Letters: VT school districts flying BLM flag support pro-Hamas hate group

All of us have been inundated with 24/7 news coverage of the Israeli/Hamas conflict. Media coverage and graphic videos of death and destruction in Israel and the Gaza Strip are streamed live into our living rooms.

The heinous acts of Hamas terrorists along border towns and at a music festival are unspeakable as men, women and children were slaughtered because of what? HATE! That’s right, hate for another human being.

This was also on display in America as BLM Chicago posted on social media a graphic of Hamas paragliders flying the Palestinian flag that read “I Stand with Palestine”. This was in reference to the terrorist’s flying paragliders into a music festival and killing 260 innocent people, some Americans but mostly Israeli’s. As of today, there are over 1200 dead including Israeli soldiers that were executed, women raped, and others decapitated including babies.

Although BLM has retracted their post it provides all of us with insight into their core beliefs. The only reason they took down the post was severe backlash and public outcry. 

This is the organization that Essex Westford School District proudly supports including flying the Black Lives Matter flag at all the district schools. They stand shoulder to shoulder with BLM and by association support hate, terrorism, and violence. 

It’s time EWSD publicly denounce hate perpetrated by Black Lives Matter Organization and dissociate itself from BLM by removing the BLM flag from its schools.

Without question, all lives matter regardless of ethnicity, color of one’s skin or religious beliefs. Each person has worth and should be treated fairly, with empathy and compassion. There is no room for HATE! – Bradley Kennison

Canceled reporter attempts to reply to Pro-Hamas Barre Times letter – The Central Vermont Chavura for Justice and Liberation writes that “we know the roots of…Israel’s 75-year occupation and colonization of Palestine, and the US government’s billions of dollars in annual military aid to Israel…” “ Enlisting themselves on Friday the 13th with the pro-Hamas “Day of Rage,” the Chavura (Hebrew for group of friends) letter to the Barre Times is just another current spin on an antique quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels: “ If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually  come to believe it.”  

Emile Ghoury, of the Palestinian Arab Higher Committee, said in a September 6, 1948 interview with the Beirut Telegraph that “The fact that there are these refugees is the direct consequence of the act of the Arab states in opposing partition and the Jewish state. The Arab states agreed upon this policy unanimously and they must share in the solution of the problem.”

In accusing Israel of wrongdoing,  the CVCJL also ignores other historical facts such as how The UN Partition Plan of 1947 defined this trembling territory’s modern borders. It clearly stated that Jordan was and is 75% of Palestine, but to appease the Arabs, Britain, first and then the UN denied the Jews access to three-quarters of Palestine. 

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon attacking Israel in 1948 is also one of the main causes of the Palestinian refugee crisis: “Since 1948 it is we who demanded the return of the refugees while it was we who made them leave,” wrote then-Syrian Prime Minister, Khaled Al-Azm, in his 1970 memoirs. “We brought disaster upon Palestinian refugees by inviting them and bringing pressure to bear upon them to leave.”

By not allowing the Palestinians safe harbor in Egypt, that Arab government, like the others before it, has failed to relocate fellow Arabs. By utilizing Palestinian civilians as human shields, and by stealing international charity monies, earmarked for food and medicine to fund terror tunnels and munitions for 75 years, Islamo-terrorists are the true enemy of the Palestinians.

The American left, including our woke colleges and universities, supported Ukraine after the Russian invasion, but today they refuse to denounce, like Congress members, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and four others, the Untermenschen Hamas invasion after the massacre of 1800 Israelis, 90% of whom were innocent, unarmed civilians. This is Marxist-inspired woke madness.

Islamo-terrorist propaganda is winning American hearts and minds as their intellectuals, armed not with guns and rockets, but with silver tongues and “scholarly texts” filled with hate and lies, invade our “equitable”  academia with Iranian financial and political influence. Central Vermont Chavura is not a friend of justice and liberation. 

Historical context does not justify today’s Israel/Palestine violence, but it should help explain an impossible situation in which too many people blame the Jewish state. This has created politically motivated international antisemitism.

“The Arabs of Haifa fled in spite of the fact that the Jewish authorities guaranteed their safety and rights as citizens of Israel.” Monsignor George Hakim, Greek Catholic Bishop of Galilee, New York Herald Tribune, June 30, 1949 –Peter Fernandez

Thank You, President Biden – Your unequivocal support for both Ukraine and Israel are not only morally right but also strategically essential for the United States. Ukraine’s survival so far is a tribute to the bravery of its own people and the strength of its leadership; but both may well have been in vain had you not led NATO’s support for their heroic resistance.

The people of both Israel and Gaza have very tough days, perhaps months, ahead of them. Their suffering will end when Hamas is gone. Any delay defeating Hamas means continuing death, destruction, and despair in both countries. Your statement that we have Israel’s back and the strong US actions which followed shorten the road to peace and security. America’s will and determination will reduce the temptation for would-be adversaries around the world to gamble on US inaction.

I voted for you reluctantly in 2020. I disagree with many of your domestic policies and, especially with hindsight, wish you had and hope you will take a stronger stance with the Iranian leaders who are happy to arm others to fight until the last Yemeni, Syrian, Gazan, and Israeli (not to mention bareheaded Iranian woman) is dead. Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful as both an American and a Jew for the passion and strength in your speech yesterday. Thank you. – Tom Evslin

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  1. If we ever finish the wall (fence) on our southern boarder to keep out unwanted illegals, will we at that point be considered as laying siege on Mexico ?

  2. The only flag that should be flying in our schools is the US Flag, for liberals it’s called old glory, the stars & stripes !! All those Gay Pride or BLM flags need to be brought down, if you support these fringe groups fly these flags at your property !!

    If you don’t like the country and what the US flag stands for then feel free to leave, and let’s see what country will let you fly your propaganda BS flags ………………………….

    • …Orrrrr let them do whatever they want with their schools; just don’t hold us hostage to their delusional world. Give us our money back so we can educate our kids as we want.

  3. It’s pathetic what the radical left, or terminally self-righteous, will do to stroke and quench their narcisstic, myopic and neurotic narrative of reality.

  4. Yes, the BLM flags and signs are shameful as was the painting of Black Lives Matter in the street outside the statehouse. So many leftists were so quick to jump to support an organization that made it clear in its charter that it was anti Semitic, anti-Israel , anti police, anti-whites and so much more. Pointing this out got one accused of being a racist and being cancelled; still does.

  5. Fractional , divisive, splinter groups such as BLM should never have a place of equal footing in our educational institutions. Continuing to place them on an undeserved elevated platform will perpetuate the erroneous perception they are a legitimate group deserving of respect and a place at the table. Look to their leadership who has taken their membership and American academia for a ride.
    Oh, by the way, the same words could be used with any Jewish group that supports hate.
    What is wrong with the American educators that allow this tripe to continue on placing at risk their charges?
    Look beneath the surface. Know your history, policies, personnel, membership/leadership and practice before we are forced to leap at the most recent cause celebre’

  6. Black Lives Matter was a riot shakedown scam. You can tell by the mansions it bought for the founders, friends & family. Irony on an absolutely fantastic level when you consider how much property got destroyed. It’s honestly shocking to me when I still see BLM stickers, lawn signs or state-sanctioned road paintings. Probably sunk-cost fallacy meets cognitive dissonance. They just won’t see it.

  7. I suspect Tom Evslin’s investments in defense stocks will payoff bigly! After hearing Lindsay Graham spout off this weekend, why doesn’t he set down his purse and go fight for the cause he and No Name McCain set up years ago.

  8. The only flags that should be in public schools are the US and state flag. Any educators that support terrorists groups should be immediately removed and terminated.