Opinion: Appalled at Balint censorship of RFK Jr.

Appalled at Balint censoring RFK – I was appalled to learn that Becca Balint was on of the Democratic House members who signed the letter dis-inviting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from testifying at the U.S. House hearing organized by the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on July 20.

He was testifying on  the federal government’s role in censoring U.S. citizens. Even while testifying they tried to prevent him from speaking.  I don’t agree with much of what Balint stands for, but agreeing to censorship is inexcusable. Denying Mr. Kennedy the right to testify, especially based on false accusations, makes her unworthy of our U.S. Constitution in my humble opinion. – Cathy Hoyt

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  1. Ms. Hoyt is spot on. Balint’s adherence to the party line is not in the tradition of Vermonters who respect the 1st Amendment.

  2. That is not “censorship”. There is no right to be invited to speak in front of Congress.

    This should be pretty obvious.

    • Your Comment is a non-sequiter. The issue is that they are trying to silence him. You are trolling.

    • What? They tried to censor him during the hearing while he was speaking.

  3. It was disgusting to watch what the Democrats tried to do to a man who had evidence backing up what he was saying. They interrupted him during his testimony, tried to tell lies about things he had previously said calling him a racists. Thank God he was given the opportunity to reply to their attacks and made them look like the vicious dogs that they were acting like. Watching that Committee Meeting showed the Democratic Party is not the old Democratic Party that was Mr. Kennedys party and it made me sick.

  4. Censorship, lies, and omission of facts is what the left does best & their extremist followers want MORE of it: Only those who spout leftist ideology should have access of “free” speech. Divide and CONQUER! And they are on a mission to do BOTH!

    Now what is being done to right this wrong? What penalties will Ms. C. Ommunist face for violating Kennedy’s right to freedom of speech, “equity”, and free expression? Nuttin’, honey. As usual.

  5. Vermont got exactly what they wanted. Someone who cares little about transparency, and only the portions of the Constitution that satisfies her agenda.

  6. Cathy, why are you disappointed? Becca was only doing what Communists do.
    When are people going to realize, Progressive = Communist = Fascist = Nazi.

    “A leopard can’t change it’s spots and a skunk can’t change it’s smell. – D.B Wilson

  7. Hey Balint: NOBODY wanted you. You got a fistful of dollars to be pasted all over the TV AND the net to convince people that you were a shoe-in. “Vote for ME and I’ll set you FREE!” You are a liar, cheat and thief.
    How do I know that? YOUR actions trying to deny an AMERICAN their right to free speech. But the Commie you are just doesn’t get that.
    To all reading this: Do you really think Vermonters voted for this crap?????

  8. Onclear display for all to see, the Democratic Party has no intention of abiding by the US Constitution. Actions speak louder than words. It is clear that the democratic/WEF mission is to destroy the constitution and make it irrelevant.

    • Unless we go back to paper ballots, exit polls and audits, she’s a selected shoe-in.

      • That’s your plan? back to paper ballots, exit polls and audits? She won with almost 63% of the state vote. Stop your whining and put up a better candidate. One that doesn’t regurgitate the stupid stuff seen here, which is a definite loser.

  9. Appalled sure… but I hope not surprised. She’s been consistent all along as a state senator. She is 1000% an establishment groomed choice.

  10. Ms Balint is not the brightest light in forests of Vermont. Her reaction to anything running contrary to her progressive agenda is to become outraged (ie: The righteous defeat of student loan forgiveness by the SCOTUS) and to whine about perceived injustice (like when she couldn’t censor RFK, Jr. at the Congressional Censorship hearings). Yet, she is under the delusion that she is the heir apparent for Bernie’s senatorial seat when that conniving buffoon retires to one of this three houses. Oh yeah, she needs to be voted out as soon as possible…

    • Lots of luck with voting any of these COMMUNIST PIGS out of office (how’s that for FREE speech, Commies btw?) The voter fraud here is rampant, just as in Arizona & elsewhere. Between that and the college student’s voting, forgetta ’bout it.

      BTW, I am also originally from NY, thus, I have no qualms about callin’ ’em as I see ’em, as above. Communist pigs. Sorry, peaceable natives, but you better start fighting fire with fire. I came here in peace to seek peace, but when your nation is being destroyed, you better start getting your ire up. Play by THEIR rules.

  11. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    stated on July 11, 2023 in a video:
    “COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”
    Pants-on fire

    By Samantha Putterman • July 19, 2023
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    stated on June 5, 2023 in a podcast:
    Atrazine in the water supply is contributing to “sexual dysphoria” in kids.
    False- False

    By Grace Abels • June 28, 2023
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    stated on December 6, 2021 in a meeting with Louisiana lawmakers:
    The COVID-19 vaccine is the “deadliest vaccine ever made.”

  12. If anyone believes Balint was voted in, you are NOT paying attention. The Selected select.