Your letters: Control adrenaline is flowing steadily / ‘Woke’ decline / Cannabis control board overwhelmed

‘Common sense’ is code for confiscation – In this week’s Herald of Randolph, a letter from Sen ClarksonD-Windsor County, expounds upon the recent passage of the Gun Control Bill, H-230. Sen Clarkson states that this piece of work “is good effort to stifle suicides”. That quote is highly questionable according to statistics with facts and figures zeroing on that subject. 

What is certain, however, the majority players (D/Prog) are frequently prone to use phrases such as “Common Sense Legislation”, and in this case “Good Effort” along with others from time to time, are all double speak and code words for confiscation, the crowning goal of these people. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, because that is the truth. 

The control adrenaline is flowing steadily, and will until their goal is reached. They cannot stand to have the freedoms existing as guaranteed by the VT Constitution, Art 16 specifically and the U S 2nd Amendment. 

The quickest solution to curtailing the continuous hammering by these people, is to simply vote them out of office. In Rutland County, we are indeed fortunate that a majority of our legislators really and truly are representing the people, although there are some who have not seen the light. 

The state is at a crossroads, the groundwork for voting these lefties OUT needs to start now, because if we lose our rights under the above mentioned Constitutional guarantees, it is over in VT. – James B Hall, Center Rutland 

‘Woke’ decline of American society – The woke culture has taken over our country. It is destroying our traditions and challenging our moral values. To many, it’s exhibiting sheer madness promoted by the press, Democrats/Progressives, and our education establishment. 

Non-punishment of criminal behavior and the failure to enforce immigration laws is highlighted daily on the news. Legalizing and encouraging marijuana and gambling is a gateway to more harmful consequences. Taxpayer entitlements for refusing to look for work undermines worker self-esteem and contributions to our society. 

Abortion is an emotional and morally dividing issue. Allowing abortion up till birth for any reason is illogical yet advocates promote this action without shame. Society is also accepting degrading behavior in public places and accepting transexuals as normal. These new behavior standards affect the very morals of our country. 

Attacking Catholics and Jews and passing judgement without due process is an affront to our basic constitutional freedoms. Acceptance and funding of failed public schools where many students lack basic reading and math skills but are exposed to diversity, inclusion and equity standards dumbs down our culture.  Gender changing acceptance in women sports is defying naturel law and using drag performers for military recruitment makes a mockery of our military readiness. 

These are some examples showing the decline of American society where traditions are compromised. Speak up and support political candidates who oppose these woke changes and pray for our country. We get what we accept. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington 

Annual renewal requirement has overwhelmed Cannabis Control Board – The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) requires a doctor to fill out a form every 24 months to renew a medical marijuana card. However, CCB requires card holders to apply for renewal every 12 months pay a $50 fee every 12 months. 

The requirement to renew every 12 months seems unnecessary, as medical certification is only required every 24 months.  

In any event, the requirement for annual renewal has overwhelmed CCB. They refuse to reply to email and voice mail from renewal applicants. This is a written policy. 

Anecdotally, I have heard of a number of individuals who applied for renewal >30 days before expiration of their cards, and months later, they are unable to receive a response from anyone. 

Because of Vermont law, recreational/ retail stores are unable to sell edible cannabis products in the doses/ prices that medical marijuana stores provide. 

I sent e-mails to my two Vermont representatives and three state senators (at their state of Vermont e mail address) a week ago about the policy, and did not receive a reply.  

I am uncertain if the legislature required renewal every 12 months, or if CCB bureaucrats created that rule.  

The State of Vermont has created unnecessary paperwork, then overwhelmed its limited number of bureaucrats. If the CCB only required renewal every 24 months (when the medical recertification is required), it would have half as many renewal applications, and the bureaucrats would not be so overwhelmed. – Patrick McGarry 

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