Letters: U.S. as we know it is dead/ Obama ‘birthers,’ take note

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Davos values overwhelming American ideals – A John Solomon interview this morning revealed a recent released document showed there was a marine sniper at the Afghan airport who had the terrorist bomber that killed 13 US soldiers in his sights but not given permission to shot.  If true, and think Solomon is very credible, this is a serious offense, and that people should be court marshaled and relieved of duty. This also explains why there was reluctance by the Administration to release documents of that event.

The US as we knew it is dead.  Everything is changing….values, morals justice, freedoms and liberty.  Davos values are slowly taking over, promoting woke, white supremacy, increased government control, one world government and digital currency.  Frightening that even some world leaders are singing this tune along with Soros and Gates.  We can thank Obama for fundamentally changing our country and we’ve all been complicit in letting the Democrats follow suit and letting it happen.  Only hope is the 2024 election that can change direction with our vote.

We’re now in the 2024 election cycle.  This one will be the worst this country has ever experienced.  Democrats have vowed to prevent a Trump election and will try everything to achieve that objective.  Bongino and Carlson have both indicated the last straw will be assassination…..and odds are certainly growing as the last alternative.  Expect turmoil and dirty tricks to be standard operating acts during this election cycle….I just hope violence doesn’t become the norm and that another pandemic scare will be called to enable vote stuffing to override our voting intent.  The recent findings in Michigan could be the tip of the iceberg. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Hey birthers, Trump has his own Constitutional problem – Remember the ‘birther movement’ financed in part by Donald Trump?  Its premise was Barack Obama was disqualified from being president because of the U.S. Constitution’s ‘natural born citizen’ requirement.   Given the growing concern Mr. Trump himself may be disqualified under the Constitution’s ‘engaged in insurrection or rebellion’ clause, is it too soon to observe, what goes round comes round? – Dave Searles, Rutland   

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  1. “A right-wing journalist is insisting that his choppy, strange-sounding 17-minute long interview with former President Donald Trump was real amid speculation that the person on the other end of the line was a prank caller who disguised his voice using artificial intelligence.

    John Solomon, a former Fox News contributor who was involved in Trump’s efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden that led to his first impeachment, posted the lengthy interview he and host Amanda Head did with the former president on social media late Thursday.

    In the post from the far-right Real America’s Voice, which features a tape of the call with Trump aired over stock images, the audio is glitchy and Trump’s voice sounds odd, and in some spots it sounds artificial.

    But dozens of comments to his post question the former president’s voice in the recording. “Haha, you and a discussion with an AI,” one person responded on X.
    The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment, but Trump posted a link to the interview with a comment about “Crooked Joe Biden” on Truth Social early Friday.

    Compounding the confusion, The Daily Beast initially reported the story attributing comments from a text exchange with the owner of Real America’s Voice, Robert Sigg saying that he was investigating whether the call was a prank and criticizing network staffers.”

  2. Like I said previously, you are a leftist, with no about geopolitical issues. Many whistleblowers have come forward to report the Biden corruption relative to Ukraine and the Barisma deal. Emails were even supplied by a partner of Biden’s son proving the corruption. The name of this individual was Tony Babilinski. I have no doubt that you didn’t bother to watch the interview or look at the evidence.

  3. You have repeatedly questioned my credentials, knowledge and honesty rather than responding to facts. You like to ‘label’ people and dismiss them. You have no clue as to my education, degrees, certifications, life experiences but rather than address issues you use labels as an argument. Who else do you label and disparage? I have watched the interview. Corruption?
    “Back in April, The New York Times reported that Jared Kushner’s four years of Saudi ass-kissing and murder-excusing had paid off in the form of a $2 billion investment from the kingdom‘s sovereign wealth fund to his newly formed private equity firm. That struck a lot of people—ethics officials among them—as pretty shady given that far from having impressed would-be clients with his investing prowess, the panel that performs due diligence for the Saudi fund concluded that no one in their right mind would give the former first son-in-law a dime. Among other concerns, the panel noted that management was “inexperience[d],” that the kingdom would be responsible for “the bulk of the investment and risk,” that its fee seemed “excessive,” and that the firm’s operations were “unsatisfactory in all aspects.” Given those reservations, it warned that the country’s Public Investment Fund should stay far, far away from Kushner’s firm—a recommendation that was overturned by the fund’s board, which happens to be led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, i.e., the guy who approved a plan to kidnap, kill, and dismember a journalist via bone saw and benefited from Kushner’s unwavering support within the White House and reported insistence that the prince could “survive the outrage just as he [had] weathered past criticism.” (Again, just so it‘s abundantly clear, the “outrage” and “criticism” were over a Saudi dissident and U.S. resident being chopped up into pieces.) So, it wasn’t that difficult for people to put two and two together and infer that Kushner’s firm seemingly got $2 billion to invest—and at least $25 million to pocket regardless of performance!—as a thank-you for being so good to a human rights-abusing autocrat. And a new story from the Times suggests, somehow, even further shadiness than that. The paper’s Kate Kelly and David Kirkpatrick report that “shortly before the 2020 election,” Kushner unveiled a government-sponsored program dubbed the Abraham Fund, which the Trump administration said would raise $3 billion for projects around the Middle East, capitalizing on the Abraham Accords, the diplomatic agreements normalizing relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. As part of that endeavor, Kushner and then Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin “crisscrossed the Middle East in the final months of the administration on trips that included trying to raise money for the project.” But according to the Times:

    It was little more than talk: With no accounts, employees, income or projects, the fund vanished when Mr. Trump left office…. [The fund] was overseen by Adam Boehler, at the time the head of a newly formed development finance agency and a college roommate of Mr. Kushner’s. Mr. Boehler joined Mr. Mnuchin on his Gulf visit in October and accompanied Mr. Kushner to Qatar and Saudi Arabia in December. Officials said the fund would invest in poorer countries that joined the accords, and its first projects were said to include upgrading checkpoints into Israel from the Palestinian territories and building a gas pipeline between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Neither project went anywhere. Nor did the efforts to enlist Gulf money.

    In January last year, Mr. Boehler announced the only publicly disclosed investment in the Abraham Fund: a “commitment of up to $50 million” from Uzbekistan, a relatively low-income country. Uzbek officials said at the time that they sought to reduce poverty and foster regional cooperation. Long criticized for human rights abuses, Uzbekistan had begun a lobbying push in Washington to improve its image after a leadership change; its new president also gave Mr. Trump a $2,950 silver replica of a historic building and his wife a $4,200 bed cover. But no money for the short-lived Abraham Fund was ever delivered. Yet while the countries (and the people who live there) that were supposedly going to benefit from the Abraham Fund never saw any money materialize, Kushner and Mnuchin would soon be raking in the cash. As the Times notes, Mnuchin’s newly formed commercial enterprise “received $500 million commitments from the Emiratis, Kuwaitis and Qataris,” plus $1 billion from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, within a few short months of his time at the Treasury Department ending. And while Kushner took slightly longer to get things off the ground, his new firm “reached an agreement for a $2 billion investment from the Saudis six months after he left government.” …an examination of the two men’s travels toward the end of the Trump presidency raises other questions about whether they sought to exploit official relationships with foreign leaders for private business interests. In the weeks after the election, Mr. Kushner made three trips to the Middle East, the last for a Jan. 5 summit in Saudi Arabia with leaders of the Gulf monarchies. Mr. Mnuchin that day began a tour through the region that was planned to include private meetings with the heads of the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait—all future investors.The path from public service to private investing is well trod by members of both parties. The two Treasury secretaries under President Barack Obama later went to Wall Street. But Mr. Kushner and Mr. Mnuchin stand out, ethics experts said, for the speed of their pivots and for the sums they raised from foreign rulers they had recently dealt with on behalf of the United States…. Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis who studies government ethics, said each fund raised different issues. For Mr. Kushner, she said, “the reason this smells so bad is that there is all sorts of evidence he did not receive this on the merits.” But for Mr. Mnuchin, who was a successful investor before entering government, the biggest question is whether he was burnishing relationships as Treasury secretary that he knew would be useful to him in the near future, Ms. Clark said. “If he was, that is an abuse of his office,” she said. “I don’t know if it is criminal, but it is certainly corrupt.”
    Matt. 7 Verses 3 to 5 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  4. Barack Hussein Obama:
    Groomed/Trained/Hired by devoted followers of Saul Alinsky; author: Rules For Radicals.
    A died-in-the-wool Communist & an anarchist when need be.
    A traitor to this Constitutional Republic.
    Homosexual/Bisexual (automatically anointing him a savior of the left)
    A puppet master of the flailing Joe Biden.
    A Muslim; never the self-professed “Christian” he was forced to identify as.

    Needed: US Code Title 18 for treason.

    Oh, and “Retired Nurse” ….precisely WHAT are your numbered & impressive “qualifications” that render your radicalized rants anything that anyone with even mere common sense wouldn’t find abhorrent and unconvincing and pure political propaganda? But since you tout your illustrious, though still unarticulated accomplishments, what precisely is your proper name? Where did you receive your education? What are your degree(s)? What “certifications” do you refer to? At what institutions were you employed as a nurse? What professional organizations did/do you belong to? Insofar as “life experiences”, each of us have been bestowed with those – with the only exception being the developing babies in the womb whose innocent lives are brutally ended by those such as you & your factions who falsely believe that murder & extermination of burgeoning life are somehow inherent “rights” under the Constitution of the US – of which they certainly are not; nor are they your inherent rights under the Kingdom of God.

    As far as the rest of your recurrent blather, it falls on deaf ears to all of us – the majority of the US populace who stand for our Anthem, kneel to our Creator, and will oppose any & every attempt to destroy this nation, its founding principles, its allegiance to God & to freedom of faith, and to its unalterable Constitution.

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