St. J man injured by Covid vax gets bureaucratic run-around, censored on local social media 

Doctors unwilling to address Covid vax concerns

By Greg Robbins

I live in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. I am one of hundreds of thousands of Vermont residents who agreed to get the COVID-19 vaccinations. I am also one of the thousands who suffered vaccine adverse events. I’m sharing my story so other vaccine-injured individuals can gain comfort knowing that you are not alone, and so that our communities can begin to understand what we are going through. The more of us who come forward to share our experiences, the sooner we can be heard by our local, state and federal legislators and community leaders, get answers and resolution.

I was a healthy 55 year old, except for several musculoskeletal injuries, before I received both of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations in April and May 2021. I had received recommended vaccinations in the past, but my decision to get a COVID-19 vaccine arose from two factors. First, my 80 year old mother died from COVID-19 in 2020 at the skilled nursing facility where she lived. Second was the relentless pressure from close family and in the messages of Vermont Governor Phil Scott and Director of Vermont Department of Health Dr. Mark Levine during their weekly addresses to the state.

I received Moderna dose #1 on 4/13/21, Moderna dose #2 on 5/11/21. The first adverse symptoms occurred almost four weeks to the day after dose #1: painful, fluid-filled swelling in my left knee. I limped into the clinic for the second dose. Flu-like symptoms occurred within six hours of #2 and lasted for about 72 hrs. 

I was told to expect side effects after dose #2 so I thought this was normal. After dose #2, my right knee experienced the same symptoms as the left after dose #1 but this time it was worse. The symptoms went away after about one week. I’m still dealing with pain, weakness, stiffness and a limited ability to perform normal daily activities due to chronic knee pain. By the way, on January 16, 2022 I came down with COVID-19 even though I was fully vaccinated.

I used to enjoy many outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, foraging, hunting and activities around home like cooking and small maintenance projects. These adverse events have limited and/or eliminated many of these fun activities. I was unable to attend regular physical therapy appointments while struggling through some of the more debilitating events and am still unable to get back to my regular physical therapy routine for the musculoskeletal injuries I had before I got vaccinated.

I have addressed my symptoms with rest, ice, compression and elevation (R.I.C.E) and anti-inflammatory medicines. Tylenol was useless. I was forced to sleep many nights on my sofa with legs and feet elevated on pillows because I could not go upstairs to my bedroom. 

After dose #2’s symptoms began, I went to my primary care physician to get checked out. Lab work showed elevated inflammation markers and a slight increase in uric acid levels. Tests for Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis were negative. My doctor offered no explanation or diagnosis, and referred me to an orthopedic specialist to have the fluid drained from my right knee. X-Rays were inconclusive. The orthopedist said there was not enough inflammation of the knee to justify an invasive procedure to drain the fluid and had no explanation for my symptoms even though I asked if they were possibly caused by the Moderna vaccines. 

My doctors did not want to discuss if the COVID-19 vaccines may have caused my symptoms. “Never seen this before from COVID-19 vaccines and there have been no reports that we are aware of”. This was during the early roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines to the general public in 2021. The orthopedist recommended that if the painful fluid-filled knee symptoms returned to come right in to get the fluid drained so it could be sent to the lab for testing. During my annual physical in fall 2021, I was asked if I would like a flu shot and if I had planned to get a COVID-19 booster. I reminded my doctor about my adverse events and then was advised not to get a COVID-19 booster.

I received a text alert from v-safe (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s After Vaccination Health Checker program) after each Moderna vaccine, and each time I reported my symptoms to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, also part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They can be contacted at or by phone at 1-(800)-822-7967. 

Medical providers are required to report to VAERS anytime they see a patient post-vaccination presenting with symptoms that otherwise could not be explained. At some point I received a phone call from VAERS to inquire about my symptoms. I continue to update VAERS by phone as new symptoms arise. 

There have been quite a few new symptoms. Some are now chronic including loud bi-lateral tinnitus, skin lesions and rashes that don’t go away, brain fog, vertigo, difficulty concentrating, vision impairments, etc. My original symptoms were very debilitating and extremely painful; I was unable to stand, walk or even do daily activities like showering, toileting, preparing meals etc. Sleep was almost non-existent. The swollen knees have not returned but those symptoms made their way into my feet and ankles several months later. These new symptoms were reported to VAERS and ultimately went away.

I began the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) claims process in the first week of September 2021 after it became apparent that Blue Cross Blue Shield Vermont insurance was not going to help pay for my out-of-pocket medical expenses. CICP can be accessed via the VAERS website listed above. I strongly urge anyone to start the CICP claims process as soon as possible. There is only a short twelve month window from the first vaccination to file a claim. If you recently received a COVID-19 booster, you may still be able to file a claim with CICP. 

The Vermont Department of Health was no help either. They told me to go back to my doctor. Repeated emails and phone calls to Gov. Scott seeking assistance and financial compensation beginning in July 2021 are still unanswered as of this writing. In August 2021 I reached out to our local elected officials. 

Senator Joe Benning [Caledonia County] and Representative Scott Beck [St. Johnsbury] both suggested contacting Congressman Peter Welch, which I did. The CICP claims process has been extremely slow. Rep. Welch’s staff in Burlington has been helpful, but they ran into a roadblock after making inquiries to a congressional liaison at Health and Human Services (HHS). 

Trying to speak with anyone at CICP is nearly impossible. Calls to them go to voicemail and it takes weeks to get a response. I have submitted all the documentation they requested, but I am still in the dark about when my claim will come up for medical review. Our elected officials need to step up and represent every single individual who has had or currently has adverse events as a result of receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines. There should be a law enacted that would allow victims the ability to report their adverse events without feeling uneasy or being ostracized, ridiculed or losing their job. There should also be a law enacted that would compensate victims upon onset of adverse event symptoms that are otherwise denied and/or ignored by providers and insurance companies.

I have been vocal about my adverse events to anyone and everyone who might listen. Many have opened up to my concerns, some even shared similar stories of their own, but the really important avenues of discussion like Front Porch Forum and all but two of our elected officials and bureaucrats have either been closed-lipped or basically told me to stop being a baby. 

“Being hospitalized on a ventilator could be much worse than your symptoms”. Only my first post to FPF expressing my concerns was actually published. All my attempts at followup posts were never published and several times FPF suspended my account for violating their mis-, dis-information protocols. That first FPF post brought a flurry of responses from some concerned community members, some of whom have been extremely supportive in my quest for answers and resolution.

If this is your first time hearing from someone who has had an adverse reaction to one of the COVID-19 vaccines, I hope you read this with an open mind and heart. If you, like me, have experienced an adverse event in response to one of the COVID-19 vaccines, tell your friends, family and the general public about it. We need to speak up and be part of the growing numbers of vaccine-injured people who are sharing our stories on websites like: 

Here in Vermont there is the Vermont COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Story Project,

The author grew up in Massachusetts and relocated to New Hampshire after graduating from Maine Maritime Academy in 1990. He moved to Vermont in 2014. He is a former Merchant Marine officer working for a coastal oil transport company.

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  1. Greg, my heart goes out to you. Please join your local ‘vermont stands up’ group for support. These shots were poorly tested and all Doctors are being threatened with license revocation if they speak out against them.

    ‘Do No Harm’ no longer applies to the Medical Profession.

  2. You are not alone. My time line and symptoms were similar. It started with hips, knees and thighs shutting down. Couldn’t walk for a week. Already had tinnitus bilateral and it worsened. Over the last 11 months I’ve experienced the rashes what won’t go away on my chest and back, vertigo, brain fog, vision problems and a hard time concentrating on anything. I already had sleep apnea and use a CPAP, but my sleep deteriorated so badly that multiple daytime naps have been necessary. Also developed COVID January 22. I feel we were human guinea pigs and unfortunately we have no recourse against the manufacturers because they have been protected by an over anxious federal government.

  3. Front Porch Forum hates the truth. Many have been “moderated for telling the truth” some of us have been completely banned from our home towns.

    In general the Vermont population has no idea how curated, censored and lied to they are. Our propaganda networks are very strong in this state.

    • This. Vermonters are basically test subjects in a massive leftist brainwashing scheme. From Covid to CRT to Alphabet sexual politics, the media is using this state’s residents as unwilling participants in their own self destruction.

      Pravda had nothing on the combined WCAX, FPF, Seven Days, Digger assault on truth.

  4. Yes, some people will have an adverse event. I am so sorry that this happened to you. Or to anyone. But remember 11.5 billion doses have been given to 65% of the world’s population.

    • Yeah I mean it’s only given kids myocarditis they give them a life expectancy of 5 years no big deal…

      I know quite a few people that got very sick or their health conditions became worse after getting that jab. More than one that can no longer walk. And for the record I don’t know 11 and 1/2 billion people.

      Go call an insurance company and ask them what the death rate is for 30 to 50 year olds right now vs. 2 years ago

    • Well, I guess you haven’t seen this:
      Some people avoid the truth, especially those pushing the poison. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article. Down playing this man’s adverse reaction ignores the thousands of others and probably more. This article deals with Pfizer and Moderna has it’s own

    • Yes sadly 11.5 billion doses worldwide have been given. Doctors are being paid off or they are simply following the narrative by doing what they’re told.. Many have lifelong injuries, many have died and time will show the horrific results of this untested so-called vaccine which contains incredible poisons. Greg, my heart goes out to you and all who have or will experience after-effects. I read long ago that those who produced and pushed the jab are legally not subject to any liability. These criminals knew in advance and proceeded to protect themselves legally. The doctors who are willing to speak out are being silenced. All that I can say is that God is greater. Please speak out the Bible verse daily and often: Luke 10:19. God and the universe hears.

  5. Greg, I’m sorry for all the pain you have experienced since your vaccine. It might be helpful that ChuckG has experienced very similar symptoms. The VAERS reporting system should be able to categorize the various groupings of symptoms. The ability to follow up scientifically on our various health and economic initiatives is sorely lacking. I’ll say prayers for your recovery from this.

  6. I’m SO sorry you have had this happen to you, but I also know friends who developed severe cardiac problems so it could be worse, but that’s no consolation..Anyone now wonder why, after being allowed to QUESTION Gov. Scott & Dr. Levine for 9 MONTHS I was bounced as being “hobby news”? They did NOT like my questions & contradicting their Vaccine narrative. Not ONE “press” member spoke up for me save Guy Page & Mike Belowski. I did my homework on this barely tested mRNA “platform” & THAT was Verboten to mention. I TRIED to warn any & all who would listen but they too “succumbed to the pressure” & many, if not all have regretted it now. I too lost my ex-wife to Covid on 3/17/20 but she had some severe co-morbidities. A local MD contacted me anonymously w/an e-mail from the “medical licensing authorities” threatening loss of licensure for “misinformation” & prescribing “unauthorized drugs” which I forwarded to Guy page in Sept. 2021. But it’s OVER now, except the stories like yours of “adverse events” and their “compensation program” will be broke when inundated w/the claims arising now & in the future, making the 1975 Swine Flu debacle seem tame by comparison. If some are lucky to live long enough the “cheerleaders” for this poison MIGHT be held to account but the “wheels of justice” grind VERY slowly..Good luck Greg, some of us tried to warn others & this “former press member” was silenced just over a year ago for merely questioning this “safe & effective” travesty.

  7. I encourage everyone to contact your county prosecutor in relation to the ‘Fauci Dossier’ which is available through the Constitution Law Group constitutionlawgroup.usa Our county prosecutors are obligated by We The People to investigate the ‘domestic terrorism’ involved re: ‘jab’. Their failure to respond may be considered a ‘dereliction of duty and oath of office. Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT ACT (Pub. L. No. 107-52) expanded the definition of terrorism to cover “domestic”, as opposed to international terrorism. A person engages in domestic terrorism if they do an act “dangerous to human life” that is a violation of the criminal laws of a state or the United States, if the act appears to be intended to: (i) intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; Dr Fauci has intimidated and coerced a civilian population and sought to influence the policy of a government by intimidation and coercion. In lockstep, Vermont Health Commissioner, Dr Mark Levine followed suit which further implicate him/his health policy in the state of Vermont.

  8. You definitely are not alone. And I’m so sorry that you are going through this. I didn’t trust the jabs, as their demanding, then enticing with gifts (especially to KIDS), then threatening really sent up huge red flags for me. But, I got whatever it is that they are calling Covid and I was really ill. I had just had a knee replacement and I can tell you labor and delivery was like a walk in the park compared to that.
    Now I too have a lesion on me that won’t go away, I’m tired most of the time and the more I learn about this, the more I think we’ve been poisoned. Intentionally. Take care of yourself and look for a holistic doctor to go to or learn what you can from sources you find to be reliable online. I echo what someone else has said: the medical profession is no longer our friend. I have two friends – one of whom I know was jabbed and the other I’m not sure. Yes, they both had pre-existing conditions, but they both died from suspicious sudden onset of serious things. One of them, his surgeon told him that he’d never seen such weird blood clotting in his life. The other had sudden pulmonary thrombosis and they sent her home to die.
    Such is the weird world we find ourselves living in. When the globalists say that we need to reduce the population due to “climate change”, you can bet they don’t mean themselves. They mean US.

  9. You are not alone. “Safe and effective “? Clearly neither safe nor effective. I personally know of 3 people that died after taking the mrna injections and know dozens who were later infected despite being “vaccinated ” and “fully protected “. I myself was infected by someone who met Dr. Levine’s “fully protected ” category. Your inflammation is a result of the trillions of cytotoxic spike proteins circulating through your body. This likely will not go away. When i had covid i had some inflammation and i took fluvoxamine, a cheap, proven safe anti depressant/anti inflammatory used off label for covid. Within 2 days my symptoms were almost gone. Worth a try, cant hurt. Its also used for OCD treatment so if your pcp wont prescibe it for your adverse reactions to the injections just tell them as of recently you are obsessively washing your hands and can’t stop. Also consider telling your story on There are so many victims of this big pharmaceutical poison. Hang in there. Chin up, chest out.

    • We are being poisoned, not sure by what yet but that is what is happening. White Pine Needle tea has helped me greatly. I highly recommend it.

  10. One day soon, “if you or any of your loved ones have died of suffered from adverse reactions to the pandemic vaccinations please call 1-800-COVID19 and our legal representatives will be happy to speak with you.”

  11. Thank you for sharing your story loud and clear! My heart goes out to you for injuries – and all the time you have spent reporting and what not.

    Shame on FPF. My FPF was flooded with people whining about others NOT wearing masks at Lantman’s in Hinesburg for months. While there was no cursing, the language was extremely hateful towards those not wearing masks. Awful things were said – and clearly approved by FPF! Now, my FPF is flooded with police hating. It’s so sad to see fellow brothers and sisters verbalizing so much anger while hiding behind a screen. The way forward is not through hate.

    Thanks for sharing the links where we can find other stories!!! Blessings to you, Greg! Healing is near:)

  12. Crimes against humanity – plain and simple. There is mountains of evidence and continuing research papers revealing the Truth. How long will we, the People, allow this to go on unabated? Do we have to see bodies piling up like cord wood? The entire matter makes me sick to my stomach knowing what is to come for many more people. Pray without ceasing – we are in a spiritual war and Vermont is under demonic control. God bless those who are couragous to speak out and tell the Truth. The gates of Hell will not prevail – but many souls are being taken nonetheless.

  13. I am not going to give you any kind of “pat on the back” for reporting your story. When did you read the insert for these shots. As my wife asks, Did you sign the paperwork they handed you? Did you actually read it?
    Did you know they gave immunity to the drug makers and the doctors and the hospitals for whatever they did during this? When did you do ANY of your own homework to see how the shots would work. No, I am not sorry that you are finally seeing what they do to those who complain or better yet do not comply.
    Try being poor and then see, it is worse. You are screwed. Take it from a poor black man who refused to take the shot. I lost all but my house over this. No more brother, no civic help, no doctors , dentist,. Hell I have not been able to see clearly in 2 yrs because you cannot get in to see the eye doctor. The non emergency transport company I have to use, refused to bring me to my doctor, a a specialist. Been in chronic pain from that, no grocery shopping, no food shelf. Because .Nor, church .Because I will not comply! I cannot say I feel sorry for you. @ 55 you should remember the swine flu, Ebola,, the Tuskegee experiments, bird flu and all the other “dangerous” things the gubment tells you to be afraid of. Of which they created or let loose in the world.

    What they did you you is typical of Vermont justice. Remember they even BANNED life saving drugs. What happened to that new law where you have the right to try. When I go anywhere I am shunned by people because …. no mask … EVER. Being given a nice long list of a..holes telling me I should just die again and again on R & R on craigslist or emails if what I say was not blocked or banned. . I have had people treat me like a criminal, told me I am “selfish” by the agencies that are supposed to help you and all for what…
    After all this time , because of my diligence, I KNOW the coof is fake the shots are poison and I have 100s of well educated doctors in all fields tell us so, but too many of you are soo sure our government will not harm us, will not betray us. Well as Morpheus said to Neo…. Welcome to the real world. Had my state rep say” I don’t know what we can do” None returned calls. Legal aid will not touch this neither will the ACLU.

    Can’t get to the court to, as a private citizen , to place an injunction or restraining order on the state government for this hogwash. Try to hire a lawyer. Even if I failed I at least would try , if they let me in the courthouse.
    We have been refused transport in an ambulance for refusal to wear a mask for someone in respiratory distress. Explain that one. Oh, and we were told by rescue squad we would not be allowed in a hospital without those same masks that do nothing but limit your breathing.
    AND they reported to the cops, because we saw thru their stupid restrictions. What stops them from so many other things happening like they do in other countries…. GUNS. I now carry mine everywhere.
    As my wife says “ I fear my neighbors”. Because I see where people who are stupid attack people like us because we do not believe our government, why should we. I see idiots walking around with masks that DO NOT WORK, but you must virtue signal to the people around you that you will do as told so you feel like ” one of the clean crowd.” It also gives all the “racist” in the state the excuse to discriminate against blacks or any flavor or people who do not follow the mantra of “masks work, the shots work”. Here’s one for ya. There are laws that have been violated by state and federal . First, Not letting injured people into a hospital, second how about the ADA and lastly did you all forget about HIPPAA. Please tell me how anyone has a right to ask for vax status or make anyone wear a mask. I guess my rights are lost when the government tells me so. Much like they did/do to blacks in this state /country for decades.

    Last years numbers are part of the truth… now. If you go to CDC site , look no flu… Where did it go. and that is just the most blaring example.

    It must be nice to believe in our elected officials. I have asked, begged for help, NOTHING. I have had better help from… not my local church, they got Zuckbucks, no, a friend who has his own family to take care of. People like you make throw our hands on the air. . Where were you when this started and were told mask up or no job (that’s coercion, a felony, by the way) I would tell people at Walmart or any place that I got into “ if you all took off your mask they could do nothing” so if they fire the whole store staff how are they going to make ANY MONEY. It was all of you who made this happen by bending over and complying. Me and my wife are here in our home shunned and all but lettered by this garbage that is SO the Third Reich it makes me sick. Don’t like it well we made a law saying it is/was OK to do. NO IT IS NOT!!

    • Thanks for saying what some of us are thinking. Sorry for what you’ve been through.

    • You are not alone Shannon. Those who know the Truth are struggling and frustrated to near madness. The plan is to destroy anything decent, destroy humanity, destroy Faith in God, and control every aspect of every life on planet Earth. The problem with Pervmont is infiltration by some very sick, criminal, demonic individuals. Those average people you think are there to help you can’t even help themselves at this point. A small State under mass psychosis – unfortunately, I believe it will have to get worse before the trance is broken. Not only here, but across the globe.

    • You signed away any chance to get justice re: your Jab injuries. That tells me you did not read the paperwork. That tells me that you live in the bubble of lame stream media lies. That tells me that “going along to get along” has cost you your health and will eventually cost you your life. But most importantly you have COMPLIED.

      Are you still wearing your mask? The CDC has openly admitted that masks CANNNOT keep out a virus which, by the way, was determined in 1917 and still holds true today. What the mask does do is force you to continuously breathe in the waste product CO2 along with picked up viruses and bacteria. RESULTS: mask induced bronchitis, pneumonia and gum infections that result in lost teeth along with infected facial skin. But most importantly, you have COMPLIED.

      Have you made the effort to get the scientific peer reviews detailing the efficacy and safety of the jab?
      These facts were never pursued, never offered because the goal is “population reduction”, a politically correct label that means: They Want Us All Dead. Is that too harsh? Then why did congress make laws banning the American people from getting reasonably priced and incredibly effective medicines? And you still COMPLIED.

      Vermont doctors and hospitals have been paid off by the federal government to label patients Covid positive, despite the fact that the man who designed the test strips has been desperately trying to inform us that the strips were not made to test for this non-existent “illness”. That anything resulting in a positive result is a lie.

      Most importantly when this all started I told my husband “I fear my neighbors”. I have been denied medical care, medicines, medical transportation, access to food because I WILL NOT COMPLY.
      Why? Because I am an American, and as such I REFUSE TO COMPLY. It’s not worth my soul.

      I wish you no ill will sir. I just cannot understand why so many people volunteered for a completely untested, ingredients unknown, jab. You know, my neighbors.

  14. I will keep you in my prayers for healing and strength. I have known people in Vermont who were hospitalized with vaccine injury and one who died “suddenly” at 53 who had been healthy before. A 22 year old young man who had had covid was required in Alaska (he is a relative of mine) to take both vaccines and he is so ill and disabled his family has moved to be closer to Virginia Mason hospital in Washington State to obtain treatment. Always completely healthy and outdoors until the injections required for a job. This site was originally started for medical staff to share what they were seeing, I think it has been out there about 18 months at least. I have been reading for quite a while, originally the first of those reporting on this site were drs and nurses in the first wave on injections, and other medical staff, more people have been reporting, but there is good info for a variety of issues as well as how to detox (intermittent fasting is one way that seems to help all symptoms, Dr’s explain why, basically during the fast the body is shedding the old cells faster) as well as places to go to obtain treatment. Additionally, I just checked there is also information on what you should be saving and printing, or may have on hand as the warnings were not provided that are required by law, which means there is other recourse for payment. I am aware from family and friends of others who have been injured and in some cases can’t walk more than a few paces without their heart clenching up when they walked two miles a few times a week before with no issues. When they went to their drs (Mass) and asked why it was happening, they said it was a side effect of the vaccine and he should have known about it. That’s a great help when he wasn’t told beforehand or provided with any written material either that indicated this. Those of us who read studies and subscribe to scientific method know because we have been not following the news or our leaders, instead the top scientists, drs, epidemiologists, virologists of the world who have been stating we are being poisoned.

  15. Just in my small circle here in east central Vermont, I know two people that had swollen knees and were not able to engage in their normal activities for several weeks after their shots and still having issues.

  16. Greg, you should have called Dr. Fauci. He would have told you your suffering was just your imagination at work and to “trust the science.” Seriously, I’m sorry for your problems and rest assured time will tell us what the propagndists didn’t.