Rep. Strong to House Rules: “I will not be complying”

by Guy Page

Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany) today submitted this letter to the House Rules committing regarding the recommendation to require all lawmakers and staff to show vaccine passport or take a PCR test to enter the State House, beginning Jan. 3. The committee will meet at 2:30 pm this afternoon to discuss the recommendation.

“Dear members of the Rules Committee:

Rep. Vicki Strong

“I was very surprised to hear that you are meeting today, just days before the Christmas holiday, when it is hard for the public and for other legislators to be involved in the discussion around the protocols for the upcoming session. This makes it difficult for many to have a voice in that discussion, and I would have liked to be there in person with you today, but am unable to attend.

“While many other State Houses across the country are meeting openly, without restrictions that are discriminatory, and while Vermont is one of the most highly vaccinated states in the country, I find the push for excessive protocols unnecessary. Please allow all who enter our beautiful State House the freedom to follow their own personal beliefs, and don’t “mandate” vaccine passports, PCR testing, and mask wearing. Having to use religious and medical exemptions is also a violation of personal privacy and constitutional rights.

“As an American, Vermonter, and person of faith in Christ, these unnecessary protocols are against my personal beliefs, and are against the freedoms given to me in the Constitution of the Untied States. For those reasons, and for many other personal beliefs about the efficacy of these restrictive and discriminatory protocols, I will not be complying. My objections reflect the voices of thousands of Vermonters who are not able to be there in person today, and who don’t want to have their medical decisions dictated to them while visiting the People’s House.” 

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    • Ms. Strong, your surname is very appropriate, those of us that stand for liberty and who had family members fight and die for Vermont and the Country since the American Revolution, salute you. God Bless you and yours and God Bless America.

  1. Bravo Re. Strong. Finally we hear some logic being spoken. There is no common sense when we look at the empirical numbers. The vaccinated are getting infected at the same rate as the unvaccinated. Wearing a mask has been proven over and over to be ineffective especially when taking into consideration the types of masks being worn. To this point, the guidance from the White House and FCC to use multiple masks. It is a violation of our rights, to chose what we do and put into our bodies and what information we must reveal of our health records. I’m tired of Democrats using disorder (riots) and chaos (fear of the never ending virus) with unlawful mandates that violate our constitutional rights. Enough is enough!

  2. Thank you for being Strong and standing up for constitutional rights! God Bless you and Merry Christmas.

  3. On Jan. 20, 2020, Rep. Vicki Strong was mocked and ridiculed by Kiah Morris during Kiah’s racist Martin Luther King speech at Champlain College. Rep. Strong is a Gold Star Mother whose son Jesse Strong was a captain in the Marines and died in Iraq during a firefight on Jan. 26, 2005. He was 24. Kiah Morris laughed as she mocked and ridiculed the hero’s mother.

  4. Thank-you Vicki for standing up for us; thousands of Vermonters who are NOT interested in the lies/propoganda thrown at us via the media and a corrupt government. WE THE PEOPLE are standing strong with you!

  5. The House Rules recommendation to require “all lawmakers…” to show a vaccine passport or take a PCR test to enter the State House beginning January 3rd, not only sets up a Constitutional crisis whereby a small group of legislators, absent even a State Emergency Declaration by the Governor, will restrict a legislator whose conscience will not permit her to comply with either the vaccine passport or the taking of a PCR test.

    Section 7 of the Vermont Constitution requires the General Assembly to meet at a certain time and where do they meet but at the State House. Vicki Strong was properly elected as part of that body and cannot be restricted from meeting.

    This is a poorly thought through rule for many reasons, but I will give one simple one that shows these decisionmakers are not up to date on the status of testing for COVID19.

    The PCR test has never had FDA approval for use and is being used under the provision of Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) by the FDA and that has been the authority under which it has been used been since the beginning of the testing with it.

    The test was never meant to be a diagnostic one and cannot tell if a person is or not ill. The Nobel Prize winning developer of the PCR test, Kary Mullis clearly told that, and time has proven that those tests being read at high Cycle Thresholds result in “false positives” and therefore misdiagnoses. After a Cycle Threshold reading of thirty-five the “false positives” are 97%.

    Here is the big issue with the proposed rule on PCR. This has led the FDA to withdraw the EUA for the PCR test as of December 31, 2021, and so the required test cannot be accomplished when the legislature convenes on January 3, 2022.

    Representative Strong clearly spells out her objections which are all valid. She should seek legal counsel and I am sure lawyers would be willing to take on such a worthy case and a sure winner. All these actions are not moral, legal and are driven by unfounded fear. Think about it. What if the PCR test has resulted in all the misdiagnoses leading to the EUA of the m-RNA vaccines that in large numbers are injuring and killing people? Those making the decisions based on the flawed data will be the ones responsible for such horrible damages and must be held accountable.

    Thanks for standing up for what is right and true Representative Strong.

  6. Rep. Strong: There are two very important Vermont seats opening up in the U.S. Congress. One for U. S. Senator, replacing Patrick Leahy. One for Peter Welch’s office in the U.S. House of Representatives. Your stand here, and your sponsorship of various legislation, especially with regard to education, demonstrates to me that you are more than qualified to run for either of those seats. Might you be interested?

    • Great idea.. we can’t let these two seats go unopposed. Everyone of the progressive socialist dems running are running only on identity politics. Even gray is a vote for me I will be the first woman from Vermont…Let’s make that woman Rep. Strong!!

    • After all Rep. Strong – I see what should be your bumper stickers throughout the State already.


      Whenever I see one, from now on, I’ll think of the stand you’re making as an example to us all, whether or not you choose to run. Thank you.

  7. This is what a patriot looks like. Not like all the other cowardly sheep.

    We will not forget who has sold this state out….ever.

  8. You so-called Republicans need to stand with
    Vicki Strong and Show your true Republican colors period!!
    Stand against this Tyranny period.
    Vicki Thank you for standing up and speaking out 🔊 you are not a Rhino Republican!!
    God bless you!!
    The Vermonter from the Right side period!!
    Bert Saldi

  9. Awesome!
    Thank You.
    The Covid Zealots need to be challenged, they no longer listen to mere constituents.

  10. THANK YOU Vicki for having a BACKBONE! I’m not complying either – I don’t wear a mask when I go to a store and I am going to boycott any town one year for every month they have a mask mandate. We have GOT to get these people voted out of office. If we don’t stand up for freedom we are GOING to lost it.

  11. I respect your representation and am very thankful for your stance. Please run for house, senate or governor. There are more are more people awakening. This has never been about health. Many of us knew this two years ago. Many are starting to open their eyes and accept the truth. The rest are naive or are so scared, imberrissed and ashamed of how they’ve treat and judged their employees, peers, friends and family that they cannot admit the truth.

  12. I have and will vote Vermont “Strong” Thank you Vickie for all you have done for our state. The kind of representative we need to protect the citizens of our state and country. What about being our governor?

  13. Representative Strong- you are absolutely admirable and amazing in your stand for freedom and civil liberties as well as for your support of health choice, body autonomy and the democratic process for all Vermonters regardless of their world views, opinions and personal belief systems. Thank you for your bravery, strength and determination to do what is right and true and will serve all of the people by supporting an individual’s right to make their own medical decisions that are private and protected. Thank you for also working hard to create space, awareness, and respect for the many varying opinions that exist in Vermont. Your dedication and commitment to upholding inalienable, constitutional rights and basic human rights regarding health choices are incredibly appreciated and so many Vermonters are standing with you and are grateful for your leadership through these times and your willingness to uphold and protect freedom, true freedom. I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing commitment.

  14. It’s interesting to note that the recent VT DOH Covid Dashboard states that 100% of Vermonters 65 years of age and older have received at least one dose of the vaccines. Based on what I read here and on VDC, I find this statistic as hard to believe as the rest of VT DOH’s numbers.

  15. Rep. Strong, your reasoning is very sound but another point you can make to support your reasoning is that, especially according to the modern definitions, vaccine requirement and the demand to show proof is RACIST. Those of us who DONT get our news from CNN know that the single biggest demographic of unvaxxed in the US is the African American community. The left claims that since some race demographics are “hesitant” to obtain a government-issued ID, then to demand such an ID to vote is racist. By this logic, any demand for a document where there is a racial disparity in those who hold them is RACIST. Rep. Strong, I hope you will make use of this argument in your defense and paint those who support this proposed mandate as the hypocrites that they are.

  16. Rep. Strong you are a great example for us all to follow. This madness only ends when we all finally say NO!

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