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Reader testimonial: “I no longer feel so alone”

The Vermont Daily Chronicle last week received this encouraging note from one of many recent new readers and annual subscribers.

“Dear Guy Page – I did not know about the Vermont Daily Chronicle until the day that you hosted the Bill Sayre show on WDEV this fall. It was such a relief to have/hear a discussion on issues that the mainstream media censors from debate.

“I began reading the Chronicle shortly after that and appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for allowing comments from the public. I no longer feel so alone about the issues that threaten our freedoms.

“Keep up the work and may your truthful reporting spread to more readers, and those in our government.”

Dear New Reader – you are welcome! Thank you for your support. Your words encourage my news reportin’ soul and your money will help me accomplish what you seek: provide more news to more readers.

Readers who share her views may help in two ways: 

  1. Advertise your business or not-for-profit organization. Most ads cost $10/day, which works out to about $2.50/1000 readers.Email news@vermontdailychronicle.com for information. 
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Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that, together, we can make 2022 the best year yet.

Free Speech Forever,  

Guy Page

Editor & Publisher

Vermont Daily Chronicle 

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  1. Ayup….The only voice allowed in VT is the one pushing the liberal agenda of depravity, masks, vaccines and fear.

    Thanks for this site Guy.

    Oh and vtdigger ditched it’s comments in about April of 2020 and 7 days ditched theirs in March 2020….right when the scamdemic started.

    • Wanna know why? If you recall or can possibly access those comments (doubt if one can) the MAJORITY of comments posted were by conservatives/republicans/independents who were always vocalizing a different opinion & perspective. It obviously drove the editors nuts & they disallowed the comments, effectively silencing our freedom of speech & also effectively giving Vermonters the impression that all of us are rabid leftists. FIGHT BACK!

      • Try as they did by changing the format and rules for comments several times, they could not keep the majority of the comments on the side of their ideology and narrative, and that obviously drove them nuts. They said that “it took too much of their resources to moderate the comments” so they finally ended the reader input.
        They probably lost half of their clicks and eyeballs in the process, and it had to have put the pinch on their advertising revenue. Oh well…

  2. To the writer who feels alone: that is by deliberate design. The Vermont left has been very busy promoting the idea that anyone who thinks outside of their worldview is a:
    -knuckledragging neanderthal, racist, homophobe, transphobe, hater, white supremacist, xenophobe etc etc…
    It takes courage to stand for reasoned beliefs when bullied by left-wing fascists. They have even invoked and promoted the concept of the “microaggression” to justify a physical response on their part if they feel “dissed”.

  3. There’s a very good article in the current online edition of The Tablet – titled The Turn – I think you will like it…. about aloneness and freedom.

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