Your letters: Sugarcoating credit downgrade/ Notch stuckage hogwash/ Fedsurrection

The Fitch credit downgrading reflects losing faith in our fiscal policies.  You cannot sugarcoat this….it is bad. Our debt and spending have mushroomed under progressive policies that have put trillions into our economy resulting in snowballing debt, rising inflation, increased interest rates and escalating prices. Partisan wrangling over spending and the debt ceiling will put a damper on the US economy and affect our competitiveness. 

It took our nation 200 years to amass this country’s first $2T deficit. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated the deficit in FY24 alone will be $2T. Spending has gone up nearly 50 percent since 2019 and our debt today is over $32.7T and projected to hit $40T in 10 years. These trends are the reasons why President Biden and Congressional Democrats caused the US to lose its top sovereign credit rating. 

Biden-omics has hoodwinked Americans into thinking our economy is sustainable.  House Republicans are trying to force the issue by lowering the debt and spending.  President Biden calls Republicans extremists trying to undermine our democracy while seeking tax giveaways for the wealthy. There seems to be no common ground to close the gap between spending and revenue. 

We will all suffer if politics prevents a long-term solution on debt and runaway spending. Voters need to take charge by supporting candidates who understand economics and the consequence of the Fitch downgrade and get our fiscal house in order. There are solutions to improve our fiscal sustainability. The nation needs leadership. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Suspend CDL of stuckage drivers – Any CDL operator of a big rig that can’t read signs, poses a risk to everyone and should have their CDL suspended.  

The town of Stowe should adopt a local ordinance that either adopts a $10,000 fine, or confiscate the vehicle – since the State appears reluctant. 

The driver ought to be cited for reckless driving, as well. Thus the CDL would be suspended in other states.  

Any idiot who can’t read warning signs should NOT be operating a big rig on the highway. That would mean they couldn’t read other warning signs, as well – ie: danger ahead, slow down, road construction, bridge is closed, etc… 

This is the biggest bunch of hogwash I have ever heard. 

 Hopefully authorities won’t buy this crap. It just would give license to any foreign operator from other countries to pose a risk on our roads.  

Also I don’t think they give the CDL license in foreign languages, but not sure. If they do, they shouldn’t! Vermont should insist on it. Period!  Do that a couple of times and word would get out. Also leverage a fine against any trucking company that requires the driver to follow GPS. Also the Attorney General should sue the GPS for their endangerment of public safety. – Charly Dickerson, Montpelier

Fedsurrection – We need to make “Fedsurrection” a household word! This term signifies the quintessential Communist tactics of too many of our own government agencies in early 2021.  

400,000 people assembled in Washington 2.5 years ago to peacefully and patriotically urge our representatives to consider the already substantial evidence of massive election fraud before certifying the results. We were gathered more than one mile from the Capitol building. While people like Ray Epps were calling on us to go to there and violence actually broke out we were still listening to the President deliver his speech which outlined some of the reasons for questioning the election reports. When the news came through about the violence at the Capitol, we knew immediately that this was a black op and false flag operation. I came home and sent an email message to that effect.  

Now, many months later we see the Marxists among us trying to make the ultimate profit from their evil schemes.  They are trying to use this to eliminate the one last chance of returning the USA to its true roots in Americanism. 

This is not the time to abandon President Trump. If we want to save America we must support him and foil this classic almost complete Marxist takeover. 

There was no insurrection.  There was a Fedsurrection. The Marxist Uniparty must be resisted! – Ed Wheeler, Middlebury

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  1. It is good to have common sense in the state unfortunately it is not in our leaders of the state or country!

  2. Fitch has downgraded our credit rating for no good reason, says Joe Biden and his “advisors”.
    Now we lie and deny as usual. The public will never notice.

  3. Look, I have suggested this before, and I will suggest it again: The solution is to install cement traffic barricades at a point where the big rigs can turn around. Install them so that if they try to go thru them, they will get wedged and be stuck. Somewhere near the Upper trail access on the Smugs side, IDK on the Stowe side.

    Easy peasy. But I guess we enjoy laughing at the drivers and all the money it makes the departments that respond. Duhhh