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UVM to require boosters for all students

The University of Vermont has announced new and returning students are required to receive boosters no later than Feb. 1, 2022.

“We have watched the Omicron variant take hold rapidly in the U.S.,” said Gary Derr, vice president for operations and public safety. “Medical experts in Vermont and elsewhere agree that the best way to keep our campus healthy is to maximize the protection of our students with boosters as quickly as we can.”

The new variant shows signs of being more contagious than any previously known variants, but more data are needed about the severity of COVID symptoms for those infected and not vaccinated or boosted. For those who are already fully vaccinated, boosters appear to significantly reduce or prevent serious COVID symptoms following infection by the Omicron variant. 

“There is no better protection from serious illness than full vaccination plus a booster,” said Dr. Michelle Paavola, medical director of UVM’s Center for Health and Wellbeing. “With 95% of our students already eligible for boosters, we have the chance to even more effectively protect our campus.”

The university has managed to maintain in-person classes and other activities largely thanks to students’ compliance with a vaccine requirement, indoor masking, and continued intensive sanitizing of facilities, equipment, and common areas. In-person operations have also afforded the social connectivity that can reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness. 

“We monitor infection rates of our campus community on a daily basis,” said Derr. “In the event that we see upticks in cases, we will take the necessary steps to protect everyone to the best of our ability. For now, our goal is to keep UVM healthy physically and mentally by practicing smart community behaviors like getting boosters, masking indoors, and testing frequently.” 

Students received email instructions today on how to report their COVID booster status on the university’s student portal. Students who will not yet be eligible for boosters by Feb. 1 will have up to 14 days from their date of eligibility to report their booster status to UVM.

An exemption procedure is in place for those with medical or religious reasons. Exempted students are required to test regularly for the coronavirus. Additionally, students who are studying remotely and do not live in Chittenden County can apply for an exemption from the booster requirement.  

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  1. Obamacare: Healthcare so crap it had to be made mandatory for everyone.
    COVID shots: Vaccines so crap they had to be made mandatory for everyone.

    What on earth happened to the party of individual liberty?!

    • Who is held responsible when students are subsequently harmed by the repeated vaccine and accumulation of spike proteins in major organs, such as the heart? Is it the University? Should that be part of the social contract between the university snd the students who agree to these unending experimental vaccinations?

    • Since when have the democrats been the “party of individual liberty”? They are the party that opposed the abolition of slavery, the maintenance of Jim Crow laws and had the KKK as their militant wing.

  2. Insanity. Mandating another kill shot for what now appears to be mostly a cold. Seems that governments, businesses and schools are just falling over themselves in a rush to overreact. Just say no. If you give in you deserve what you get. But sadly I know that the sheep will line up for their next dose.

  3. My kid has an exemption from the vac. Don’t tell me kid has to apply for exemption from booster – that wouldn’t make sense at all (not that much of this has )

  4. And o course faculty and employees are exempt.
    That tells me that this whole Vaxx mandate thing is B.S.

  5. My kids will not be getting a booster!!
    Let me see, the vaccinated get Covid just as the unvaxed, the vaccinated can spread Covid
    just as easily as the unvaxed. The age category of college students is one of the least affected
    by Covid. If the Student gets Covid their immunity will be twice that of vaccinated people boosted and they are not likely to spread the virus with natural immunity!!!!
    What makes any sense at all with this ridiculous agenda driven mentality!

  6. My kids will not be getting a booster!
    The vaccinated can get and transmit Covid just as easily as those that are unvaccinated!
    The student population is one of the least affected by this virus!
    The newest variant is not a severe one and people that get it will have twice the amount in natural immunity than a booster will give anyone! Natural immunity increases over time vs. vaccinations
    decrease over time. FACTS

  7. Yes, cause nothing greets the regular cold and flu season quiet like an experimental mRNA clot-shot…Cheers and Merry Christmas all.

  8. “With 95% of it’s students eligible for boosters”, big pharma has 100% chance of making a !@#$ton more money. Did everyone see that phizer paid $7billion last week to buy a company that specializes in treatments for auto immune and cardiac disorders…..nothing to see here folks. Merry Christmas everyone!

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