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VT Headlines: Enrollment declining at newly branded Vermont State University

WCAXTrouble ahead? Enrollment declining at newly branded Vermont State University
WCAXVeterinarians say ticks and fleas are worse than ever this year
VT DiggerParents say a Strafford art teacher lost her job under cloudy circumstances. They want her back.
NBC 5VTrans to conduct aerial survey on Burlington-Winooski bridge, looking ahead towards future bridge construction
WCAXMontpelier businesses continue to struggle on the road to recovery
VT DiggerSo far, Coventry landfill has kept pace with flood debris, officials say
WCAXVermont ends funding for worker relocation program

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  1. As a successful, technology sector, business owner and alumni of VTC the current failure to attract students is blatantly obvious.

  2. Jeb Spaulding was 100% on target. For shame for shame, and what a waste of money, time and political capital.

  3. There used to be Castleton State College, Johnson State College, Lyndon State College, and Vermont Technical College; honorable schools one and all, delivering a quality, respected, and affordable higher education to Vermonters. Then the liberals took hold of this established State College System, sucked all the money out of it, and have now destroyed it. The newly minted Vermont State University is only a shadow of what had been. It’s no wonder that this new configuration is failing.