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Facial recognition tech has AG Donovan concerned

Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Attorney General T.J. Donovan recently sent a letter to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requesting information about the agencies’ use of Clearview AI in Vermont.

Clearview AI is a technology company that collected billions of citizens’ images from the internet for the purpose of creating a mass surveillance facial recognition system. In March 2020, Attorney General Donovan sued Clearview AI for violating Vermont’s Consumer Protection Act and Data Broker law. Today’s letter to CBP and DHS requests information from the agencies so that the Attorney General’s Office can “better understand the impacts upon Vermont’s legitimate rights to privacy and liberty.”

Attorney General Donovan raised concerns about DHS’ use of Clearview AI earlier this year in a comment letter on CBP’s proposed Remote Video Surveillance Systems towers in Vermont towns. CBP issued its final agency action in August but did not directly address the privacy concerns, including unwarranted surveillance, raised by the Attorney General. Attorney General Donovan is now requesting information from the agencies about their current and planned use of Clearview AI both at the Vermont-Canada border and throughout the state.

A copy of today’s letter is available here.

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  1. Can we expect that this objection will quietly evaporate once Governor Scott realizes he can use facial recognition technology to identify Vermont’s 5% unvaccinateds? (all in the interests of public health and safety, of course)

  2. Yeah, he’s “concerned” because this technology is not being utilized YET against VT citizens – his concern is the law enforcement agencies using it to identifying terrorists, illegals, gangsters, & drug runners. ……AND THEN THEY CAME FOR YOU, DONOVAN…….

  3. We actually really need Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) in order to jump-start The New World Order:
    No more borders, or tribal/national citizenship, cash (dirty, Covid/Plague carrying greenbacks), but we will get a One-World Economy/Bank, 666, communism so everybody will be taken care of with the same social/food-stamped allowance. Who ever said that there are no free lunches must have been a Republican or a racist. Let’s go, Brandon!

  4. Since Faucci and Walensky say face diapers are here to stay, dont think it will make much of a difference. If you’ve ever served, aquired an enhanced i.d., or been arrested, they’ve already got your info. This may be the only beneficial reason to wear a mask….

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