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Category: Opinion

Invest your stimulus check wisely

Surprise!  I checked my bank account this morning and found my $1,400 stimulus check from Joe O’Biden.  Guess what…I’m going to donate it all to the NRA-ILA, Judicial Watch, Vermont Daily, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, and buy a year subscription of Epoch Times.   

Taking your medicine

Here in Vermont our bi-weekly briefings given by Governor Phil Scott are currently promoting vaccinations. Like it or not they are experimental at best and with no extensive track record or long-term data to support them.

Writer admits unfair criticism of Benning, Billado

Ms. Billado: There is no need for you to respond to my request for confirmation of certain FB posts. They have been exposed by the full force of John Walters’ Vermont Political Observer, who, like so many others, if not burning Hester Prynne (I mean Ellie Martin) at the stake for witchcraft, are forcing upon her, and those who dare associate with her, the Scarlet Letter R, for Republican.

Linda Kirker: Stand up or give up

What kind of future will we leave to our children and grandchildren? Right now we have a choice to fight back or not. By the way, Donald Trump rebuilt America’s military, uplifted the U.S. economy and strengthened the safety of Americans by constructing 450 miles of wall along the U.S.Southern border.

Dear Mr. Vice-President: the law has been broken and the Constitution defiled

There will be Vermonters coming to Washington next week with others from across the nation to support you in the difficult task you face as President of the Senate. Others have shunned their sworn duties and much damage has been done. As a result, you will be standing alone at that moment to do your sworn duty to defend the United States against all foreign and domestic enemies by protecting our God given rights under the Constitution.