Letters: Beware the Death Ceiling

Death Ceiling – A few days ago the federal government passed legislation to make our pitiful economic condition much worse.  Those who favor the destruction of our constitutional republic with it’s free enterprise economic system must be delighted. 

The debt ceiling of over 30 Trillion dollars was raised to … well actually there is no longer a debt ceiling!  Imagine your car is careening down a mountain road and you’ve decided to throw away the emergency brake. 

Numbers don’t lie.  People do.  The 2022 US GDP was 26.2 trillion dollars.  The debt ceiling until last week was 31.4 trillion dollars.  The technical definition of bankruptcy used to be some relationship between economic activity and debt.  Now I can only find definitions that cite “ability to pay creditors”.  So if you have the ability, just print more and more money so you have enough to “pay” creditors. 

In 2022 the US government spent 6.5 trillion dollars after taxing the citizens for 5.05 trillion dollars.  So the debt was increased by the 1.45 trillion dollar deficit.  The picture for 2023 is even worse. 

Please keep in mind that 1 trillion dollars is over 3 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in the country.  So, the debt of 31.4 trillion dollars is $95,000 per person.  Already an average family of four has around $400,000 in national debt.  Until this is paid off there are interest payments every year which right now rivals the spending on military defense.  Of course, there is no plan to pay it off.  The plan is to make it uncontrolled.   

In the 1960’s a pair of Marxists cooked up the “Cloward-Piven Plan” to destroy America as constituted and replace it with an international socialist system.  The plan is simple- spend and compile debt until the whole thing collapses.  We are almost there.  As of now, if you oppose the irresponsible out-of-control spending you are “cruel”, “stupid”, and probably a “hater”.  Meanwhile the headlines for the soon to come total collapse are already written “Capitalism Has Failed”.  This will herald the introduction of the “Great Reset” – the conversion of our once successful system into another failed socialist hell on earth. 

Is it too late to stop this?  It might be if “We the People” continue to remain uninvolved.  I am most disappointed in the more than 20 million Christians in America who do not even register to vote.  The collapse of America will be their fault along with their failed  leaders and the institutions that trained those leaders.

I close with this word from the late Edward R. Murrow- “a nation of sheep begets a government of wolves”.  Just ask President Trump on his way to jail! – Ed Wheeler

Public schools behind – The hallmark of any nation is its education.  Our public education costs are the highest in the industrialized world and outcomes are marginal at best.  Time is of the essence to change.

Vermont Business Roundtable, decades ago, suggested outcomes be identified, educators held accountable and outcomes be achieved.  Today, test results in Vermont and nationally have not improve yet costs increased significantly.  Where public education focused on math, English and science years ago now it is supplanted by diversity, inclusion, equity, climate change and pronouns.  Advanced placement courses have been canceled, grades and homework eliminated.  The infusion of illegal migrant children further strains public education.

Alternatives to public schools are charter and private schools and homeschooling.  The Vermont teachers’ union opposed charter schools to preserve union jobs and state funding.  The Democrat Governor in North Carolina vetoed a charter school bill this year because it would decrease public school enrollment but ironically, he sends his kids to private schools.  Enrollment in private schools and home schooling are at record levels today.

Republican states like Florida are passing school choice allowing parents to send children’s tax dollars to private or charter schools.  This takes education control from teachers’ unions and gives it to parents.  Back to basics curriculum and tougher standards with consequence are the parents’ focus. 

Harry Truman once said, “without a strong education system, free of government control, democracy is crippled.”  The world has changed and education outcomes need to catch up with the industrialized world. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Organize around clean environment – The biggest confusion arises from We, the People’s general attempt to honorably follow rules created to compel dishonorable relationships. To be in honor with each other and the land, we’ll need to organize around crystal clean water (upgrade it if it isn’t), pure clean air, again, whole true organic food that restores the soil, without GMOs or chemical estrangement or adulteration, without toxic and poisonous sprays, a safe secure home for everyone, and a money supply that is managed by everyone that uses it such that everyone may experience the dignity of enough.

The work of accomplishing this will melt the ideological differences we now spar over, since these 5 needs are universal. Of course those who gain improperly and induce conditions of indenture by forwarding and supporting the relationship of the few dictating the terms of money for the many are in no way interested in a change to allow the work of honor with Nature. They will out themselves simply by their opposition to a money supply managed by those who use it. They’d prefer to indenture, nay, enslave the many to the few. 

Too many of us tell ourselves that “a good person goes along with rules”. Today we are in a time when going along with bad rules and worse rulers means the demise of humanity’s honor.  People are told to sling names, labels and accusations, instead of considering the obvious.  Were the ruling powers to make the 5 goals their goals, it would have been accomplished long ago. They should fund millions, even a billion small organic farms, rotational grazing to sequester C02and restore soils. They should educate every child to be capable organic grower, and every child handy with a hammer, a screw and a wrench, and every child capable of sewing, canning and cooking, every child knowledgeable in the healing properties of dandelions and other readily available weeds, every child aware of the exceptional healing potential of sound and electrical frequency and if the rulers stopped using hypnosis for mob mentality to create subservience to pedophilic masters and negative outcomes, then our world would and could-as it should, occupied with the art of healing. 

Instead, it’s occupied with frenetic activities of defense, fighting and war.  Is it not? Do you not fret over the idiocy of the opposing party’s ideology? Do you not worry about people of the world doing such stupid things? That is the fault of all of us who believe our goodness is reflected in our obedience to bad intentions and bad outcomes of the few.  

Show me those who stand behind the change of relationship that’s required for the healing to begin. I will join with them. That change is simple; the money we use needs to be managed by those who use it.  That’s too complex? No it’s not, it’s quite straight forward. If our goals of the collective are tightly focused on cleaned water, pure air, organic food, safe shelter and reasonable prosperity for all, then we do not need to twist our knickers in a knot to describe money or to manage it. We do not have to limit wealth if wealth is gotten by accomplishing these 5 goals. We do not have to tax, or bail, or borrow or credit. We don’t need hedge funds or bets or bonds or all the other rigamarole that creates a ruling class and allows oppression of Nature and of people to the whims of the conniving few and the host they employ. There must be thousands of ways to put people in charge of their own means of exchange. I am devoted to one of them at ewegrow.com through the SoFA. – Emily Peyton, Putney

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  1. One of these letters looks like a socialist, talks like socialist and probably is a socialist. Yeah, no thanks. I will take capitalism without a side of Marx thank you though.