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Coester: Elected officials uninformed, cowardly

To the editor: For more than a year now, I have studied, watched and paid close attention every day to what has been happening In Vermont, the USA and around the globe.                                                                                                                              […]

Black leaders ‘take charge’ against CRT

We acknowledge that racist people exist in the country, but explicitly reject the notion that the United States of America is a racist country.  This is a subtle, but significant difference! We also denounce the idea that the country is guilty of systemic racism, white privilege and abhor the concept of identity politics and the promotion of victimhood in minority communities.  

HR1 would give feds control over state elections

Voters don’t need a larger federal government lusting for power by subverting our Constitution and undermining state election oversight.  Local election officials take pride in the current process and work closely with state legislatures protecting election security and voter rights.  Democrats thrive on power grabbing; don’t let them.

UFOs – three possibilities

Many are speaking out about UFO sightings for over half a century.  Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) inserted language in a bill recently for the classified UFO information be released by June.  This may be  the impetus for current revelations.  It could also be the reason why retired military are also speaking out about their experiences. 

Invest your stimulus check wisely

Surprise!  I checked my bank account this morning and found my $1,400 stimulus check from Joe O’Biden.  Guess what…I’m going to donate it all to the NRA-ILA, Judicial Watch, Vermont Daily, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, and buy a year subscription of Epoch Times.