Baker: So you think all we have to do is vote out the Democrats/Progressives?

by Pam Baker

That’s not going to happen here in Vermont.  Firstly, the voting process is compromised.  Anyone with half a brain understands that mail in voting was the demise of fair and honest voting.  Anything less than a “chain of custody” type process, along the order of a “police evidence” process, is necessary to ensure a fair and honest election.  Not going to happen. 

Secondly, everyone feels like, “what’s the use”. We are outnumbered and outpowered.  According to the Pew Research Center, Vermont has 4% Republican voters and 88% Democrat voters.  Getting this data is almost impossible and only a best guess.  

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say those that consider themselves conservative or Republican, including myself, are behind enemy lines.  We are in hostile territory.  Doesn’t mean our neighbors, friends, coworkers and such are our enemies per se.  But there a quite a few that view anyone who claims to be conservative or Republican as “deplorable” or the destructors of our democracy.  

Let me share a little story with you.  Had coffee with a good friend the other day. Her views are along the lines of my own.  We are more conservative than not, but closer to the “center”.  We are Independents.  She belongs to group of folks who had met for a set period of time for a specific purpose but when that ended, they found they wanted to continue meeting, as they had developed an important bond.  She’s been meeting with them for over a year.  When the conversation turns towards politics, she stays mum, for the most part.  What she discovered is that all the other participants, less than 15 folks, feel that our “democracy” is in jeopardy.  That conservatives/Republicans will destroy our “democracy” especially if Trump gets elected.  She shares that they are very concerned.  Interesting?  Because every conservative/Republican I speak with and all the talking heads I see on the boob tube, state the same thing regarding the progressives/Democrats.   

We are ALL concerned our “democracy” is in jeopardy.  And blame the other side.  Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you?  Doesn’t it sound like we are being manipulated?  Well…. I know we are.  We have been bombarded with massive propaganda for the last 3-5 years.  And of course, for over a hundred years we have been infiltrated and undermined by various forces hoping to take our grand society down.  No one likes it if you are successful for too long. 

At a fundamental level, all Americans, for the most part, value the same things.  And yet we choose to see only the differences and not the similarities.  Your neighbor or your coworker is not your enemy.  Those that would convince you that they are your enemy are in fact, our enemy.  

We must consider it a sacred duty to behave both in person and on line as if our very existence is dependent on standing for our principles in a way that doesn’t stomp on those with different political leanings.  So responding to baiting is pointless. If forces you to react in an emotional way.  Once that happens, you’ve lost control.  The opposite is to disengage.  Disengaging from society or friendships or other relationships may occasionally be necessary for your mental health, however, it is not a sustainable coping mechanism.  We need you to stay in the game.  Take a breather, attend to yourself but then get back in the game.  Always go to the strengths and common ground when engaging with people in the community.  Always be true and humble.  You don’t know everything.  It’s always good to listen.  Encourage and smile.  We have to win “the hearts and minds” and you can’t do that when you are making that “oh dear God” face when someone says something utterly ridiculous.  Or when you are telling someone not only are they wrong but why, that leaves people feeling blasted. There are ways to do that.  Ask Dale Carnegie. 

This is an important task.  And you don’t have to do it every day but you should be prepared.  One of the ways you can be prepared is to read.  I am currently reading “Resistance to Tyranny” by Joseph P. Martino.  I highly encourage you to read this book.  If anyone would like to do some sort of bookclub type activity with this book, I would be on board.  I would also recommend “Live Not By Lies” by Rod Dreher.  You can also read Mr. Dreher’s substack.  Or Dr. Robert Malone’s substack.  Also Tactical Wisdom blog by Joe Dolio is another good source.  But be informed.  You don’t have to know everything.  Remember, be true and be humble.  But be firm in your resolve.  Mighty big order to fill.  I usually falter daily in this, but I dust myself off and regroup and start again. So can you.  We must.  

Another way is to reconnect with your God or higher power.  You need wisdom and support.  This is very important.  All of my life, the world endeavored to convince me religion was nonsense and intelligent people do not believe in God.  And so I abandoned my faith as a young woman.  I have to come to understand these last 10 years, on a visceral level, that this thinking was a lie.  

Remember, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34  

If you look at the country, we are mostly conservative.  There are pockets, cities mostly, where Democrats reign.  But we are in the majority.  Not in Vermont, but in the rest of the country.  Be stalwart in your deeds and actions.  We will persevere but it will be a tough row to hoe. 

For those interested in a bookclub type activity, please email VDC and state that it is okay to share your email address and I will respond.  

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  1. Ms. Baker: You are describing what is commonly referred to as ‘the deep state’.

    And I agree with your assessments.

    But there is a current phenomenon, that began in earnest yesterday, that has established a tangible ‘skirmish line’ that all libertarian-minded conservatives should indulge. While Vermont is, for the most part, a virtual write-off to progressive ideologies, the vacating of Speaker McCarthy in the U.S. House has established a clear debate between the status quo and the enhancement of our individual liberty and freedom.

    This is a ‘real-time’ opportunity. Not only to learn about the process, but the difference between the so-called ‘deep state’ big government, and the alleged threat of ‘chaos’ described by those who are deep state operatives.

    If anything, the current line of reporting exposes the pervasive corruption that has consumed the process – or, better put, the absence of process. And it exposes the failure to penetrate and overcome Matt Gaetz’s independent logic.

    This is all about the One Subject at a Time Act, H.R. 4335 and S. 1572. Sometimes referred to as ‘line item’ legislation.

    Don’t fall for the legislative chaos characterizations put forth by the establishment politicians and journalists representing both parties, Democrat and Republican. They are beholden to the K-Street lobbyists and corporate special interest groups who have controlled the Congress and Senate for decades. They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    The ‘chaos’ of which the wolves speak is precisely the intention of the Founders, who realized that any government is an inherently corrupting proposition. ‘Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.’ The most ubiquitous tenants put forth in the U.S. Constitution are intended to limit government power over individual liberty and freedom. Matt Gaetz is taking the lead in pointing this out to us. And we had better listen carefully.

  2. ACCUSATION: “We are governing not by God’s standard, or even a Constitutional standard, but by the whims of men.” -Christian Action Ministry, A Conservative Jew and a Contemporary Christian Critique America; July-Aug. 2023, Vol. 33, Number 04. “However arrogant the world, Jesus Christ is King. There’s nothing anybody can do about it. Psalm 2 says ‘Why do the heathen rage? I have set my King upon my holy hill of Zion’. They may revolt, but His kingship and throne will never be moved. Democracy decreed Christ’s death but not His Kingship. ‘He IS Lord’. Some mistakenly assume Christians gain control of the cities and the nations, ‘binding their kings in chains’, so that Christ can take over. But we don’t organize the Kingdom of God and then invite Christ to rule. Only God the Father will do that. (Ps.2, Hebrews 1:13). The world wasn’t ready the first time, and won’t be ready the next time, but He will come just the same. He offers us the privilege of being in His kingdom. ‘Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” There will be a crowning day for those who live for Christ. (2 Timothy 4:8) He will crown them, but they will never crown Him. God’s richest blessings.” REINHARD BONNKE Discover the difference between Jesus’ theocracy/kingdom of heaven and secular democracy that has many Churches unequally yoked with unbelievers. Shalom.

  3. Good article Ms. Baker. I might not agree with the PEW numbers.
    Regarding Luke 23:34 I might say it the following way.
    “Father, should we forgive them for they know exactly what they do.”

  4. Nature and people’s minds abhor a vacuum. When something is vacant, the space gets filled. Same for our spirit, what spirit are we ruled by?

    Human nature, on its own, is not necessarily going to go on the correct path. We tend to develop our own fetishes. Making more money, having more toys, a nicer house, fine dining, extravagant cars, a wild sex life, drugs and entertainment of all sorts.

    Then we have the civil institutions, schools, hospitals, government, religious institutions, workplace……

    One gentleman in particular is the king of deceit, division and destroying. Do you see any lying, fighting and break down within today’s society? We may not pinpoint the source, but we can perhaps see the symptoms. Saul Alinsky was a huge fan. Many are followers with no idea what and whom they are following.

    Do we see this in society today? Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

    Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

    Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings,

    We need to fill our hearts in mind with something worthwhile, same for our children and grandchildren, otherwise the vacuum will be filled with what is provided by many of the current institutions, and that clearly is not leading us to Peace, Joy and Love.

    The answer was and is always the same. The Roman empire that enslaved 33% of the world for their carnal pleasure was defenseless against this change of heart. Same is true for every corrupt government. Love wins.