Lynch: Continuous shaming of the unvaccinated

By Jon Lynch

As COVID continues to ravage through Vermont, so too does the increasingly invective rhetoric deployed against those who are unwilling or unable to take the vaccine.

A vaccine so remarkably ineffective at preventing contagion, that Vermont – the state with the highest vaccination rate in the nation – recently made national headlines for also having the highest case rate in the nation.  And higher case rates have led to more deaths – many more deaths.  There have been three times as many COVID deaths since the vaccines than before.

Jon Lynch

Now, we should not repeat Governor Scott’s favorite illogic by inferring causation where only correlation has been observed, but that does look a bit funny, doesn’t it?  What kind of vaccine leads not only to more infections, but also to more deaths?  Don’t dig too deep, Vermonters – remember, this is “science” and you just don’t understand it.

Don’t worry though – Governor Scott understands it, and he knows whom to blame.  He told us with great conviction and contempt at his weekly press conference that 5% of Vermonters are responsible for burdening Vermont’s healthcare system with 75% of Covid hospitalizations.  He added, “…the 95% of adult Vermonters who have done the right thing are not the problem… …and they should not be punished.”

As if it wasn’t clear enough who should be punished, Governor Scott then paraded his mask-on, mask-off name, blame and shame team to drive the point home.  Secretary Smith chastised the unclean with the ominous and foreboding aphorism “some choices have consequences…”  while Dr. Levine encouraged us to inquire which of those at our holiday gatherings weren’t yet vaccinated and to encourage them “to do the right thing.”  Conspicuously missing was any advice from Dr. Levine on how to appropriately apologize if – after being coerced to get the jab – your loved one has an adverse reaction resulting in serious injury or death.

Governor Scott then described the private sector’s “voluntary” progress towards vaccine mandates as “a step in the right direction.”  Really, Governor?  A step in the right direction towards what, I wonder?  Towards a pre-civil-rights era where people are arbitrarily discriminated against?  Because that is exactly where we are heading.

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  1. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.. but expecting different results” A. Einstein
    Excellent commentary Mr. Lynch, thank you.

  2. Pretty soon the 4 shot folks will be angry at the 3 folks who will be angry at the 2 shot folks who are angry at those who didn’t want to participate in the largest medical experiment in history.

    This is a game of divide and conquer. We must unite under God to win this war of the spirit.

    Love and Laughter will cure this disease of the human soul.

    • “Love and Laughter will cure this disease of the human soul.”….absolutely agree~ Keep the Faith and Let your love SHINE out, even in this war on humanity

  3. It’s funny how we never get any specifics as to who exactly is in the hospital. Anyone have the “ages” and vax status of the 19 people with COVID in the ICUs in Vermont? (Why are they hiding that info?) My bet is that they are over 70 and if they are unvaxxed it’s because they were too sick to get the shots, because 99% of people in that age group in Vermont are otherwise vaxxed.

    • What’s the protocol for treating a patient in the hospital-are they using therapeutics?


    This document explains the trial for the Pfizer vaccine, and among the gems included is that the vaccine shows zero evidence of reducing deaths (the data says the vaccine actually increases risk of death.) It also demonstrates that the real infection risk reduction from the vaccine is less than 1%, not 95%, and this short video illustrates the slight-of-hand employed so that Drs. Fauci and Levine could claim “95%.”

    Obviously from the evidence in Vermont, we can say that the 1% absolute risk reduction in preventing infection from Sars-Cov-2 is the real number. This is not a pandemic of the vaccinated.

    However, it may be true that those most affected by the virus are the unvaccinated. There’s an answer for that, too, and it’s not to get everyone vaccinated with vaccines that do little to stop transmission and, according to “the data,” seem to increase risk of death (page 12 of the first link.) That would be to get people safe, effective, inexpensive early and preventative treatment for Covid-19, but since this administration appears to be scientifically illiterate, it’s doubtful that will happen.

    • Thank you for this. This is an exceptionally clear explanation of the 95% figure.

  5. What other types of government have gone THIS route? Publicly shaming them for not bowing to their propaganda and their edicts ( WITHOUT Constitutional authority)

    I’m fully ashamed of MY Vermont government. PUBLICLY ashamed.


    The mindless garbage we are constantly fed about Covid by our state and federal “officials”
    shows the deep depravity of their minds. Unfortunately, there are too many people who will mindlessly be indoctrinated by their hollow, twisted narratives.

  7. But his base laps it up, terror stricken as they are. Fan the flames of terror and hate some more Governor.. Lots of good ideas from the Nazi playbook you could use..You can’t admit the vax is a colossal failure and a terrible idea so just keep blaming us deplorable holdouts. We may well be the only Vermonters left who won’t have ongoing cardiac, autoimmune and other problems related to the vax. You may actually find that you need us..

    • Part of the Nazi play book is to get otherwise good or well intentioned people to carry out the nasty details of the scheme. Experts convince people who believe them to do evil things to others.

  8. Why are non covid hospitalizations and deaths so high? Who is being hospitalized and for what? What is the source of the rapid increase in all cause mortality rates seen here and in so many other areas of high “vaccination”? Gap in regular healthcare??…..i dont think so

  9. More carnage at 90% than at 85%, more at 85% than at 80%. As the unvaccinated cohort steadily shrinks, the picture steadily worsens. Who would Scott blame if, theoretically, there was no one left to vaccinate and cases were out of control? Does he know that 100% vaccinated Gibraltar cancelled Christmas? That 99% vaccinated Middlebury College and Cornell U had to revert to remote learning?

    The explanation for this mess is very simple: The vaccine doesn’t kill the virus, it just pushes it around and enriches escape variants. Even I, a college English major, can grasp that. Many of the world’s top vaccinologists (those not owned by Big Pharma) have explained it very well.

  10. Exactly!! I guess Phil Scott thinks most Vermonters can’t do simple math? Just what is hiding in his closet?

  11. With all this Covid money rolling into the Green Mountains at State St., We can envision the new Vermont. One for the vaxed and one for the dirty unvaxed. There will be one restroom for transgender and vaxed and one for the dirty unvaxed. Seats in the back of the bus partitioned off with plexiglass for the the dirty and separate entrances to restaurants and bars with rooms for them alone. Plastic throw away utensils to stop cross contamination. Or we could see Australian type contamination camps. You can see where this could go. Just like the days before the civil war, we have a government ready to segregate and punish 5% of the population. A government ready to withhold medical care and insurance to the dirty. This may be their dream because they are boxed in now and can’t admit the incompetence that is truly the cause of the current mess. If any of this starts to take place, the backlash will be shift and should be. Think about this medical tyranny brought to you by a government that has lost it’s credibility, refuses to tell the whole story and absolutely refuses to look at true health care that is cheap and readily available. This government does not own your body or your children. The truth is out and the desperation is rearing it’s ugly head to the point of suggesting and talking about segregation and punishment. Is this the government we want?

    • I’ve been saying this for a long time. Please explain to me how pitting jabbed people vs un-jabbed people. or masked vs un-masked, is any different from the discrimination that used to occur in the South? Un-jabbed to the back of the bus (or on a separate bus). Un-masked can go around to the back kitchen door to get their meals. What next, schools?

      Explain, please. I’ll wait.

      And while I’m waiting I’ll ponder the plexiglass and plastic utensils conundrum as it would affect Vermont. I can’t get a plastic straw as is!! Does anything provide a worse sensory experience than drinking through a paper straw? I guess if Fauxvid doesn’t kill us, at least plastics won’t either.

  12. Who knew the “cleaner than thou greenies’ and “close to Mother earth” crowd that swarmed over Vermont decades ago would be so eager, and in such vast numbers, to contaminate their bodies with experiemental vaxxes?

  13. I’m unvaccinated and proud of it. I got Covid (pretty sever case of it), recovered, and now I have ten times the immunity of the vaccinated that will last ten times as long (probably life long). I am contributing to herd immunity, whereas the fearful “vaxers” are not, in fact, quite the opposite. Vaxers are spreading the virus like wildfire and creating the mutations. Their irrational and illogical fear to force everyone to vaccinate is the same fear that put the Japanese American’s into internment camps during WWII. And of course it was a far Left government with a socialist President that committed that crime against humanity.