Opinion: VPA booting Mid-Vermont Christian School ‘reprehensible’

Reprehensible, authoritarian, predictable – the action of the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA) booting Mid Vermont Christian School from all future sporting events is reprehensible.  It was also predictable, given VPA’s despisal of the “traditional” (i.e. biblical) definition of gender.  There are two, in case you’re wondering.  The authoritarianism of VPA’s manner is also striking, as they apparently threw down their decision from on high without any attempt to dialogue with MVCS.  

How should you respond, MVCS board?  As Christians, I hope you will respectfully appeal the VPA’s decision, going the extra mile which the VPA so far has refused to take.  Be conciliatory and reasonable, and seek for common interests.  Speak the truth in love, and “make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame” (1 Pet. 3:15-16).  

As American citizens, argue on the basis of the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty—which the VPA’s actions have so blatantly denied.  A lawsuit may be in order.  And while you’re at it, demonstrate love even to those who oppose you, “letting your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).  

To sum it up, God calls you to serve him as “ambassadors for Christ” in all things (2 Cor. 5:20).  What a great opportunity to teach MVCS student how to do this by your own example of faithfulness! – Andrew H. Selle, Essex Junction

Forewarned is forearmed – Gordon Chang wrote….. “The world needs to look at what the Chinese leadership is in fact doing. Xi Jinping appointed what is now known as his “war cabinet” in October, at the Communist Party’s 20th National Congress; he is implementing the largest military buildup since the Second World War; he has been trying to sanctions-proof his regime; and he is mobilizing the civilian population for war. Communist Party cadres, for example, are taking over privately owned factories and converting them from civilian to military production.

“In the latest move, China’s regime is establishing National Defense Mobilization Offices across the country. The Reservists Law went into effect the first of this month.” – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

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  1. Everyone of the Members of the BPA should be terminated immediately for discrimination against religion. That is also illegal in this crap Liberal state. I’m ashamed to tell anyone I was born and raised in Vt. Also why I’m selling my house amd moving out of it.
    And then they wonder why people have so much hate and animosity against the Alphabet people.
    Good to know that not a one of them Board members will going o heaven.
    God will take care of them all.

  2. National alt-news agencies are picking up this story. The heavy-handed VPA decision being reported after what happened in Randolph is getting even more national attention and scrutiny. Also, the fact that the “woke” behemouths FTX, SVB, Signature Bank, et al. have vaporized billions of dollars. The Biden “woke” administration imploding and lost in the ether. Fear not – the Pride beforeth the fall is happening in grand fashion. I am sorry for the younger people who will bear the brunt and shoulder much of the burden in the fallout. Yet, they are waking up in droves and matrix is breaking – the liars and their lies are being exposed. All glory to God – the shifting and shaking is here.

    • I do not support either side of this issue. What I support is rational thinking and those in power no matter who they are never have it. The woke humans are telling us if you don’t like your gender just change your name and get an operation. The religious humans say don’t worry the invisible guy in the sky is coming soon to fix everything. When a culture is reduced to just fighting no building up takes place only a hollowing out from within.

  3. There was a time when religion ruled the world, it was called the dark ages. It seems some people want to go back to it. Frightening.

    • Must be you are much happier with Satan’s Pawns doing his work. These people are evil. The Constitution does protect this School, but the State Attorney’s and Judges are compromised.
      I missed the part where Christians and Religion were trying to rule the World, but it is apparent evil is trying to. The destruction of the unborn, the sexual mutilation of children and genetic males in Female sports, bathrooms and locker rooms.
      The destruction of Women and Girls is the agenda of the marxists.
      The lies are being exposed.

      • I think the Romans had a lot to do with the dark ages being so “dark.” Perhaps they didn’t recognize climate change and failed to harness the sun and wind efficiently for their needs. Therefore, they crumbled and the British Crown took over from there…nothing new under the sun. Even then, people boxed Christians into religious doctrine. All thanks to elders, priests, and scribes. The USA was a bold experiment, made in covent with God, and that is why it is infiltrated and attacked from within for over 100 years.

    • Yes Craig, fear those horrible religious people. Seems like now the dark ages are upon us all again, only this time it is the religious climate cult, the Tech giants like Fakebook, Google, Instagram and more. The corporate owned and left wing media lies and censorship dumbing down those foolish enough to believe their garbage. A president who has decided to be a dictator to strip Americans of their rights and persecute those who protect children from the trans industry of gender transitioning lies and the mutilation of minors. And a march toward World War III by supporting the most corrupt country in Europe to hide the truth about Bio-labs creating deadly viruses and the dark money kickbacks to the Big Guy and his family. We do have lots to worry about. But those Christians you are so afraid of may save your a$$ one day by exposing the evil all around us as we sit by and complain about the wrong source of our Dark Ages that history will record. In the information age, the masses have reach the pinnacle of ignorance and humanity will suffer for lack of the truth.

      • I guess they were enlightened because they believed the earth was flat and they invented torture devices for killing demon controlled people. The Spanish Inquisition? What history text book have you been reading? The Bible? But that’s full of murder and mayhem also along with a bunch of other nasties.

      • Flat earth? Torture devices? Spanish Inquisition? Bible full of murder and mayhem? I thought bundles were reserved for cable companies. Yet, I do see the effectiveness of meanstream [sic] media and political talking heads twisting facts around like pretzels, hence, pretzel logic is the fog they want people contained in. All mentioned above are the works of man. The twisted logic of the fake authorities, such as VPA, is an overreach control tactic that will likely blow up in their faces – at taxpayer expense no less. It is discrimination. It is unwarranted. The government or any other group has no right or authority forcing children to deal with adult issues. The perverted sickness of exposing children and forcing them into such madness is beyond the pale – no matter what side you are on. Leave the kids alone!

    • Taking 1700 years of history and tossing in a few benighted moments is building a straw man. Summarizing the Bible that way is just as ridiculous.

      Agriculture developed, cultures engaged, education exploded because, wait for it, the Bible was printed and literacy went through the roof. Science is a decidedly Christian pursuit begun in monasteries based in the bellied the universe is ordered and trustworthy because its Creator is. Architecture expanded, as did art. Writing, poetry, philosophy all grew during the so-called “dark ages”.

      The Bible is entirely about a person who heals, teaches love, forgiveness, sacrifice, leadership, hard work, and that God is good and worth knowing. The ugly parts are a reflection of man’s ugliness, not God’s.

      Try again.

    • I agree Scott, when did you file a lawsuit and against who ?
      Or is it up to other people ?

  4. This is so wrong on so many levels! I hope their will be justice and I hope it comes swiftly as your’e woke agenda implodes! This state will have a reckoning.

  5. Nice job suppressing freedom of thought and speech, VPA. And, great job behaving with sanctimony, Jay Nichols. Any reasonable person can think of at least five things you could have done in response to this situation, which would have been constructive and helpful. Instead, from within your self-absorbed bubble, you have chosen, Gestapo-like, to slam Mid-Vermont Christian into the ground. You have: harmed students – not only Mid-Vermont Christian, but all Vermont kids; modeled a “slam” response to an important issue rather than more constructive, growth-oriented one(s); discriminated on the basis of religion; dismissively responded to inquiring media and interested citizenry with the back of your hand. One more thing you have done: shown conclusively that a gigantic common sense roto-rooter is needed for the VPA organization. Vermont school boards and taxpayers wake up! Through your local school budgets you are paying (in the aggregate) hundred of thousands of dollars for the operation of this sham organization.

    • Shortly after the lock-down, I noticed a couple of Chinese women showing up at rallies/gatherings at the State House; taking photos/reporting for the Rutland Herald. The older one could barely speak English. It gave me the creeps. Around the same time, I spotted a Chinese guy at Shaws who was doing everything to get people to use the auto-check-out. I think there’s a lot of outside money coming into Vermont; paying off judges, politicians, town managers, school board members, etc. Clif High refers to them as WEFers.

      • Buddy, if you were to spend 24 hours a day on here 7 days a week you still wouldn’t get close to addressing half the crazy talk. Why pick on one in such a target-rich field?

  6. Their decision aligns with the anti Christian, Critical Race Theory that has infected ALL Vermont public schools. Disgusting. Where are the mothers and fathers of girls here? Why are people not speaking up? When the male soccer player tackles their daughter and breaks her leg, then they’ll get interested. Disgusting disservice to women everywhere and Democrats pretend it’s just.

  7. Let’s get practical here. MVC could put a husky male bruiser on the girls team to defend against an opponent’s trans player. Not fair to one girl on the bench, but it’s better than all five girls on the bench, or the bus.
    What objection would the opponent’s team have? They have a biological male on the floor, MVC has a biological male on the floor. Is there a problem here?

  8. So many great reasons to homeschool your children. This mess is another one.