Thayer: Truths, absolutes and facts about CO2

Legislators, you had it all wrong about S.5 and the effects are more detrimental to every day Vermonters than you are telling the people of our great little State. C02 is not a bad gas, it’s mandatory in sustaining life on God’s green earth.

Please read these facts.

If there are no carbon dioxides (C02) gas in the earth’s atmosphere, the Earth would be dead, non habitable, our planet will be gone. Now, that is catastrophic!

Gregory M. Thayer

Did you know that fossil fuels are 100% organic? Made from the Earth and by the Earth. All life is made up of carbon and C02 originates from the atmosphere. Further, all of the carbon in fossil fuel energy that we all burn today or that we use from “friendly” climate control products that you praise was once in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide before it was consumed by the plankton and plant life. Rhe plankton in our water systems and the plants on land use C02 to live and provide for us in our every day life. Without it, they died.

Plankton and plants are the originators of fossil fuels after the heat and pressure systems in the Earth’s crust. This is an organic and necessary process, and is absolute for our life.
Carbon dioxide is one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen, commonly known as C02, the chemical symbol of the same. Some agency says we must eliminate C02 emissions from fossil fuels by 2100. But as I have stated above C02 is an organic and necessary process for all living things.

Moreover, carbon dioxide is colorless, odorless, and there is no taste to this gas. Which again is mandatory for life. I know how you appreciate mandates. This gas is a must for all living things in our food chain for survival.

Climate control proponents believe we have too much C02 emissions. Are they correct? Not at this point in human existence of Earth. Carbon dioxide has been part of our life for years and at much higher levels in prior years, prior to the Cambrian explosion C02 was ten times the levels of today. From this perspective, we are living in the low level era of C02.

Gregory M. Thayer, MBA Of Rutland a former Candidate for Vermont LT. Governor 

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  1. Gregory Thayer, thanks for a breath of fresh air at last!! Vermonters should listen to you and elect you. It will soon be evident to all that the global warming/climate change “threat” is being used by the global elites to control us. As you have pointed out, it only takes a minimum of research to understand the vital role of carbon dioxide in nature.

  2. Thayer should not let scientific fact get in the way of the lunatic left’s new religion, man made climate change

  3. These climate-woke legislators are ignoramuses. How many of them have a PhD in climate science? They are following a UN agenda with no idea what they are doing. They are marching to that globalist UN drum like lemmings. They are destroying our personal economies and dictating what car we must drive, how we heat our homes, etc. etc. They are Communists.

  4. Great resource here for all things CO2 – https://co2coalition.org/facts/

    Carbon dioxide’s future potential warming impact is essentially zero to maybe 1 degree C based on the infrared wavelength at which CO2 emits energy. No global warming for the past 8+ Years (UAH data) while CO2 levels have risen another 10%+.
Conclusion: CO2 is not the temperature control knob and global warming is not accelerating, even though CO2 emissions per year are rising. Do some research of your own – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.03098.pdf

  5. If I ran the Vermont Daily Chronicle, I’d be embarrassed that I published this drivel. There is TOO MUCH CO2 in the atmosphere, it is literally all Bill McKibben talks about. To compare today to the Cambrian era when humans didn’t exist is quite the false equivalence. Let’s use your logic. We need oxygen to live. The atmosphere is about 18% oxygen, so 100% would be even better right? right? Only Greg could create a strawman and have it fall on top of him.

    • The atmosphere is more on the side of 21% oxygen! !00% as you suggest could and would be deadly! Any where you go where High levels of Oxygen is being used you will see Flammable warning signs!!!

  6. Greg Thayer keep up the Great fight and work Mr!!
    Its all about Controlling you the little people! I say HELL NO PERIOD!!