genocide that took place in WWII, but I do believe we need to acknowledge the comparison of how that hate started then and how it is happening now: separating people into a desired group versus an undesired one.”

People, understandably, become very combative and defensive when modern day situations are likened to what happened in WWII.  People are often too quick to make the comparison, and the murder of millions is unfathomable.  How did something so evil happen when there were good people around?  Fear.  Hate.   

I have read many commentaries to VTDigger and comments on news stories (only conservative ones since our mainstream VT media no longer allows users to comment), and a theme I read over and over again is that the unvaccinated shouldn’t be able to clog up hospitals and that unvaccinated nurses and doctors should have to work in their own place where they can care for the unvaccinated.  Then, the vaccinated can attend regular medical facilities without worry or having to wait on the unvaccinated.  But, what if we changed the wording… 

“the unvaccinated Jews shouldn’t be able to clog up hospitals, and unvaccinated Jewish nurses and doctors should have to work in their own place where they can care for the unvaccinated Jews.  Then, the vaccinated Aryans can attend regular medical facilities without worry or having to wait on the unvaccinated Jews.”  

This kind of rhetoric was used in the years leading to WWII and during.  Religion and race were used instead of vaccination status.  I am not comparing what is happening now to the horrific genocide that took place in WWII, but I do believe we need to acknowledge the comparison of how that hate started then and how it is happening now: separating people into a desired group versus an undesired one.  Ordinary, every day people are being manipulated to allow hate in this modern-day situation of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated through the use of fear.  

Years of various vaccinations should be evident to every American that vaccinations are not to stop a spread, and breakthrough cases are a testament that these vaccinations are not eradicating Covid-19.  Some will claim that this public health crisis makes this situation different, but we have two years of data detailing exactly what groups of people are at risk and two years of data showing the extremely high survival rate, including an extremely high survival rate prior to rollout of the vaccinations.  Newscasts and stories focus upon Covid-19 cases, and our elected officials continually lambast the unvaccinated as the problem, despite the extremely high vaccination rate of our state.  The case numbers in red and the rhetoric of our officials are very successful in promoting and continuing fear of this virus.   And if we, the ordinary, every day people, allow this fear to justify hate, that hate will grow exponentially.  

If the sign “This brave little state says no to hate” is true, then it starts with refusal to put people into separate categories, no matter what race, religion, ethnicity, creed, sex, or vaccination status.  Saying no to hate means treating everyone as a person deserving of love, respect, freedom, and happiness.  

As a transplant to Vermont, and someone who embraced this state and what I thought it stood for, I have been alarmed, disappointed, and overwhelmingly saddened to see that many people in this state embrace fear and close their eyes to the hatred it creates.    

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  1. Exactly and well said. I have watched with growing horror as so many people have embraced the idea of banning and shaming the unvaxed, now the “other”. Really, it’s not such a big step from doing this to legislating putting “them” into camps and facilities where the righteous pure vaxed can be safe from their filth and contamination. It really wasn’t all that many years ago, and some Holocaust survivors are still alive to bear testimony to how this happens.

    How perfectly ordinary people are stirred up by fear and then demonize their neighbors, former friends, classmates, work colleagues and others. It’s already happened here during Covid. We even have our President and very own Governor issuing threats to the unvaxed and warning them that life if unvaxed won’t be very pleasant. In case anyone ever wondered how on earth the Holocaust happened and how so many people bought into Hitler, they need wonder no more.

  2. When you do the math, 95% vaccinated people Vs 5% that aren’t, it just doesn’t add up that is where any problem rises from. We have fought the good fight where we were asked to stay home for two weeks to stop the rise which turned into months. We have gotten vaccinated at a rate higher than any State in the country. Those who want to mask can and those who don’t want to shouldn’t. Instead of trying to divide us, why don’t we unite to find out where and how this virus started and hold who’s at fault accountable? During the Ebola epidemic we were able to find the one cow on a small dirt farm in the middle of nothing that was the transmitter but when we know the lab this came from, the city it came from and the country as well, we’d rather blame the unvaccinated for all the ills of the world. We are over COVID. Time to move on.

    • ‘We are over Covid’.

      Tell that to the folks in the Burlington area.

      They were lined up in droves for testing today and in a South Burlington grocery store more than 95% were wearing masks….even though it’s not required.

      They are addicted to the fear. I recommend all folks don’t share there Vaxx status unless it’s with folks you really trust. Avoid liberal areas. Stay rural. Stay sane.

    • Even so, Mr. Ingalls, we must find a way to deal with what we presently face.
      This is dire for many people. I’m not the only person who may have serious negative reactions to the vaccines. The 3rd jab, which I must resist, could paralyze me. The new genetic vaccines are more invasive than the older, simpler formulas. We need a strategy that finds alternatives.
      Myself, I continue to get tested. So far negative.

  3. Excellent article, Ms. Cady! It can also run parallel to biblical prophecy regarding the vaxed versus unvaxed: Revelation 13:16-18 16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.

  4. Well said. The current Orwellian views in Vermont, from it’s Chief Executive down echo the words of Orwell, ” All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.
    It is quite clear to those not evangelical followers of Covid Fear that the current policies of both the federal and state governments are extremely flawed. Hubris and Dollars, I suspect are the root cause to ram the “vaccine” forward until complete failure and anarchy.
    I have seen examples, down to the family level of complete intolerance for any opinion, thought or statement contrary to the word as spoken by anthony fauci and the CDC. Until he and his ilk are removed from their positions and ignored by media, we will continue down this slippery path.
    For those that care about such things, the New York Assembly is considering Bill A-416- a measure to give NY’s Governor the ability to inter (incarcerate) any one the governor feels is a health “risk” in New York State. One would think this unconstitutional idea would never had made it on paper, but here we are- trying to emulate Australia, whom does inter their population in camps specifically constructed for this. Such an idea may well be made into legislation here in Vermont, despite any false assurances from Balint, Krowinski or any other politician- including Scot, whom is unable to sustain a veto.
    Simply stated, the threat of political actions, demanded by a panicked and fearful majority is far greater to Vermont’s residents than any variant of SARS-CoV-2. These actions are here now, only to increase in intensity.
    As the truth emerges, do not not ask how we knew. Ask yourself why you didn’t.

    • Frank, that bill had a comment section on the New York Government website. They were overwhelmingly negative. I believe it’s already been withdrawn from consideration.

      But it should never exist to begin with.

      At this time I know 3 people who have had issues with the ‘Experimental Injection’. The narrative will fall apart and the ‘injected’ will be mad at the ‘uninjected’ simply because we didn’t fall for the scam.

  5. Ms. Cady, et al: While I understand your disappointment with our human nature, in my opinion your expectations are unrealistic from the start. Political factions have been with us since time immemorial. Power, and the Fear of losing it, are standard fare. It’s why the U.S. Constitution was created.

    “Among the numerous advantages promised by a well constructed union, none deserves to be more accurately developed than its tendency to break and control the violence of faction. The friend of popular governments, never finds himself so much alarmed for their character and fate, as when he contemplates their propensity to this dangerous vice. He will not fail therefore to set a due value on any plan which, without violating the principles to which he is attached, provides a proper cure for it. The instability, injustice and confusion introduced into the public councils, have in truth been the mortal diseases under which popular governments have every where perished; as they continue to be the favorite and fruitful topics from which the adversaries to liberty derive their most specious declamations.”
    James Madison, Federalist #10

    This is not to say that I disagree with your underlying personal principles. Just the opposite. But to lobby for human enlightenment is, in my humble opinion, an exercise in futility. We are, all of us, human, with all of the flaws ascribed to our species since the beginning of time. The question is, how can we co-exist under these circumstances?

    Today, there are those who believe that unvaccinated individuals are infringing on the rights of others. Meanwhile, there is increasing evidence that those who are vaccinated are infringing on the rights of the unvaccinated, that the currently prescribed mRNA vaccines may be permanently damaging our natural immune systems (especially the immune systems of our children), an opinion expressed after considering the current research of literally thousands of medical professionals (e.g., The Great Barrington Declaration).

    Understanding that fear and hate abound on both sides, now what do we do?

      • Yikes, I just read that WCH attachment. Will I grow gills and anttenae? It is, actually, scary.

      • Keep an eye on the children, ages 18 and below. For the first 20 months of the pandemic, this Vermont cohort (more than 100,000 kids) have been unvaccinated. Over the same period, only six have been hospitalized with Covid and none have died.

        Beginning sometime in November this year, the move to vaccinate children has hit full steam. According to the VT DOH, 81% of kids ages 12-17, and 53% ages 5-11, have been vaccinated within the last month.

        Of course, the data is suspect. I note that the DOH says 100% of Vermonters 70-74 have been vaccinated… which I know for a fact is incorrect. And I know the ‘dashboard’ data has been ‘cherry picked’ from the get-go, requiring much reading between the lines.

        Again, it’s more important than ever that we see:
        – Vaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
        – Unvaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
        – Vaccinated Deaths per capita by age group
        – Unvaccinated Deaths per capita by age group

        “Thou shalt not distort, delay, or withhold information.”
        ― Meadows. Donella, Thinking in Systems: A Primer

  6. Excellent article! I’m positioned in the epicenter of all this if you will here in Vermont and rhetoric from leaders that doesn’t usually match what we’re facing inside the hospital influences the fear people feel and consequently the actions they will take against others who they deem threaten their safety and burden them. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and quite frankly it’s not covid that scares me, I’ve had it, it’s how we’re treating one another.

  7. Anyone who thinks comparisons between today and 1930s Germany are absurd only prove the author’s point. It’s precisely the “no way, it’s not happening” mentality that blinded Germany’s own citizens to the horrors gathering on the horizon. If supposedly educated people in 2021 cannot learn from relatively recent human history–showing some immunity to it happening again, so to speak–then there’s no helping them.

    • It would Blow Your Mind to truly Know what is Going On in Germany Today . Not Only is My Cousin There , But Relatives of other close friends are there . Americans are in Denial of the Evil that runs the Medical , Judicial , Legislative , and Gubernatorial . Not to Mention Pedo Joe

  8. LIz Cady had done a remarkable analogy with this article and is wise beyond her years. I am about twice her age and have said often that not since Nazi Germany have so many been controlled by so few! But alas, I have a ‘longer view’. Fear and loathing and ultimately elimination is how the few in the 3rd Reich controlled a nation! What’s next in this country…denial of medical care or worse?! I am fully vaccinated and boosted (my choice), and understand that unprotected people are hosts for the mutations of virus, BUT..forcing people to put something into their body against their will is unamerican or if you will inhumane! What we are lacking in all of this is the stratification of affected people, comorbidities, who is hospitalized, what is the antibody level of the unvaccinated, what is their T Cell level, and on and on. These types of studies will only come when there is a monetary benefit to someone for doing them. Congratulations Liz on a great article.

    • @ shwerdna

      Actually, it’s not really accurate to say that unvaccinated people are the hosts for mutations as you said. It is people vaccinated with a leaky non sterilising vaccine that are most likely responsible for the mutations. The virus mutates to find a way around the vax antibodies. Those plus people with severely impaired immune function who host the virus for long periods of time as they are unable to shake it.

  9. First of all what should be done is to have the governor stop his unvaccinated rhetoric. Threatening to punish or coerce or to deny health coverage to force an experimental drug therapy is against the constitutional protections we all have here and federally. He started this fire by claiming the impossible. It is not possible for the 5% of the unvaccinated to spread this virus on par with the numbers they present.

    The 5% that he blames would have to be in every nook and cranny of the state and all of them would have to be a carrier. What we know now and confirmed by the governor’s health pro is that it is the vaccinated who are carrying the virus and spreading it to others because they have no symptoms. So that would lead to the question, what value would vax passports have if the vaccinated can also infect other people? Also, many of the unvaxxed have recovered from C-19 and it would be dangerous for them to start on a 3 vax protocol which would interfere with their acquired immunity.

    The hate and ignorance has emanated from two main sources, the lying and censorship from the media and our own government. The numbers are skewed, the PCR tests are unreliable for diagnosis, deaths from the vaccination itself are not revealed and the state has received 10 billion federal dollars as a result of C-19. We should all reserve any hate that we might currently harbor until the truth finally comes out before we start pointed fingers at those who have chosen to not get injected, for whatever their reason is or was. Every person has a right to defend themselves against what they consider to be a danger to their well being. What we also know now is that these so called vaccines are not safe and are only partially affective and they have also harmed thousands and killed others. It is up to each individual to make that decision. Hate usually comes from ignorance of the facts. We will all benefit from holding our judgement until all of the facts are known.

    • This is absolute garbage. I am so offended and as a human being and a Jew that these comparisons are being made. Shame on you, Liz Cady. You are spreading ignorance and hate in order to further divide people.

      • He who is easily offended is easily manipulated.
        Perhaps if you cited actual instances in this article that equate to spreading ignorance and hate, that would give your comment some validity. But my guess is you didn’t read this article in its entirety and instead are focused upon your own bias against the author to justify your own ignorant comment.

      • Liz Cady is spot on. And while you can speak for yourself, you don’t get to speak for other Jews. I can assure you that this Jew totally sees the parallels between the Holocaust and the otherization of groups of people due to vax status that is happening now.

  10. It may get even worse than we see now as this new drug, Molnupiravir,(sp?) gains FDA approval even as they tamp down & deride studies on low cost older drugs mocking them as “horse de-wormers” & such..This new drug is mutagen explained by Dr, Harvey Risch as it “mutates the virus to death” but then could result in an “explosion of mutated strains” but following Muellers Ratchet (look it up) the strains get ever weaker, or we hope. Funny that we (FDA/NIH/CDC) never study the folks that are naturally immune or spontaneously remit preferring to take a shotgun approach that (seems to) benefit big Pharma and the money fountain controlled by one Tony Fauci who broaches NO dissent or else!
    But Ms Cady’s right about the FEAR & labeling of “the other” as all one need do is watch the local “news” for NIGHTLY FEAR along w/slanted “statistics” of “deaths” pounded out as propaganda. What? Did NO ONE die before this virus came along? What bugs me is WHAT is their end game? WHY the hard sell IF these vaccines “work”? Let them rip all they want, I will NOT comply, period, full stop & if they won’t allow US in restaurants, concerts, movies, etc. so what! This is NOT the 1980’s and THEY are SO SCARED now these businesses will shrivel & die from lack of patrons. It seems to be where we’re headed & it’s crazy.

  11. Camps for the unvaccinated? Thankfully, we have the Second Amendment. Unlike the subjects of the crown in Australia, Canada, England, et al.

  12. This is the best article I have read regarding the covid vaccine..I know vaccinated and unvaccinated for a myriad of reasons..but I will say that most of the vaxxed I know act as if they are invincible and some aren’t very safe about it..every un vaxxed person I know is hyper vigilant about safety..I stopped watching all the news and I think there is so much fear mongering going on it’s sad…Even the president said the un vaxxed will face a winter of sickness and death..are u kidding me? Talk about a curse..

  13. Got banned from family Christmas this year because i’m not injected, not sick and wont test. Im focusing on patience and forgiveness right now. I might just go to church. Something i haven’t done in 30 years. Merry Christmas everyone! The truth will prevail!

  14. I can’t help but wonder if this Omacron variant might be a blessing in disguise. It is reportedly more transmissable but yet causes less serious symptoms. If one were to get this less serious variant, they would then be naturally immunized. Maybe that it the answer for herd immunity.

    • My daughter’s roommate is an epidemiologist. She said this type of situation is where viruses go to die. However, she also said that near universal vaccination rates hasten and increase any natural herd immunity

  15. Agree totally with you and if they can’t instill enough fear into you then they can’t control the narrative. I want to invite you to research a Vermont UVM biologist, Henry Perkins who started Eugenics in Vermont 100 years ago. I understand the elites at that time wanted to clean up the gene pool of minorities such as the poor, the mentally challenged, French Canadians and Irish immigrants and more to make a more perfect Vermonter. Sound familiar??? Yes this was Vermont law and they did target areas in Vermont and start implementing it with performing sterilization and abortion procedures…..yes this really happened in Vermont until it was repealed in 1931. Disgusting!!! And do you know who came to visit professor Perkins but the socialists party of Natzi Germany and Margaret Sanger who went on to co-found planned parenthood. And you wonder where the hate came from?

  16. “If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness” – Found on the wall of a concentration camp wall in Germany, carved by a prisoner waiting for the ovens.

    Think things are going to get to that point? Who will be the hero’s and who the victims?

  17. As I worked processing firewood yesterday, I had a malfunction of my FM headphones and had to listen to VPR/NPR for an hour and a half. I heard the word Omacron spoken at least 150 times before I shut off the radio and figured out how to change the channel. I was getting a headache.
    The news media is accentuating this entire narrative and although I like to listen to a diverse selection of media outlets, I have now figured out how to run all of it through my personal filter and screen out the BS. You all should do the same thing. You will be amazed at how the main stream media is manipulating the narrative and creating the fear and division that we are all living today. Merry Christmas!

  18. Instead of limiting our choices to all the socialists/state legislators planning to run for Peter Welch’s soon-to-be vacated U.S. House seat while he attempts to take Leahy’ senate seat, we, the people of Vermont need to not be complacent or surrender.
    We need someone like Liz Cady to run and replace one or the other soon-to-be open seat. The big money will follow Welch, but with our support, we can easily take his House seat. Come on, Liz! Make the announcement! (But remember to never suppress our 2nd Amendment and Vermont Constitutional Rights!)

      • We didn’t fight a cold war against the Union of Soviet Communist Republics, and we didn’t fight a hot war against a National Communist German Workers Party-led Germany. Socialism is simply the economic side of the communist coin. It’s a model that requires the population to subvert their individual needs and wants to the will of the collective, a will typically defined by the elites on the balcony. Since human nature resists giving up individual hopes and dreams in favor of those of the collective, those on the balcony must depend on a robust system of snitches and secret police to enforce the collective will. That’s what socialism is. It has nothing to do with social welfare benefits, care for the indigent, Medicaid, flood insurance or any other social program. If Marxism is the underlying ideal, Socialism and Communism are simply the economic and political faces of the same evil thing.

  19. “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.”
– Albert Camus

  20. I’ve telling all that will listen to resist the vaccine apartheid and just substitute the word leper for unvaxxed in the HB and see what that gets you…

    Basically, the propaganda and shrill is leading us all towards a world that is flat out stating the unvaxxed are “unclean”, therefore the “unclean” need to be contained and ostracized from society.

    Now the EU and even major metro areas in the US are enforcing vax passports…

  21. I always get a kick out of the virtue signaling yard signs that indicate that “hate has no home here” and “silence = violence” and are accompanied by the raised, clenched fist of anger. Maybe a peace sign would be a better choice of imagery if they really want to convey a message of tolerance?
    Liz, freedom-minded Vermonters are waiting with bated breath to hear you announce your candidacy for statewide office. You are an excellent spokesperson for revealing the blatant hypocrisies of the Vermont left.

    • “Hate has no home here”; unless of course you’re unvaxed in which case we don’t want you fouling the air with your germs! 🤬

  22. It’s articles like this that make me scared for America’s future. Comparing getting a vaccine for the common good of a nation to the atrocities of the Holocaust is truly astounding.

    Vermont is a great state and I hope it stays that way. This type of fear mongering is on par with the crap Fox news puts out.

    I never thought I life long conservative myself would be voting progressive, but hear we are.

    Gob bless!

    • George, I agree that it is too extreme of an analogy. I myself have been tested more than once. I had a bad reaction t the vaccine, the Moderna. The virus is real, but the vaccines are questionable.
      However, the “fear mongering” is coming from multiple directions.

    • Well George, hold on for an even wilder course of events as the Vermont legislature embarks on a “hold my beer” trip into tyranny. Ms. Cady’s words are a warning to all Vermonters of what did happen in 1930’s Germany. There are indeed similarities to 2020 and 2021 current events. As I wrote earlier, NY’s Bill A-416 was drafted to create a law to inter anyone the governor saw fit to inter for unspecified “health reasons”. That, sir is indeed astounding. What we once called “conspiracy theory” has become reality, even here in the Green Mountains. As Vermont’s new case numbers grow in the weeks ahead, there will be many demanding action by government to control a virus that is not controllable. They demand an experimental “vaccine” and accuse, threaten and cajole those that can not or will not get injected. Our governor is very vocal about his demands for injection. Cady is reminding and warning us that history repeats itself. If we are unable and unwilling to see that- and change course- then we are doomed to allow history to repeat.

  23. Well the VT Digger is dissing you and this piece of writing; way to go!! They don’t approve of what you said; how distressing 🤣 Keep on saying what you’re saying!

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