Front Porch Forum promotes pro-Palestine forum, rejects faith forum news

by Michael Bielawski

In a potential double standard, the popular local social media company Front Porch Forum is choosing favorites when running ads for political forums.

A recent ad for a forum titled “Israel, Gaza, and the Struggle for Palestine” ran earlier in the week. The forum is to take place in Burlington on Tuesday.

The ad labels the Hamas fighters who are accused of murdering women and children during the recent terror attacks in Isreal as “resistance fighters.” At least 1,300 civilians were killed according to media reports.

It states, “Early on Saturday, October 7th, Palestinian resistance fighters broke through Israel’s siege of Gaza. In response, Israel has declared total war against the people of Gaza, completely cutting off access to food, water, and electricity, while bombing the Strip and killing entire families.”

The panel will feature Wafic Faour of Vermonters for Justice in Palestine, Debra Stoleroff of Jewish Voice for Peace, and Nolan Rampy of Tempest Collective.

“They will discuss how to understand the current situation in Palestine, the 17-year siege of Gaza, and questions of resistance, colonialism, the role of Biden and US imperialism, and mass struggle,” it states.

A pattern of double standards?

However last year it was reported that an ad for the annual “Restoring our Faith Summit” was sent to Front Porch Forum was turned down.

“Front Porch Forum (FPF) is refusing to post information about the Restoring our Faith Summit, an event dedicated to engaging with Vermont communities to revitalize the role of religion in daily life, said the event organizer, the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing (VIHF),” VDC reported in October of 2022.

It continues that FPF merely cited non-compliance with their “Terms of Use” but did not offer any more explanation.

That’s part of a growing list of complaints against the company. Another VDC report in 2020 detailed when Molly Jesse of Essex Junction was apparently kicked off the platform also with a vague explanation.

“On December 4, Ms. Jesse’s FPF account was deactivated without notice or explanation. Seeking both, she sent an email to FPF. This was their reply: “Your account was deactivated due to multiple violations of FPF’s Terms of Use, racial justice mission, and Coronavirus Policy.”

Jesse was trying to get an ad about an event to post but was rejected. Part of the ad read, “Like our forebears, we aim both to conserve and reform our institutions in light of enduring principles of justice. That is the task of self-governing people who know they live in an imperfect world and yet are not deterred by its challenges. We invite all citizens of good will to join us so that together we can strive for liberty and justice for all.”

The story by Guy Page continues, “Is FPF playing the politics of cancel culture? Let the reader be the judge. As noted in another story in today’s Vermont Daily, I think thin-skinned Front Porch Forum judged them not by the colorfulness of their remarks, but by the character of their content.”

Also in October of last year, FPF took criticism for apparently promoting a toxic environment in its discussions. This was part of a commentary by Gene Leon who ran for Vermont State Representative for the Washington-4 district.

“I have felt harassed and humiliated by the individuals that spread misinformation and lies regarding topics based on the reality of issues or viewpoints I raise on my website. Opinions matter but should not be hacked, assumed or changed to promote false narratives against another person or promote negative judgments.”

The website apparently refused to post information about a vaccine injury to a Vermonter. A man from St. Johnsbury reported that he “was unable to stand, walk or even do daily activities like showering, toileting, preparing meals etc. Sleep was almost non-existent.” He added that some conditions never went away.

When he tried to share his experience with FPF, he was met with much resistance.

“Only my first post to FPF expressing my concerns was actually published. All my attempts at followup posts were never published and several times FPF suspended my account for violating their mis-, dis-information protocols. That first FPF post brought a flurry of responses from some concerned community members, some of whom have been extremely supportive in my quest for answers and resolution.”

Front Porch Forum did not respond to requests for comment.

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. I belong to front porch forum so I can keep up to date on happenings in my neighborhood. But i do not support them with my money.

  2. I would expect no different from FPF. Personally, I subscribe to their service for a couple of reasons. One the local coverage, and the other is the same reason I watch (or use to watch, before we lost NBC) “Meet the Press.” Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. If you do not monitor these duplicitous dirt bags, how do you know what they are up to ????

  3. I subscribed to FPF until I learned they’re limiting free speech. I cancelled immediately. Participating with them is consenting to their views and I don’t consent. I keep up to date on my neighborhood by actually talking with my neighbors.

  4. one might say this forum supports Israel. thought this country was in favor of free speech

    • Well yes. Even idiots who support genocidal maniacs who rape women and behead babies are allowed to post their thoughts here it seems.

  5. One more reason to not subscribe. I certainly do not support them financially any longer. They used to provide great coverage, now you cannot even have a discussion regarding town activity. Especially when the town is not forthcoming in their biased decisions. When every board in town are all the same people and they poo poo your concerns, that is a major red flag that since covid you are not allowed to ask questions or participate in town decisions. As a tax payer, that is unacceptable. FPF is wrong

  6. Front Porch Forum is a cesspool of leftist effluent. The owner, Michael Wood-Lewis took hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars yet indiscriminately ejects users from his psychotic platform if they express anything that counters his warped view of “community.” Further, he dupes people into thinking he’s running a non-profit they can “donate” to, but it is a for-profit business. Just more fascist noise that no right-thinking person wants in their life.

  7. I only read FPF to know about SOME of what’s going on. I’m very aware they censor what they post. No big surprise they’d be in favour of Hamas. I doubt they’d have agreed to post a Support Israel Rally notice. They definitely refused to post a notice for a Vermont Stands Up picnic last year- being opposed to mandates violates their policies. I no longer contribute even a dime to them.

  8. It seems there is a lawsuit here. FPF used to receive some funding from towns in its early years. I do not know if they still do. If they do, it’s taxpayer money. Also “Earlier this year, the Vermont Council on Rural Development directed $361,500 in federal disaster relief funds to Front Porch Forum to set up forums in every community in Vermont — essentially doubling FPF’s service area.” That was in 2013, and those federal relief funds are also taxpayer money. Source:

  9. FPF Fascists Pretending Fairness. They should not get one dime of any public money because they only present one side of every issue – the left’s side. I would LOVE it if they got sued.

    • Yes- they are an echo chamber for leftists. Conservatives need not bother to post. They refused any posts that weren’t in favor of covid lockdowns, vaxes and masks. It’s especially harmful as the lack of other viewpoints makes people more readily believe that EVERYONE thinks a certain way. Which I suppose is the goal.

  10. Font Porch Forum is Left fascist. Christopher-Aaron Felker should have used them.

  11. Most if not all towns, cities and villages pay for a service to have some of the
    community committee members listed on the FPF site for selectboard, school board members etc. I believe FPF falls under a special title of “public benefit” and because of that they get to call the shots that some might find offensive. We need more
    outlets and more competition in the media. I do believe FPF provides a needed
    service but it’s pretty clear which way they bend.

  12. Great article, Michael. The terminally selfrighteous alt-left, also run The Front Porch Forum. They wouldn’t know a fact or a truth regarding this conflict if a Hamas terrorist pushed a fork through their left eye. I am reminded of that American pro-Palestinian activist being held hostage by Hamas. Most, if not all, pro-Palestinians are flatulent followers of Karl Marx, another flatulent and filthy fraud. These people are so ful of hate, gentile and Jewish lefties, that there is no room for alternate suggestions and/or the facts.

    • In actuality, numerous Palestinians violent activists are openly Marxist.

  13. This article would have been more convincing if every example wasn’t an absolute blowhard. One guy claims that getting the COVID vaccine led to his knee being swollen. Oh the fascism!!!! lol

  14. I protested Drag Queen advertisements, I protested their refusal to accept a paid ad for the Faith Restoration summit, I protested the Montpelier liberals who accept left-wing ideologies…censored for each of my comments…and now they accept pro-Palestinian Hamas posts of cowardly slaughters of the innocents being used as human shields for their demonic murderous causes? FPF is the lowest and the basest conduit of evil spread online… God Bless Guy Page and the VDC for allowing free expression on any topic…I will not support FPC with even a penny ‘donation’ for their reprobate stands…

  15. One thing is for sure, the installed regime of the United States has, again, created more divisiveness than the coof. Another war? Both sides calling for genocide? According to Grammy Yellen and The Biden, the USA can fight multiple wars and pay for it. Grammy Yellen stated the US economy is in great shape! US Military all ready called up for support? Rumors of a draft? Keep taking sides people on matters most know little of and don’t understand the playbook. The Master certainly appreciates your compliance, obedience, and blind ignorance.

  16. Its a spy tool… ask the VSP, DHS, CIA, and FBI if they monitor FPF.
    Public-private CORPORATION…what exactly does that MEAN…anyway…?

  17. Let me understand ,they received federal taxpayer money but are censoring oppositional views ,Or faith based opinions .That’s Front Porch Fascism.