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Linda Kirker: Stand up or give up

What kind of future will we leave to our children and grandchildren? Right now we have a choice to fight back or not. By the way, Donald Trump rebuilt America’s military, uplifted the U.S. economy and strengthened the safety of Americans by constructing 450 miles of wall along the U.S.Southern border.

Dear Mr. Vice-President: the law has been broken and the Constitution defiled

There will be Vermonters coming to Washington next week with others from across the nation to support you in the difficult task you face as President of the Senate. Others have shunned their sworn duties and much damage has been done. As a result, you will be standing alone at that moment to do your sworn duty to defend the United States against all foreign and domestic enemies by protecting our God given rights under the Constitution.

A Little Boy’s Wish

It wasn’t until late into the third hour that a delightful, seven-year-old boy, dressed in corduroys and a blue sweater over a white shirt, came up and asked the aging Santa, “Is there any hope that my mother and father could be together at my house on Christmas morning?”

The Case for Christmas

Many of us know the songs or have seen the plays and pageants. We’ve driven by the nativities, admired the lights on both houses and trees. In a year where songs have all but stopped being sung and lights threaten to go out around every corner, the Jesus of Christmas is needed now more than ever.

AG Donovan: fed defense of pro-life nurse “attack” on abortion, violates church/state separation

Significantly, HHS’s notice of alleged violation against UVM Medical Center continues to raise serious constitutional concerns as an attack against the long-established, fundamental right to access abortion services. It also presents serious constitutional issues in light of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which forms the principle of separation of church and state.

Prop 5 could prioritize abortion, sterilization, gender surgeries over other procedures, Right to Life warns

I encourage the UVM MC board members to contemplate how that guarantee, if successfully passed, will impact the delivery of health care services. And to further contemplate to what extent abortions, sterilizations, sterilization reversals, surrogacy, fertility treatments, gender reassignment surgeries and their reversals, and other reproductive services would become a priority of not only funding, but also the provision of care over other health care services that are not a constitutional guarantee.

BLM: Black Lives Matter, or Be Like Marx?

After months of discussions, proposals, and counter proposals, including a contentious November 16 virtual debate, where Mayor Lucas Herring had four over-eager participants ejected, The Barre City Council finally approved a compromise to raise the BLM flag through December, but also the “Thin Blue Line” flag in January. “Clearly we’re not all on the same page here,” stated one attendee. That turn of phrase could be a sublime microcosm for the American public’s polarizing reaction to BLM.