Candidate condemns ‘despicable conduct’ on Front Porch Forum

by Gene Leon

Just wanted to share this harsh reality with all of you.

On 10/10/2022 it was brought to my attention, the despicable conduct occurring on threads of Montpelier’s Front Porch Forum. I have been discussing some of the forms of thought and political discrimination that keeps dividing our country and unfortunately this form of toxic behavior is apparent and present in our local communities and should not be tolerated.

I have been promoting peace, unity, diversity and love for quite some time and the importance of a balanced government. One candidate in our district once stated, “the seats belong to dems”, such outrageous statements is just one example of the unfair practices that promote further division, and such outlandish comments simply attempts to exclude other candidates in all other parties.

I have felt harassed and humiliated by the individuals that spread misinformation and lies regarding topics based on the reality of issues or viewpoints I raise on my website. Opinions matter but should not be hacked, assumed or changed to promote false narratives against another person or promote negative judgments.

As an artist I don’t have to explain my forms of expression although as a leader one should. My comments in the live Orca forum were authentic and I was not dodging questions, my answer suggested voters investigate all sides before considering their choices. I stated where I stand, what I will protect and defend. Yet some individuals will turn my honesty into negativity and controversy.

It is unfortunate one has to face such a level of disrespect; it is very disappointing and hurtful that such a form of defamation and haste is among us on the local level. It’s worse than I thought when members of our community call me a facist to my face, such words are not only demeaning but have become politicized and often used fragrantely without knowing its true definition. It’s quite disturbing and simply prejudice. Discouraging and prohibiting diversity of opinion and political dissent is a form of discrimination.

These are some of the conduct violations that has triggered many people in our community:

a) that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, or is harmful to minors in any way;

c) that harasses, degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, age, or disability; or economic, housing, or immigration status

f) that includes personal or identifying information about another person without that person’s explicit consent;

g) that is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, misinformative, or constitutes “bait and switch.”

The author is a candidate for the Montpelier House seat.

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  1. The same thing happened in our Vergennes Forum with one of the local people badmouthing a great candidate in Addison because he was a Christian.
    People have really become ungodly.

  2. We are surrounded, not by mountains but by ignorant dems. Just look at the way the country is run by dems. I’m independent.

  3. Front Porch Forum disregarded my request to remove post, here’s my response:
    I’m a neighbor first, I have a family, And such harassment now concerns my families safety and well being, I understand that candidates and public figures may be subject to questions and scrutiny, but this is beyond asking questions or having an opinion, it has violated not one but 5 of the conduct codes and this should have been handled accordingly. I will go public showcasing the lack of ethics and lack of accountability this organization is demonstrating.
    If people who promote such hate and show such level of prejudice are not held accountable then how are we improving our society? and how is there any “equity” and social justice if such organizations don’t act ? Its hypocritical to what they say they represent. Like most of the liberal mainstream media.

  4. Front Porch Forum for DECADES now has discriminated against and outright banned conservatives from their disgraceful, biased online sites.
    It is merely just another propaganda-preaching, prejudicial, radical press functioning as a site where “neighbors” can meet other “neighbors”.

    NOTHING could be further from the truth. They are on a mission to spread socialism, anti-US, anti-republican, anti-Christian ideologies – they have banned me TWICE from two different locations in VT for my conservative views & personal perspectives.

    They function as does Twitter – silencing all those who do not agree with their extreme, “liberal world order” (as Joe Biden puts what we are being subjected to) orientations.

  5. Politics is not, and never has been, a mere social organization. Our first amendment free speech guarantees say nothing of being polite, friendly, or even accurate. As the saying goes, ‘if you want a friend in politics, get a dog….’ or a cat, or a hamster. Otherwise, take the opportunity to demonstrate why one candidate should be chosen over another.

    Of course, we could reinstate the practice of dueling, as with Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. But in today’s world we might run out of politicians. Now, there’s a thought. 😊

  6. As stated above, FPF is created by and governed by Leftist progressives. They cancel or refuse and conservative viewpoints that might criticize libs but are happy to allow libs constant criticism of conservatives/trump/ etc. etc…….

  7. Until Fraud Porch Forum can demonstrate that it can moderate its forums in an unbiased way, it should be immediately stripped of its privileged status as a Vermont Public Benefit Corporation.

    That such an elitist, clearly partisan organization was given this “public benefit” status at all, is a disgrace. Time to shut them down.

  8. Dox whomever is accusing you of some “ism,” make screen shots, and sue the krap outta them if they have any status worth suing.

  9. Front Porch Forum is an electronic cacophony of nasty leftist intolerance fostered by a man, Michael Wood-Lewis who is only too glad to facilitate it.

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