Sexton: I’m waiting patiently, Governor

To the editor:

Governor Phil Scott attacked the unjabbed on Tuesday, blaming us for the rise in hospitalizations.

Hey Gov. Scott, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim Vermont has the highest percentage of jabbed people in America, and then deny the fact that most of the people being hospitalized have been jabbed. You claim 95% of Vermonters have been jabbed, but your numbers just don’t add up.

I’m waiting patiently for you to explain the outbreak of Covid at Middlebury College where 99% of the people there are jabbed. Or the cruise ships that return to port because of outbreaks even though they are all jabbed.

I’m waiting patiently for you to explain why you push vax ID cards to leave our homes, since you endorse them to go shopping, work or go to a sports event.

I’m waiting patiently for you to explain why you and your jab mafia have been salivating at the opportunity to jab children that have a statistical zero percent risk. While you’re at it, explain to all the parents of children in schools where the majority choose not to get their kids jabbed, why you are blackmailing other school districts with ” reward money ” for higher jab rates.

I’m waiting patiently for you to explain how 100,000 people screaming their lungs out inches from each other at a football game aren’t a risk but kids sitting six feet apart in a classroom will kill each without a mask on.

I’m waiting patiently for you to explain how Florida doesn’t have any restrictions and people aren’t dying in the streets. But you won’t explain anything. Because real Vermont Republicans don’t support you. You prove your allegiance to the Marxists every day by your support for Planned Parenthood, your attacks on our Constitution with your illegal gun laws, support of domestic terrorists and by being a good lap dog for Biden and the agenda to deny Americans their right to be free. I have been working for over a year to get you removed from the Republican Party of Vermont. I am not done. But your time being a RINO will be.

Jim Sexton

Essex Junction

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  1. I agree with you Jim, many of us Vermonters are waiting, and not so patiently anymore!

  2. Here’s a good idea. Phil should resign and let Molly take over. She’s never run anything in her life so this would give her some experience before the vote for VT’s next congressman. This would give all of us voters a look at the person who wants to go Washington. Sure she is allowed to run for one of the top Vermont jobs having no political experience at law making. Then, we would know if she is qualified to represent all of the people in Vermont or just the dem/prog types. This would also open up the governors race since Phil would be gone and Molly running for congress gets new blood into the race for governor. Phil could retire with his millions and return to driving in left circles at Thunder Road. A win, win for everyone.

  3. Congratulations Mr Sexton with an appropriate message for Governor Scott.I too would like to hear a Constitutional response!! I would also go one step farther and just get him out of office!!

  4. One more thing every Vermont resident should not wait for….
    The means to treat SARS-CoV-2, at home and immediately without the “help” of fauci, levine, Scott nor anyone in industrial health care. It could save your life.
    It is virtually everyday that new information come out about the”vax” and it’s health risks to all.
    The myopic “vax, vax, vax” theory as a solution has pretty much been discredited- by the politicians own revered “data”.

  5. I don’t know where Gov Scott gets his information, everything he said in this weeks update is all lies. Scott needs t do his own research, it’s easy with the internet!!

  6. Awesome Jim. Glad you said it and not me. I would not have been as nice. I have no use for liars or RINOS.

  7. Thank you Jim for speaking up and standing up!

  8. Thank you Jim Sexton for putting Phil Scott in the hot seat!
    Governor Phil Scott we would like the answers to Jim’s questions not later NOW!
    Remember you work for the PEOPLE WE THE PEOPLE! SO START DOING YOUR JOB!!!

  9. Phil will only do what will help him get re-elected by the Progressives. You wont hear back from him Jim.
    Excellent job , by the way.