Letters: The Supreme Court is…Abby-something?

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Supreme Court abnormal? – This well written article by Leesa Donner in “Liberty Nation” rang a chord with me: What is a Normal US Supreme Court? – Liberty Nation. I have penned some thoughts about it below. 

It is comically sad that the least “normal” president in American history is the one to question the “normalcy” of the Supreme Court. 

Using the same manner of analysis of the malleable historic events that could have gone one way or the other, a judgement on the “normalcy” of the president could result. Over the past three years the United States has lost its way, tripped, and fallen many times, misinformed and damaged its citizens in ways that are beyond belief. 

The message is one that “normal” people see as crazy, incoherent, and uncaring. Considering the state of mind and the actions of our president, based on the Donner analysis, Mr. Biden is a normal president. How sad is that? Just imagine the condition of the world if a “normal” Donald Trump were president instead. – Robert Orleck

Affirmative Action Axed for Merit – What provoked the Affirmative Action ruling of the Supreme Court?  It was the admission policy of some of our elite colleges which required Asian Americans to score 140 points higher on their SAT, 270 points higher than Hispanics and 450 points higher than black students for acceptance. 

Why are Asian-American’s excelling?  They comprise 4% of the population yet more over the age of 25 have bachelor and advanced degrees than any other race or ethnic group.  Contrary to the no-homework practice in public schools today, the school bell does not end the school day for Asian-American students.  Their parents assume the role of educator after school and oversee homework assignments.  They focus on positive reinforcement for a job well done whereas other parents today are oblivious to schooling or concentrate on preserving students’ self-esteem.  Asian-American students perform better because their parents expect they will.

President Biden believes the SCOTUS’ decision to end discrimination is wrong.  Congressional Democrats are exhibiting hysteria calling the decision a roadblock towards social justice.  It was not!  It should be a call for better education outcomes.  Any admissions in our culture should be based on merit as Martin Luther King preached not the color of one’s skin.  The sooner we abandon race/ethnic labels and threat everyone as Americans and equal the better our nation will be. – Frank Mazur, S. Burlington

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  1. The ballyhoo erupting from the Supreme Court decisions shows how many have no clue what the role of the court is and what it is supposed to represent. It also shows the ignorance of what the U.S. Constitution says and means. The loudest decriers are the ones who want to subvert and pollute the rule of law against the People. The enemy has corrupted the legislatures, Congress, many court houses, and the White House. The last leg of the wobbling table is the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court falls to tyranny, the United States is no longer. Not all can agree with all decisions laid down by the court. Unfortunately, the court is used as a weapon for political theater and partisanship, which it is not supposed be at all. Hoping justice and law will return to being neutral and balanced for all – not the loudest, most corrupted, and the most self-serving among us.

  2. Hey Igor ! Wasn’t your hump on the other…. never mind . That would explain an awful lot if Biden’s brain was indeed one stolen from an experiment gone awry . Unfortunately I don’t believe that is the case. Our President is an example of an individual of a limited mental capacity being guided through life by unscrupulous handlers. (a useful idiot)

  3. If they decide, then it can be overturned so time in the future.

    The flip flops has been going on for over a century.

    Example: In 1875 Congress PASSED the very first Civil Rights Act. (Yes, 1875) Which prohibited segregation on public transportation and in public places. The Supreme Court, you so bemoan or praise, NULLIFIED it in 1883. So much for “laws” by the people. Then in 1896 we got “separate but equal” doctrine from the same court. Which let people segregate in transportation and schools and other “areas”, “for the states to decide”. A complete reversal of those “laws ” we the people actually passed, but THEY said was unconstitutional. Based on today, were they, really?
    Who are you people fooling.

    This court, like pretty much all of them, is for “not us” They just legitimize the bad behavior of any and all Government activity as well as corporations. Every once in a while they do some small pittance for we the people, but mostly it is about jerking us around. Remember in the Trump stuff that was sent to them they used stuff like lack of standing , and other garbage to not even see any evidence, and of course what about Brunson? No, People need to calm down and see them for what they are.