Letters: Heat pumps almost tripled power bill / Biden an aspiring global dictator / VT GOP nat’l committeeman criticized

Heat pump almost tripled electric bill, constituent of NEK senator says – Senator [NEK Republican Russ] Ingalls, thank you for your steadfastness in delaying the AHA bill.

My wife Mary Ann and I are Richford voters and your stance is especially important because we’ve tried the heat pump means of warming our home.

In the Spring and Fall seasons, the cost of warming with the pumps was tolerable but last heating season we attempted to heat our home with the pumps and in one month including just two days of subzero temps, the cost of electrical usage increased from $150 to $395 in a months time with Vermont Electric Coop.

My wife is teaching and I’m on Social Security disability and even with both incomes, we had to discontinue heating with the pumps and return to propane heat in the Winter months, on a $200 per month budget plan payment, much more affordable for us.

How on earth can anyone, especially the aged and disabled, afford to ever be able to heat their homes for these types of costs?

Those in support of AHA seem to have either a very limited understanding of the dire effects their AHA will cause to all Vermont home heaters, or it seems, they simply don’t care.

Your continued efforts in trying to enact feasible and caring moves resulting in a lowered carbon emissions means of keeping warm are greatly appreciated by your constituents. – Rod Sanborn, Richford 

It’s questionable…. that Biden’s support for Ukraine has anything at all to do with freedom.

If Joe Biden stood for freedom, he would not have tried to impose vaccine mandates. 

If Joe Biden stood for freedom, he and John McCain and Victoria Nuland would not have worked to overthrow a democratically-elected government in Ukraine in 2014, thereby sparking a civil war. 

If Joe Biden stood for freedom, he would’ve supported the Ukrainian separatists who wanted no part of the government full of Neo-Nazis that was installed in Kyiv. (“Article 1 (2) [of the UN Charter] establishes that one of the main purposes of the United Nations, and thus the Security Council, is to develop friendly international relations based on respect for the ‘principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.’”)

If Joe Biden stood for freedom, he would allow Europeans to do business with whomever they please, and he would not have given the order to blow up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, by which terrorist act he attacked 3 NATO allies (France, Germany, and the Netherlands), who now have every right to attack us back.

I think Joe Biden wants to be global dictator. Or the Neocons pulling his strings aspire to have their tentacles wrapped around the entire planet. I wonder, these days, if the unelected Victoria Nuland isn’t actually President, whispering incessantly in Joe Biden’s ear things like: “Turn left. Now smile. And read this.”

I fear that Joe Biden is another Alex Murdaugh—on a much bigger scale. Willing to utterly bankrupt this country and push the planet into full-blown WWIII, just to keep Congress from investigating son Hunter and Biden family corruption. (It wouldn’t at all surprise me if Zelensky is kicking back “10% for the big guy.”)

Our proxy war against Russia—that is escalating daily and now embroiling most of Europe—is all about maintaining and extending U.S. hegemonic control over the planet. And of course, the care and feeding of our voracious and rapacious military-industrial complex: Dumping old weapons, and testing and selling new weapons. And who cares if Ukraine gets destroyed? Because rebuilding the country is just another huge money-making opportunity for loads of people.

And do not be blind to the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy—“Russia-Gate”—was part of the lead up to this whole thing. When planning a war against another people or nation, the first step is always demonization. – Jacqueline Brook, Putney

GOP National Committeeman criticized – Jay Shepard was just on WVMT Morning Drive. He is the National GOP representative from the VTGOP. 

He said he would not vote for N.H. Governor Sununu if he runs for President because of Sununu’s Pro Choice stance. 

Ironic, because Mr. Shepard supported and campaigned for Ms. Nolan’s run for Senate. 

He wouldn’t vote for Sununu, but he stood proudly with Ms. Nolan who supported abortion thru the 2nd Trimester. ( less than 1% of all abortions are in the 3rd Trimester ) Mr. Shepard traveled all over VT. last cycle. Wearing a Nolan shirt and handing out cards for her. Ms. Nolan also said she would fight to codify Roe V Wade if she was elected. 

I can’t seem to find those in the VTGOP Platform. 

Seems Mr. Shepard doesn’t really care about the unborn, despite him telling me more than once he is Pro Life. 

Mr. Shepard told me on more than one occasion that I am ” Too Pure. ” Because I fight for every unborn Baby. 

He said it again today in his response when I called in to the show and asked him why he hasn’t spoken out against the 24 Transrepublicans that voted for H89. The bill that protects anyone who provides abortions and the sexual, chemical, physical and psychological destruction of children regardless of age. 

He said he knew who the caller was, he said I called him a Rino. No Mr. Shepard I have not. You are a Transrepublican. 

Just like VTGOP Chair Dame, Rules Committee Chair Koch and the two thirds of the VTGOP membership that voted down my Amendment which would have given members the vote to remove all financial support and endorsement from a candidate that violated the VTGOP Platform.  

Mr. Shepard said he hasn’t called out those who voted for H89 because he looks at what else those who voted for H89 bring to the table. 

Using Mr. Shepards logic, let’s look at what else they bring. 

They support the ” Big Tent ” agenda of Dame and Koch. 

” We need more Republicans in the Legislature. “

Well Mr. Shepard, your Big Tent got you Liam Madden. Madden screamed from the rooftops, ” I am not a Republican and because I won the Primary, there will be no Republican running for Congress. “

So Mr. Shepard, like I have said more times than I can count, the death of the Republican Party in VT is caused by the VTGOP. 

You still profess the Big Tent agenda and you still attack me and others for being ” too pure ” because we stand for the unborn and the children. 

I am far from ” too pure. ” But I stand for what I believe. 

Killing Babies in the Womb and destroying children’s lives will always be something I fight against. 

Phil Scott, Joe Benning, Corey Parent, the 24 Transrepublicans and anyone that supports these people have betrayed the VTGOP and every Conservative Vermonter. 

Because of this, the marxists in Montpelier gained even more seats this last election cycle.Looks like your Big Tent is filling up, just not with Conservatives. – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction

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  1. Thanks Jim Sexton. Would like to hear a response from the Vermont’s Committeeman. Hopefully your day will come. Bob Orleck

  2. Jim, there are some in the Republican wing of the Vermont Republican Party. What’s the difference between a VT Republican and a VT Democrat? ( )

    • There are some what in the Republican Party Mike ?
      Let me explain why I call those who have ignored and betrayed the VTGOP Platform Transrepublicans.
      For years I have called on Phil Scott to make it official and get out of the Republican Party. Scott has proven in a multitude of ways he is not a Republican. I can’t possibly list them all here, but he has supported planned parenthood with Millions of Vermonters tax dollars, but never gave a Cent to any Pro Life Organization. He has participated in writing illegal and unconstitutional Gun Laws. He shut down businesses and Churches but kept VT Liquor Stores and planned parenthood open throughout the plandemic. He pushed masks and jabs on people who had less than a 1% chance of dying from the China Flu. He can’t define the word Woman. I could go on for hours……… I’ll repeat my call, Get out of the Republican Party Scott. Pull a Jeffords and make it official.

      The pinnacle of Transrepublican. Add in the fact he supports Prop 5/Article 22 and Biden. He doesn’t support protecting any Students, Faculty or schools in VT though. Despite the recent round of threats.
      And You Aren’t Essential. ( But every State Government employee was )

      Benning, Parent and the 24 VT State Reps that voted for Prop 5/Artilcle 22 and now H89 are all Transrepublicans. Total betrayal of the VTGOP Platform and every Conservative Vermonter.
      Mr. Shepard’s statement that he would not vote for Sununu because of Sununu’s Pro Choice stance. He worked with and supported Ms. Nolan who supported abortion thru the 2nd Trimester and would have fought to codify Roe V Wade earn him the title of Transrepublican. I call out Dame, Koch and the other two thirds of the VTGOP for supporting all of this.

      Here’s the difference between a RINO and a Transrepublican in my opinion ;
      A Rino pretends to be a Conservative until they vote on something that is against Conservative values.
      A Transrepublican votes with the marxists and then sticks their middle finger in your face. Openly betraying Conservative values and joining the marxists.
      Then blaming Pro Life Constitutional Vermonters for calling them out.

      Then they cry ” We have to stop attacking other Republicans. ” and ” We need a Big Tent. ” Their Big Tent agenda got more Republicans removed from the Legislature and more marxists installed.

      I’m not attacking Republicans, I point out who has abandoned and betrayed the Republican Platform and joined the marxists in the Legislature.

      And lastly you ask what is the difference between a VT Republican and a VT Democrat ?
      The Democrat tells you openly how they will destroy Babies, Children, the Economy and make your life hell trying to survive their agenda.
      VT Republicans smile to your face and shake your hand while stabbing you and your family in the back. And then voting with the marxists.

      • Well said!! I couldn’t agree more Jim. It amazes that A LOT of people praise Bernie, Scott and Welch “for all they have done for Vermont”. Really?! Like what?
        S.5 will most likely pass unfortunately and people on a fixed income (which are many in Vermont) will no longer be able to stay afloat. Vermont State needs a complete overhaul, just like the rest of the nation and world.

        I asked my town clerk in Wallingford if there was a list of names of people running. No, no list. I was told that I could write in any name, as long as the person was a registered voter. Hmmm. That CAN’T be right, can it?

  3. The heat pump increase in electricity usage, and the subsequent increase in your bill, is the biggest con of this entire “Affordable” Heat Act. During the height of the Enron Scandal, then Gov. Dean specifically named my “green,” electric utility as THE most expensive in the nation. It certainly hasn’t gotten cheaper since then. I can’t imagine how much that heating with an electric heat pump would cost. I’m glad I can heat my home with renewable, carbon neutral (LOL) wood, but many folks aren’t so fortunate. Electric is not even remotely a solution to the proposed problems, and I’m starting to think it’s all just corrupt, greasy palms in the Statehouse, because the alternative is that these politicians are complete and utter imbeciles.

  4. climate change folks do not want to admit that heat pumps are not a good fit for cold Vermont winter. if you get one you will hope for warming

  5. I like Jacqueline Brook’s report, I can vouch for its accuracy except in the case of one glaring omission. It’s not just Biden and his neocon advisors that are going forward with the insane Ukraine war but THE WHOLE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT OF THE STATE OF VERMONT

  6. In our Wallingford Town Newsletter there will be a fundraiser for Ukraine!! WTH!? How about a fundraiser for seniors or low income Vermonter’s that are on a fixed budget? I wonder how many people will attend. I will NOT be there.

  7. Thanks Rod Sanborn we also installed heat pumps and used a contractor listed in INEFFICIENCY VERMONT. We had them installed 2 1/2 years ago and used them the first winter for a couple of months until we received our electricity bills. We live in Enosburg Falls so we also have extremely cold weather during winter months. We now only use them in the spring & summer shoulder temperature season. They work well during the summer ac season. We now rely on our natural gas boiler along with a pellet stove in the cellar. We burned wood for 38 years prior. Wouldn’t recommend anyone install heat pumps as primary heat in Vermont

  8. We live in Proctor. Installed heat pumps in our home last spring. This winter we found them to cost substantially less than oil heat, and a little less than our pellet stove. No problem with heating our home even when it went below zero. We did turn the oil heat on for about 48 hours when the temperatures dropped to 20 below, but even then the heat pumps were producing hot air. We have Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Units. Also had a full energy update to our home a few years earlier. It really matters what units you purchase and your home must be well insulated or you will not get good results. Very happy with our purchase.

    • Same positive experience. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat combined with insulation/air-sealing is the way to go. Got off oil which had much higher bill than my electric now. Didn’t have a/c and that is basically free now. Absolutely no problem heating in winter but good to have a wood stove backup. Anyone having problems needs to look at the whole picture and not just blame a technology that does work when used appropriately.

  9. I got suckered into installing a heat pump a few years ago and have the same experience. High electric bills and useless in the winter. To top it off, I almost got scammed for expensive repair and parts when all it needed was tightening connections to stop a leak. It was only 3 years old, so I got a second opinion.

  10. I, too, have heat pumps which I cannot use during the winter months (anything under 17 degrees) because of shocking electric bills. Thank you for speaking up about this issue. There cannot be a one-size-fits-all requirement when the technologies have inconsistent success in actual usage, and cost so much to install and/or replace. And, when one– just one!– part broke, I couldn’t even use the system for the six months it took to get the replacement part unless I climbed up onto a ladder to fuss with the unit manually every day, which I hesitated to do. My heat pumps and their parts come from Asia– do any come from the US?– so they have to come from Asia. This important detail needs to be considered.