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VT Headlines: FCC votes in favor of Wi-Fi in school buses, despite safety concerns

WCAXPolice respond to rash of car break-ins in Colchester
WCAXVermont considered forerunner in artificial intelligence oversight
WCAXBurlington educator named Vermont Teacher of the Year
WCAXControversy Brewing at Cider Maker
WCAXWelch and Sanders cosponsor bill to assist organic dairy farmers
WCAXFCC votes in favor of Wi-Fi installations in school buses
VT DiggerMental health urgent care takes root in Vermont
WCAXEssex Westford School District helps new Americans get work, overcome language barrier
VT DiggerVermont State Colleges Labor Task Force: Where has all that money gone?

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  1. Wi fi in school busses so kids can do homework???? Seriously? Kids do homework while riding in school busses? On what planet?
    Isn’t this more about profit and surveillance?

  2. Giving the youth more opportunities to engage in the use of social media is not in the best interest of a responsible society.

  3. There should LESS social media time… what happened to looking 👀 out the window to see the world around you? Holy moly this is insane