Letters: Save Pitawbagw/ Proven right about Act 250/ GOP leaders support immorality

New York Times gets it wrong – Hey, New York Times and Kristina Samulewski, behind the carefully choreographed image you portray of boutique farms in “36 Hours in Burlington, Vermont,” our industrial Vermont Agency of Agriculture bulldozes our rivers and poisons our floodplains. And, the only thing truly “overflowing” on Pine Street is human sewage, unless you count, which Burlington Electric conveniently does not, its biomass emissions. Our faux green image, scripted by trickle-down sociopaths, comes at great expense to all living beings downstream.

Please stop contributing to our ecological collapse. Pitawbagw [Abenaki word for Lake Champlain] long ago exceeded her carrying capacity.

Please, instead, help us expel the exploiters and cleanse what you rightly identify as a “spectacular temple.” – James Ehlers

Attacked over Act 250 housing impact years ago, now proven right – 20 to 30 years ago, many of us raised hell about Act 200 and Act 250! We were attacked, but time has proven that we were right. Not enough affordable housing! Every level of housing now more expensive, less available. 

We were jeered, attacked, smeared viciously. Now I humbly report that our shortage of any housing, and lack of anything affordable, is Vermont’s’ largest challenge. Citizens for Property Rights and Property Owners, stand together. – Doug Richmond, Underhill

Not just Vermont left supporting unconstitutional, immoral laws – Vermont is in a free fall towards marxism. The unconstitutional, illegal and immoral laws put forth and passed by the far left zombies who all march in lockstep have put our children, grandchildren and our Constitution at great risk.

Now Lt. Governor Zuckerman, six VT State Senators and eleven VT State Representatives are trying to circumvent the judicial branch of Government by calling for more justices to be added to the Supreme Court. 

Their agenda is shouted, no longer do they hide their hate for America. Destroy babies in the womb, sexually molest and destroy the reproductive capability of children, ignore the Constitutions of Vermont and America and let criminals have free reign. 

But it isn’t just the left who support these things. The VTGOP also supports them, in fact VTGOP Chair Paul Dame brags about Phil Scott being the most popular Governor in America. What Dame won’t tell you is that Scott gets 60 – 70% of his votes from Democrats. Scott can’t define the word Woman, but he gives millions of Vermonters tax dollars to Planned Parenthood while calling you non-essential. 

Chairman Dame, Rules Committee Chair Tom Koch and National Committeeman Jay Shepard all support the twenty four VT State transrepublican Representatives that voted for H89. Scott, Joe Benning and Corey Parent also support H89, the law that gives the “State” the right to take your children and grandchildren to sexually, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy them and the possibility for them to ever reproduce. In addition, it makes it a crime for any Parent or Health Care provider to try and prevent this mutilation while protecting those who do harm the children. 

Dame and Koch created the Big Tent ideology that gave Vermont Conservatives Liam Madden. 

Madden openly bragged that he was not a Republican. It also gave them Jarrod Sammis, who switched to the Libertarian Party. 

Vermont Conservatives lost representation in the Statehouse in November last year. Now the VTGOP is in the process of reorganizing. If you don’t care about the children or our state none of this matters. If you do, get involved and step up for people who value our children, the Constitution and the rule of law. – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction

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  1. This message is in response to Jim Sexton’s letter accusing myself and Corey Parent of supporting H.89. Mr. Sexton, H.89 was introduced this past spring. Neither Corey Parent or I were in the legislature this past spring. Near as I can tell, neither one of us has made any comments on that legislation anywhere. In my case, I was completely unaware of this bill until I read your letter. It would be most appreciated if you’d get your facts straight.

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