Covid vax not required for public schools, UVM

By Guy Page
The State of Vermont will not require Covid-19 vaccination for public school children during the 2023-24 school year, state officials confirmed yesterday.

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Gov. Phil Scott at his press briefing whether the vaccines would be required. Scott said he didn’t know but would provide the information. A few hours later, after an inquiring email, Scott’s press secretary Jason Maulucci responded, “I confirmed with [Commisioner of Health] Dr. [Mark] Levine it will not be.”

Also, the University of Vermont no longer requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

The CDC voted last fall to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the schedule of recommended vaccines for children and adults. However, the decision is left up to the states. Last October, state officials said the decision would follow a recommendation by the little-known Vermont Immunization Advisory Council (VIAC).

Vermont Health Dept. spokesperson Katie Warchut told VDC in October: “Under Vermont law, the vaccine schedule for school attendance is adopted by regulation. The Department of Health convenes an advisory committee that takes into account [the CDC’s] recommendations but is not bound by them.”

According to Brittanica’s, only California (effective July 1, 2023) and DC (effective for the 2022-2023 school year) have announced the intent to require the COVID-19 vaccine and both will require only fully FDA approved coronavirus vaccines for the recommended age groups, which are the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (brand name Comirnaty) for children 12 and up, and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (brand name Spikevax) for those 18 and up (which could include some high school students).

The D.C. superintendent of schools website states: “Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, the COVID-19 vaccine is required for school enrollment and attendance in the District of Columbia for all students who are of an age for which there is a COVID-19 vaccination fully approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

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  1. Yet………… The minute “flu” season begins & healthy students start to come down with respiratory viruses, as occur every year, the schools will be able to then return to their fantasy world of how Covid19 is a “dangerous, deadly” disease & all must be “protected” against it……..including, of course, healthy & young students for whom Covid19 poses virtually NO risk to. Just wait.

    And ’round and ’round we go, and where we stop, nobody knows. Except maybe Karl Marx.

    • COVID is a dangerous and deadly disease. Just ask the families of all the Nursing Home residents who all dropped dead at once. My 60 yr. old cousin from Rockville Centre, who never smoked, weighs what he did in high school, runs every morning, was intubated and laid in the ICU for 3 weeks during the height of the epidemic. I enjoy breathing without mechanical assistance, so I’ll continue to follow my doctor’s advice to get whatever boosters are available as well as my yearly flu shot. Karl Marx probably would too.

      • COVID – the man-made virus released by Communist China as bio-warfare, is highly treatable now and only potentially “deadly” for people well over the age of eighty and/or those with seriously compromised immune systems. Same as with the annual influenza virus. But do load yourself up with vaccines and follow all the protocols the US government recommends, after all, they know best. Keep it up, comrade.

      • Guarantee they gave your cousin remdemsivir. Its was government protocol and profitable despite its frequent, undisputed liver/kidney damage. If it was early on, they likely sedated him to lower his oxygen levels to the point where he qualified for a vent.
        Cha ching! More money for the hospital. He’s lucky he survived his stay. Had he died at the medical facility they would’ve received more government money.
        Hospital’s revenues doubled in 2021, 2022 despite eliminating historically profitable elective procedures/surgeries. Many covid patients made hospitals close to a half million each. For healthy people, covid is a mild to moderate flu. If you still believe covid shots are safe or effective or any of the government narrative around the so called pandemic, i’ve got a bridge for sale.

      • You are a troll. My father followed medical advice and died a horrific death at the age of 75 due to the COVID hospital protocols. They gave my father remdesiver. If you do your research on this drug it failed the ebola clinical trials because it killed 52 percent of all people who participated due to organ failure, specifically kidney failure. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure. They gave him the drug anyway. He was dead within two weeks, as his heart have out. My father had a history of cardiac issues. My father’s cardiac nurse told my stepmom to get him out of that small hospital because the COVID protocols will kill him. My step mother couldn’t get him out and he died.

      • Propaganda works. The tidal wave of coercion and not-so-subtle threats against every American citizen – take this experimental injection or else – wear your mask or else! Where did that phantom killer virus go? Morphed and faded away? People are still getting sick, people are still dying, people are still being forced to perform ritual pantomine to visit hospitals or long term care faciities. The virus is so covert, it only hangs out in hospitals and nursing homes now, where nearly everyone is forced vaccinated. In restaurants and cubicles, it mysteriously hung more than six feet in the air, so sitting down, it was safe to take your mask off. Those who continue to follow the death cult rituals of pharmakeia, as revealed in the Bible, are under mind control witchcraft. Social engineering, transhumanism, corrupted dna, collusion and corruption. More to come, carry on!

      • Then roll your sleeve up…Jim Dee, Jay Dee or whatever your real name is.

  2. Imagine that. The State won’t require our school children to be injected with a syringe full of mystery substances that comes without a package insert. (It doesn’t bode well that the CDC is close to recommending it as an annual shot..)
    Seventeen doses of other shots are still required to enter kindergarten and serious adverse events have been reported for all of them. Parents should request copies of the vaccine inserts and read carefully to see the potential for harm. No trial for the childhood vaccines lasted longer than five days so the FDA and CDC didn’t know what the post marketing harm would be when they were approved. For an example, just read page 6 of the Varivax (chicken pox) vaccine insert to get an idea of what could be in store if your innocent child wins the injury lottery.
    Or do some research at
    It lists the vaccine injuries that have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This is the system that was set up in 1986 when Congress removed liability for injury from the pharmaceutical companies. Take at your own risk because no one has your back.

  3. We always have a choice.
    Most of us choose to abdicate that Sacred responsibility because its easier, and or we are lazy.
    Health is an inside job endangered by the pollutants, poisons, toxins, pesticides in our air, water and food… terrain terrain terrain… take care of the terrain and all is well with the world.

  4. This is why I sent my child out of state to go to college. I interviewed colleges prior to sending her and selected a s hool that would honor her right to decide.

  5. Given the attention focused on vaccines in the last three years, it seems odd the last posted minutes of VIAC are from June of 2020. If they have met over the last three years and the State is withholding the minutes, why would a reasonable parent trust their deliberative process or any of their recommendations?

  6. So proud of my child for not capitulating to
    UVMs demands. One less nurse in the state- solid work UVM. So glad to never pay another dime to your pitiful institution. Embarrassed to be alumni.

  7. This is a stunning admission by proxy that the government may have previously advised you that safe and effective was Bull and actually could be life threatening. Young people are dropping like flies with heart problems and blood clots all over the world, especially athletes. They are not vaccines, they are gene therapy injections. Do not allow your children to be poisoned any more than they already are by the 17 required injections to enter school. Current medical authorities may be hazardous to your health. They are more interested in covering their own butts than making you healthy. Follow the billions made and no admission of fault for the damage already done.

    • Exactly how many young adults are dropping like flies with heart problems and blood clots all over the world, especially athletes that are directly related to the COVID vaccines they took? Facts, please. Ibids and op. cits, verifiable facts from medical institutions.

      • Well all cause mortality is not up 40% in countries where almost no one to the jabs….like Bulgaria or much of East Africa. In the high compliant countries like u.s., Canada, australia, all cause mortality is up close to 80% in young people. 40% is for all ages. And if you don’t know by now, im not sure you ever will; medical institutions, news agencies, politicians, academia, big finance, big tech…are all bought by big pharma. The scientists and medical publications with the grit to speak out are quickly silenced, canceled and defunded. Look outside your box.

      • Thank goodness common sense is prevailing for the kids.

        Re: “… how many young adults are dropping like flies with heart problems and blood clots…”

        As far back as 2021: “A higher-than-usual number of cases of a type of heart inflammation has been reported following Covid-19 vaccination, especially among young men following their second dose of an mRNA vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.”

        You can listen to doctors like Tony Fauci (NIAID Director), who has just been referred for lying to Congress, who said the mRNA vaccine would prevent Covid and prevent Covid transmission. Or you can listen to doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Robert Malone, warning that COVID mRNA vaccine has significant side effects, most notably, myocarditis. Your call. Do your own research.

        For comparison, consider how many Vermont kids, during the first two years of the Covid pandemic, died of Covid. In Vermont (according to Vermont Dept. of Health data), 2020 to Dec. 2021, even while kids 18 years and younger could not take the vaccine, lo and behold, not one of those kids died from Covid, and fewer than a half a dozen or so were hospitalized with flu symptoms.

        In fact, only one person in Vermont under the age of 30 was listed as having died from Covid during that time frame, and Covid wasn’t listed as one of his four possible causes of death on the VTDH report. Apparently, the guy died of a drug overdose that was deemed a homicide. The resulting autopsy listed the Covid as a possible factor – so he was on the list.

        Interestingly, of the 441 people on the VTDH Covid mortality list over that time frame, only 25% of them had Covid listed as the primary cause of death.

        And keep in mind, too, that the medical community was incentivized to cite Covid as a cause for hospitalization and/or death. Hospitals received up to $40,000 stipends per patient when Covid was listed.

      • Don’t forget to get all your boosters. Since you refuse to do a little research on you’re own, good luck. Continuing to swallow the liberal info may be hazardous to your health. Everyone with a functioning brain would question allowing an experimental gene therapy drug to be injected into their body. Of course the liberal media is not going to present evidence that now proves them wrong for the hysteria and lies they created. Go get your booster and your flu shot, be a good citizens.

  8. To: H. Jay Eshelman, Dano and Sam and all the others responding to “JayDee”,
    You folks are awesome, but you are wasting your breath. That idiot, “JayDee” got you all to respond to their nonsense. They got you to jump to defend your ideas and facts and convictions. I’ve decided that these folks are no longer worthy of my time, my energy, my caring and sincerity. And honestly, if they want to take whatever the federal or state government wants them to take, I say let them. In the end, it should lessen the numbers in their ideology and mindset. I am a veteran, a nurse and formerly a non-political person. I have retired early because of what has happened to our healthcare system and have recently forsaken attempting to use logic and facts and caring to get these idealogues to see the truth. They are content in their stupidity. Let them have it. Ignore them. That is the best advice to dealing with bullies and tyrants. Because they crave attention and stirring the pot.
    I admire all of you though, for trying. For all that you do and stand for. But we have to stop playing their dumb games.

    • Pam: I’m not commenting exclusively to rehabilitate JayDee’s questionable remarks. Who knows what his/her state of mind is? I’m commenting in case any other VDC readers might be drinking the same Kool-Aid, laced with nothing but JayDee’s innuendo. Facts matter. At the very least, JayDee’s remarks are provocative and give us the opportunity to address a misguided point of view that is, apparently, pervasive in Vermont.

      The most important feature to this article is that our children won’t be forced to be vaccinated and that parents must pay attention for their children’s sake. After all, it’s not just the Covid jab that’s being foisted by the government. The public-school monopoly is arguably the most dangerous place for our children to be. They’re being indoctrinated in many ways. And Vermont taxpayers are being bankrupted in the process. I hope everyone takes every opportunity to discuss this consequence whenever it arises.

    • Pam, I can truly understand where you are coming from and you stated it very well. As PT Barnum supposedly proclaimed, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. I think, he/him or she/her whoever JD is should follow her own science and get all the available boosters..

    • I recently heard a commentor discuss the cause of deep denial some people have
      when presented with facts and truth that proves their belief or position is wrong or flawed. The crux was the ego of some is so strong, no amount of logic will allow them to admit they were wrong or incorrect. Even if the person does understand the logic, they feel shame and guilt so deeply they can’t let go of their positions – to do so, would expose a weakness and they cannot handle it – emotionally. They are gripped with unfounded fear and insecurity. It is not a new phenonom. Humans, through history, display the herd mentality so much so it has caused much harm and destruction to fellow humans. I look to the Bible where Jesus is crucified. Luke 23:34 “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.” Which led me to George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We are all flawed and sinful. There is a small group of masterful, wealthy, generational manipulators who have used such knowledge to control and condemn the rest with weaponized deception and surpression of Truth.

  9. I am so relieved to hear this news ~ i.e., the C19 experimental mRNA injections are not being required @ UVM & public schools. Great to hear.

    I’m listening to Dr.Peter McCullough speak right now on the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) founded by Steve Kirsch (MSM dubbed him the “Biggest Mis-Information Spreader” and he proudly owns up to it (since “mis-information these days = TRUTH) … Kirsch lost several friends to vaccine injuries which prompted him to start the VSRF (he, him self took one of the C19 injections; none since his friends died).

    VSRF is held every Thursday at 7pm for past few years on Rumble & Zoom … They are discussing autopsies showing mRNA in cardiac tissue (for anyone that wants to learn more about this issue). Dr. Peter McCullough is a Board Certified Cardiologist & has published more research papers in cardiology than anyone else in his field.

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