Letter: GOP needs Trump backup plan

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To the Editor:

In 2020, I prepared a presentation on why Trump lost and spoke to Republican clubs, service groups and a TV program in Vermont with that information.  I concluded the Dems will do anything to prevent Trump from running again.  The recent indictments are part of their strategy to derail his quest for another term.  They are committed to prevent him from ever holding another office.  The ends justify the means in achieving their objective.

 Republicans other than Trumpers are mute on a golden opportunity in taking back the White House.  Everything is lining up in their favor (economy, foreign policy, corruption, green restrictions) and only a few have looked ahead for a campaign without Trump.  We all know there are 6 key states required to win the Presidency.  Even with Trump’s indictments and trial dates interfering with his campaigning, he could still be on the ballots.  However, the Dem’s aren’t dumb…..they will bend rules to take his name off those 6 key state ballots.  As stated above, the Dem’s are committed to torpedo Trump….by hook or by crook.

 What are Republicans going to do?  Trumpers and the press are out to kill Ron DeSantis’ candidacy.  He’s the only hope they have to win.    Trump is for Trump and no other….he could care less as long as he can run for President again.  Leaders have to speak up like Governors, Senators and Congressmen and take back the party from the Trumpers.  

 The charges against Trump may not stick but in the eyes of public opinion, half believe he broke the law, and many independents agree with them.  This spells a doomed Trump candidacy and if he’s off the ballot in the key 6 states the end is only a formality.

 Choice is therefore an Obama 4th term in 2024 or win with a Republican non-Trumper.  We get what we accept.

-Frank Mazur,

South Burlington

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  1. I share the belief that ridding our country of its current leadership is the most important priority. But, with respect, the premise that states can remove DJT’s name from the ballot does not seem plausible. I don’t see even this SCOTUS (which has been a disappointment at times) allowing states to get away with that. And the DEM/Media machine is pushing hard for Trump to be the GOP nominee (like they did in 2016) because they think he’s easiest to beat. I’m not a Trump fan (I’d rather see Vivek get the nomination) but I think its swimming upstream to try to prevent it. At this point, we might be better served investing in get out the (early) vote and in harvesting in the states where it’s legal. I think this is going to be a ground war.

  2. I see what the Ds are trying to do, and that’s to tie Trump up in court on whatever bogus charges they can think of for as long as possible. And if they can flim-flam a judge and/or jury into convicting him on even one lousy charge? Even better. Lots of problems with that though.

    1. Presidential Records Act – Trump could do as he pleased with both his classified and non-classified documents. He was the President. Remember Billy-boy hiding documents in his sock drawer? Joe, however, took documents from when he was a Senator and Vice-President. A big no-no.
    2. First Amendment – Trump can question the results of an election all he pleases if he really believes that the 2020 election was rigged. And it clearly was. Remember Al Gore? Remember Hillary? Legit result or not, they did the same thing.
    3. Delegates – It’s been common throughout the history of the USA for both parties to send their own slates of delegates when an election is undecided, close, or when something underhanded is suspected. Then, however Congress hashes it out, the delegates are ready.

    What I can’t believe the Ds can’t see, or are too blinded by hatred for Trump to see, is that by going after him for questioning the 2020 election, they’re giving him an expressway to bring in evidence of vote fraud. And it IS everywhere, even in states he won, such as Texas. Still in denial? Ask any neutral statistician the significance of the late-night jumps in Biden votes. In one state? Highly unlikely, but possible. In several states, all at the same hour? I don’t think so. But maybe they’re so scared they’re desperate. And desperate people do stupid things. Even the smart ones.

    As it is, Trump has already exposed the corrupt DOJ and FBI and the majority of we, the people see it clearly. Am I guessing? No. Polls say 62% of US voters believe there’s corruption at DOJ and FBI and that both agencies have been weaponized.

    Big gamble the Ds are taking… BIG gamble. And for what? To keep the guy from being elected again? To keep Hunter from being the hunted? To keep Joe’s schemes as quiet as possible? Yes to all, but believe me, when all’s said and done, it will be Kenya that’s in the news.

  3. So, the Dems are going to torpedo Trump “by hook or crook” to keep him off 6 state ballots. That is certainly is fodder for more hysterical conspiracy theories.

    Vivek Ramaswamy could be a Republican candidate who I personally would consider voting for, but is America ready to elect a non-Christian brown man to the top office in the land? I seriously doubt it.

  4. Wrong. The Dems only want to appear that they don’t want Trump on the ballot and are doing anything and everything to keep him off-
    This causes fools such as the writer to want to support him (a losing candidate) even more, rather than the party focus on getting behind a winnable candidate earlier on.

    As soon as Jan 6 happened, real America loving Republicans SHOULD have forgotten Trump and admitting we elected an a-hole- and that’s the problem with them too.

    Until the American public wises up and realizes both of these parties only serve themselves nothing will change for the better.

    • Or maybe we should hate Antifa as they were present and breaking windows, the mainstream media camera man who was in the capital that day or the FBI for their part in allowing Jan. 6 to occur and for being present on that day or the mayor of DC who refused to allow the national guard to be on premise that day.

  5. Mr Mazur assumes the the GOP wants to win the presidency. I suspect the GOP elites are just fine with losing to the Democrats- as long as Trump is defeated.
    The 47th president will be ‘elected’ based on how these counties count and accept ballots: 75,000 ballots in these 11 counties will win the White House.
    Maricopa, AZ- Cobb, GA -Fulton, GA- Gwinnet, GA -Cuyahoga, OH -Bucks, PA Chester, PA -Montgomery, PA- Allegheny, PA -Milwaukee, WI -Clark, NV.
    We do indeed “get” what we accept- and the American voter accepts the corruption and pretending willingly.

  6. Sir, I will be blunt. At what point do I believe another angry old rich white man that he knows better than We the people.
    Many of the founding fathers really disliked people like you who attest to one thing, as you are far from promoting our sovereignty over the tyrants of liberty but I have been around for over 50 yrs in VT and I see how you people are the cause of our woes.
    You make these blanket statements based on an illiterate electorate and they like the lemmings they are, follow blindly at their detriment. No, A NON-politician is what is needed. As the 45th president stated, He is here for us, Please oh, please, tell me I dare you to, show me where he stated such a selfish statement about his desires for this all to be about himself. How have you sacrificed like he has, he has lost just like our founders did, look it up if you know how.
    You are a sick example of a Rino and a never Trumper if i ever saw one. No you sir are a traitor to the American people for even saying such a thing. Your opinion states no facts, no historic basis just your bad judgement.. I for one am so tired of old people who have destroyed this country’s trying to tell me anything. Yes Trump is not exactly young but he unlike you has been all about the REAL law and our liberty and about AMERICA. Maybe you should just sit down and shut up . Being so close to death I can also see how you, like all the other angry old white people, want to watch the world burn. And keep your kool-aid to yourself. God have mercy on you because the Dems and people like De-Sanctimonious will not.

    • Mr. McLamb, while I cringe a little from some of your characterizations of ‘never-Trumpers’, I understand your frustration and agree with you 100%. As I’ve opined to Rob Roper in his recent commentary, the inaccuracy and innuendo put forth by never-Trumpers must be called out. Thank you for doing so.

  7. As personable as Vivek is, I highly doubt that America is ready to embrace a non-Christian brown man as the next leader of the free world.

    • You are very wrong. As a white Republican I would consider voting for him. I like his policies and he is smart. Your statement is ridiculous as America voted in Obama, twice. We got to deal with that smug, virtue signalling UN loving traitor for way to long. He is the person who signed the US into the 2030 Agenda, while stating “American’s will have to get used to being a lot poorer.” This is why Trump pulled the US out of the UN. I know what the media said, He pulled us out because he was a rasist.” When in reality, he said he pulled out US out because it would bankrupt Americans. Here is one not so fun fact about the UN 2030 Agenda and expectations around its sustainable development goals: wealthy Nations need to deliver $500 billion a year, every year through 2030.

      No wonder why Obama said “Americans need to get used to being a lot poorer.”

  8. The DemocRATs and the Elite in GOP, do not want DJT as their candidate,
    and will do whatever to make sure that doesn’t happen, just watch the BS
    indictments, if DJT is guilty of those charges, then ninety percent of all elected
    officials should be facing charges and that includes the senile old fool sitting
    or sleeping in the WH, babbling Joseph Robinette Biden Jr….he’s pitiful!!

    The corrupt DOJ / FBI all need to be defunded and then brought up on any
    and all charges, and then Mayorkas, should be brought up on treason to the

    Wake up people Vermont’s GOP, would prefer to lose than support DJT and
    there lies the problem in VT, progressives dems, and our Governor are one
    in the same !!

    • Geez, and here I thought it was the PEOPLE who decided who should be President. The “elite GOP” opinions are best treated like a tree falling in the forest – lots of noise, no real effect on anything consequential.

      Really, anyone who votes based on what a “politician”, “party leader”, “governmental official”, “media talking head”, or “scientist” says, should maybe consider sitting on the sidelines next time while the informed thinkers has things out.

      I learned a long time ago – 1) Vote with your wallet, 2) Vote with your brain, 3) Be open to what all the candidates are saying, and 4) Be skeptical of “new” anything, be it technology or ideas (unless it’s really an “old” idea making a comeback).

      • Sorry Robin but your vote will be cancelled by the dead voter, the newly registered non resident voter, the newly registered ghost voter whose address is an empty lot. But I agree with your suggestion to get rid of the voting machines!!!

  9. Right On NOYB!

    The Vermonters commenting are talking like they believe their votes really matter. Please take a long hard look at our present Vermont Election System?

    We now have permanent ALL mailed ballots sent out under the control of the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office using the United States Postal Service. The ballots are mailed to ALL persons on ALL voter checklists throughout Vermont whether they want them or not. No more requests needed.

    Vermont joined ERIC and gives the non-governmental organization access to Vermont Voter Rolls. Look up ERIC and see who funds them. Vermont mailed ballots are sent out approximately 40 days before Election Day allowing plenty of time for ALL manner of corruption.

    There is no ballot chain of custody in Vermont or voter ID’s. Same day voter registration is allowed. Ballot boxes are allowed 24/7 along with ballot harvesting. Votes are counted by questionable mandated machines.

    What could possibly make anyone with common sense think Vermont Elections are pure? Do you really believe a corrupt and chaotic election system will show the will of Vermont’s People?

  10. If you listen closely, you can hear them chanting, “crucify him”! Take heed! He’s our last chance, he’s NOT ONE OF THEM!

  11. As much as i’d like to see him re-elected, Trump IS the democrat’s plan. Can’t emphasize how real TDS is and just how many people i know that think the country is in shambles but would vote for anyone, even biden, over Trump. If elections are legit 🤣, Trump being the Republican nominee is the only chance for democrats.

  12. Perhaps Vermont is gone and gone for good. I was hopeful and willing to tough it out seeing the big picture beyond Vermont. One more winter, the death blow incoming for many, and as the economic crisis hits calamity stage, I’ll be packing up and getting out of here. I give up on this Hellhole that used to be a decent, safe and sound place to live.

  13. I have to wonder why nobody has challenged the legality and constitutionality of mail-in voting, instant registration, non-citizens voting, drop boxes, etc etc. It would seem a no-brainer for the Supreme Court to swat this down like federalized abortion, college loan forgiveness, and over-reaches regarding the Second Amendment.

    And why hasn’t Congress gotten the ball rolling on this? What’s the stat? 80+% of voters polled are in favor of a national voter ID? And 65% of them feel the 2024 election will be rigged again? I believe that’s right. So why not a peep from Congress as far as a nuts and bolts bill rather than meaningless rhetoric?

    Did I miss something? If Congress won’t act, has anyone brought a class action on this? It seems like such a no-brainer. If I missed it, truly, please inform me as to what happened.

    • Must be the republican so-called leaders in Vermont are all set for another election loss, you hear nothing from them or our so-called republican governor. Why hasn’t the party sued in federal court to dismantle this fake electioneering that the democrats have set up for their own party’s power to sway all Vermont elections? If the Secretary of State truly was in charge and not and loyal dem/prog foot soldier, she has time to correct and get rid of the plandemic laws that were put in place for the one-sided win.

      The plandemic is over and Vermont should return to election day not election month and those who can’t make it to the polls be allowed to request a mail in ballot with verification. Imagine the wasted money required to print and mail ballots all over the state to people no longer here to vote or those who died since the last election? It has been rigged. Prove me wrong!

  14. I recently attended a Republican Party meeting, and I must say, there were moments of profound irony that struck me. The meeting was largely attended by senior citizens, many of whom passionately argued that our school system is brainwashing our youth. Yet, upon closer inquiry, a striking number admitted that they don’t have children or even grandchildren residing in the state. This naturally begs the question: whose kids are they referring to? The irony of the situation was palpable.

    Furthermore, there was a resounding call to return schools to the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, many of the same voices are adamant believers in Dr. Frank’s election conspiracy theories, which one could argue demonstrates a lack of understanding of basic math itself. The need for improved mathematical discernment within the party is evident, and this situation brought it home in quite an ironic manner.

    Another point of contention was the size of government. Many attendees fervently advocated for a smaller government. Yet, it was intriguing to note how many among them are beneficiaries of government programs or have spouses employed by government entities, enjoying the benefits funded by taxpayers. The irony was, once again, inescapable.

    This leaves me pondering the future of our party. With the upcoming party reorganization, do we genuinely believe it will yield a party structure capable of attracting more moderate candidates and voters? Or, as I fear, will the party continue its trajectory further to the right, potentially alienating a broader base of electable candidates and voters? I would genuinely appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.

  15. Democrats, all Democrats, trying to keep Donald Trump off of the ballot? A recent 126 page paper in the Pennsylvania Law Review by two conservatives, University of Chicago Law School Professor William Baude, and University of St. Thomas School of Law Professor Michael Stokes Paulsen, argues the US Constitution already bars Donald Trump from holding any future public office. Of course, this was all arranged by the Democrats’ luring of Donald Trump into committing acts the professors reason triggers the constitutional provision. Some would say that Democrats would use that to try to keep Trump off of the November 2024 presidential ballot in key states. I’m wondering why Governor Desantis and others wouldn’t try to secretly use it to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in the primary contests? After all, Governor Desantis is sure to lose against Donald Trump in the primaries. That Joe Biden would lose to Donald Trump in the general election, that one isn’t so certain. I’m thinking that the one he’d be rightly concerned to face off against would be Governor Christie.

    • Joe Biden isn’t going to be on the ballot in 2024. For those behind in the news, the plan is for Joe to be forced out due to health (mental) and Newsome installed after Kamala receives no delegate support in the primaries. With democrats, everything is by design to keep power. Joe Biden is buried in his own corruption and has 30% support nationwide. They want him gone. Chris Christy, OMG no, he is polling at 1%. Mark my words, Joe is on the way out. They just need to deal with Kamala who is as popular as poison ivy. The prediction is somewhere around November to throw Joe under the bus.

  16. This plan has led to massive losses for twenty years in Vermont. Surely your idea the idea they are currently using will work this time!