Letters: Vax freedom Student Declaration this Sunday in Bridgewater

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Dear Free Speech Supporters – My name is Chris Pratt and I am the founder of the Bridgewater Barn. I am inviting you to the Barn this Sunday Oct 22 at 2PM to take part in an historical event. I was the 481rst signature on this Student Declaration that had less than 10 supporters on it —  last week. Two brave UVM students started this declaration that will soon be blazing across the country like a Truth Directed Energy Weapon.

It takes great courage to stand in the light of their truth as students when lies, fear and the power of money circles you like skyscrapers. This truly is a David and Goliath confrontation.  I am hopeful that the Barn can play a more definitive role in support of this brave effort in the months ahead. I have provided you with a summary of this Declaration on the Events page of the Barn’s website BridgewaterBarn.org

I have enclosed the following excerpt from this document.

” Having experienced three years of a world that has betrayed its commitment to justice, in the spirit of freewill and freedom, we commit to standing strong in our refusal to comply with any mandates, present or future, which ask us to mask, vaccinate, or stay home without the right to choose, meaning not only the right to accept or refuse but the right to fully informed consent without coercion. “

Lauren Palmer is one of the founders of this effort and she will be making a Zoom presentation at the Barn this Sunday. Please show your support for this work and while making your own statement of truth. We are right on Rte. 4 in the middle of Bridgewater #6818  — brown barn yellow trim with welcome sign in driveway.

Any questions call 802 279 7508. Hope to see you soon. Might want to get here early. – Chris Pratt, Bridgewater VT

To the Manchester Journal Editors – Do you or your company’s executives EVER take a break from your constant proliferation of political propaganda & your pandering to the alt-left & their deep swamp creatures like Leahy and his parroting (as obedient Communists do) of radicalized “talking points” about “Democracy” being in jeopardy? 

Here is what genuinely jeopardizes our Constitutional Republic:

Do you ever feel either used or humiliated by the political rhetoric that you are forced to regurgitate as opposed to reporting unbiased, even-handed & impartial stories & opinion as you continue in your supposed career as self-professed “journalists”?

1.) Government-sponsored/approved agencies & propaganda-spewing publications (such as yours) posing as “news” sources.

2.) The abject erosion & disregard for the rule of law by politicos & prosecutors who refuse to enforce our laws based upon the assigned “victimhood” of the violators.

3.) Attempting to alter and replace this Constitutional Democracy with a socialist government, i.e.: a Communist government that contradicts completely with the principles of democracy that this nation was founded upon.

4.) The intentional attacks on innate Constitutional rights such as our freedom of speech by promoting restrictions such as attempting to impose limits on some type of self-ascribed “hate speech” — which the US Supreme Court has already ruled is prohibited and would impinge upon the entire premise of free speech.

5.) The militant babble being chronically disseminated by the radicalized rule now in power in this once peaceful, safe state who proclaim that males can be, in complete contradiction with the science of genetics, transformed into females and those who dare to challenge the encroachment of an ever-growing gargantuan government infringing on the rights and independence and freedoms of the citizenry are somehow “fascists”.

6.) Not believing that the founding fathers of this once-free nation were very evidently seers and capable of highly accurate prophesying.

Kathleen Gaffney- Manchester, Vermont

Notes for fellow readers – In the Philippines, between San Jose and Manila, there are no traffic lights. It is a twelve hour drive. Crowded intersections, crossroads, busy streets . . . no traffic lights.

Traffic jam? Work it out. Pay attention. Think. Wait your turn and fit in.

Those with acute perception may catch my drift here, even before I make the comparison.

As I recall, there are six traffic lights between the outskirts of Barre, VT and Main Street in Montpelier, VT. It is a ten minute drive, approximately, depending on the red lights. Even during the times of heavy traffic, the traffic is light compared to the circulation in most towns in the Philippines. Three of the lights on the Barre/Montpelier Road are for parking lots, and these lights operate into the night. I don’t know about you, but I feel foolish sitting at a red light when there isn’t a car to be seen, because it is pointless and a waste of gas.

Why do we do it? If there must be lights for busier times of the day, why don’t they go to amber when so few cars are on the road? (They do go to amber late at night, but I was unable to get confirmation as to when.)

I have asked some independent thinkers these questions and here is what we came up with.

  1. Americans, Vermonters especially, like and need to be told what to do. This may be a New England tradition more so than a national characteristic. They generally want more traffic lights rather than fewer. In some cases they demand them along with lower speed limits. They demand this because, after all, safety comes first.
  2. There was a gradual change in the way we think that began with the creation of the nanny state – when people began to count on the state to look after them. The gods of freedom were replaced by the gods of safety. (How did that work out?) Be it vaccinations, mandatory insurance, big brother, speed limits, catalytic converters, taxation, drugs (outside of pharmaceuticals), pasteurized milk, slaughter of farm animals, or masks . . . we came to count on the nanny state to make our lives better and safer . . . to protect us from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and from our own judgment. We call it the safety net. That’s why we sent our loved ones to slaughter Iraqis and Libyans and Afghans, remember? To protect us. That’s why we fought the Vietnam war. To protect us.
  3. We are a litigious society. Count the number of lawyers and look at the back cover of your phone book if you have one. And look at your insurance bills.
  4. The schools. What did you learn in school today? That Oswald killed Kennedy? That vaccinations and masks are safe and effective? That a guy in a cave successfully attacked the US? That the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise? (It wasn’t a surprise to the sailors and marines who were stationed there. I would be happy to provide first hand accounts. The surprise to the military was the sitting- duck ships lined up in the harbor, so ordered from DC.)

Filipinos do not count on the state, nor do they want the state to act as big brother. The vast majority, as in San Jose, do not have hot water, flush toilets or cars. Basic health and dental care cost a small fraction of the cost in the US. I doubt that there is a shrink outside of Manila. By now you are ready to pounce on me when I tell you that they are happy. Go for it. They are happy; or should I say that their happiness does not depend upon public safety and a hovering state?

Along with the literal traffic comparison, I make bold to say that there is an alertness in the eyes of Filipinos. They pay attention. That is why they don’t need traffic lights. The absence of that alertness is why we do need traffic lights – or think we do. Ask anyone: “Of course we need traffic lights!” Never mind that we do just fine when the lights go out. We want more and more traffic lights because we would rather not be forced into thinking.

In a totalitarian society the people are controlled, and control themselves, through manipulation by the state. They surrender thought for belief. It was always thus, but high-points (among many) were the surrender of loved ones in Germany and the Soviet Union to the state. “My father said this! My brother said that!” In search of a glorious goal, the innocent were murdered by the millions. We just saw the same thing here, and as before, many people still don’t get it. In the quest for safety (not just personal safety) people surrendered their obligation to think for the sake of what they were told by people they trusted. The cost was so great that history will look back upon this period in awe. As some doctors and scientists proclaimed the benefits of covid protocols, many others proclaimed the harms with overwhelming proof. Those who did so lost their jobs and their vocations. Parents brought infants to be immunized against something that no child had ever caught. They put masks on screaming babies without spending five minutes to research the harms. This could not be pulled off in a free and thinking society. But, in a totalitarian society, it’s a piece of cake.

More power to those who resisted the safety of the nanny state.

We are entranced by danger in the movies, on television, in the news, in books – by people who live dangerous lives – to whom safety is not the foremost consideration. We are entertained by those who do what is beyond the norm – by those who do what they should not. And, at the same time, we put absurd restrictions on ourselves and our children to be safe. And where does that lead us? It leads us to believe whatever big brother tells us because big brother knows best. The death toll, from my sources, regarding the RNA “vaccines” is over 17 million. The good news is that people are finally seeing the official lies. Two percent of the population got the booster this year despite the propaganda. The propaganda still proclaims that the RNA “vaccines” will keep you alive even though they make you sick. They still push the injection and the masks. The cost of this in human health and expense is incalculable, but the profits are calculable. Following orders can do you more harm than good. It can do society more harm than good.

To paraphrase Ben Franklin: If you give up your freedom in the name of safety, you deserve what you get. – Jim Hogue

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  1. One of the better commentaries I’ve seen in some time, I knew there was some inherent appeal to Bridgewater. What is discussed here should not be let up, perhaps rebranding or retitling to get more exposure, this is a serious topic and should not be let up on, they are exposing some serious issues in Vermont, to which few are cognizant of how widespread it is. The pandemic wasn’t about medical, the pandemic was censure ship and propaganda. All delivered directly to every Vermont smart phone….the corruption and coverup in this state is legion.