Letters: Biden or his handlers make life worse for everyone / VT GOP silence complicit with evil

Biden’s credibility, infirmity affect us all – Our President has a credibility problem that ranges from plagiarizing to outright lying.  He keeps telling us he is a regular guy from Scranton, moderate, smart and a unifier. However, former Defense Secretary Gates said that Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue.  Now he continues to be wrong on every fiscal policy and social issue facing his administration.

Biden’s agenda is destroying this country.  This failure is perpetuated by the invasion of 6 million illegals crossing our open borders and the Mexican cartels drug trafficking that causes 100,000 American fentanyl deaths a year.  He’s spending 50 percent more than Trump creating massive deficits/inflation.  Biden is dumbing down education standards with diversity, inclusion and equity policies leading to a dependency and expansion of government.  These only some actions that are averse to the Democrat policies Presidents Carter and Clinton promoted a few years ago.

Many say President Biden is infirmed and does not understand how devastating his actions hurt Americans.  If its not him, then it’s his “handlers” who have worsened our division, attacked our culture making America poorer, less safe and respected since assuming office.  Are there any moderate Democrat leaders who understand his failures and are willing to  join Republicans and fix them? – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Supporting evil with silence – Phil Scott is the only Republican Governor that wouldn’t sign on to banning males from female sports. 

Calling Scott a Republican Governor is like calling Biden smart – two words that should never be used in the same sentence. 

We all know Scott supports abortion to the moment of birth. 

We all know he supports the State to take your child from the parents to sexually, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy children. 

We all know he supports suicide among vulnerable people from Vermont and now has made Vermont a destination state for anyone to come and die here. 

We all know he has given millions to planned parenthood and champions the death of the unborn while he has never provided a dime or any support for pro-life pregnancy centers.

We all know he has signed illegal, unconstitutional gun laws. 

Imagine the irony of explaining the latest ‘anti-suicide’ gun bill to the death cult of marxists in the Legislature. You can almost hear the conversation. “No really, we can pretend to care about these lives while we kill babies and any vulnerable person that wants to commit suicide.” And the brain dead chorus chants – ” Yeah! That’ll work!”

You know who else supports – by their silence, at least – all this evil?

The VTGOP, represented by Paul Dame, Tom Koch, Jay Shepard and the 24 transrepublicans that voted for H 89. It also includes Benning, Parent and others who pretend to represent conservative Vermonters. 

Scott is the face of the party. Dame brags about what a great Governor Scott is. Telling Vermonters that Scott is the most popular Governor in America. What Dame doesn’t explain is that 70% of Scott’s support is from the marxists. 

Scott has sold you out. Dame supports him. The other executive members of the VTGOP support those who kill babies and destroy children. – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction

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  1. It appears that there may be more to the Biden family as a whole that is now just coming to light for the country to see and has become reasons for empeachment proceedings to begin. It will be interested in seeing what else is brought out through the oversight committee’s findings.

  2. I don’t believe there are any Democrats that would dare speak against the party rulers. They behave like a street gang. If the boss says jump, they say how high. Just like what happened here in VT with the Unaffordable Heat Act. It’s up to the American people to make changes, but all we have is the vote. Unfortunately that seems to be manipulated by the bosses as well. Pretty discouraging.

  3. (Ode to Eminem) Will the real Joe Biden, please stand up, all you other Joe Bidens are just imitating, so won’t the real Joe Biden please stand up, please stand up. Whoever or whatever The Biden really is remains a well guarded secret to the general public. Eyes to see and ears to hear. One thing is for sure, people go about their daily routines pretending right along with the pretenders. Many know something is seriously wrong, yet fail to act upon the instinct nagging in their brains. It is the most dangerous time in our history and a war like no other before.

  4. You nailed it exactly Frank.. The worst part is nobody with any power is doing anything about it.

  5. Biden is not an “infirmed” President, he is merely a puppet – and though I’m not 100% certain of who the puppeteers actually are – it is likely they are the sizeable faction of DNC Communist Party, i.e.: play by the Soros Rules Barack Obama, and/or the CCP itself due to his indebtedness to them, and/or to the “Liberal World Order” of which he has openly spoken of led by George Soros and Klaus Schwab.


    There is NO “infirmity”. There is only INTENT!

    • You do know that Lincoln had a correspondence with Karl Marx, and believed labor precedes capital, right?

      • You do know that it was the Democrat Party who sought and then fought for the continuance of the SLAVERY of blacks that you rant on about 150 years after the fact now, correct “Ivan”? And but of course, you also know that it was YOUR party, the Democrat Party, which initiated the KKK as well – the racist, murderous organization which you feebly now attempt to associate with conservatives???

        You so love Communism? You think that Lincoln attempted to install Marxism? MOVE. I’ll personally buy you a one way to China – don’t forget not to write. Oh, and before you go, ask for a full refund on your university education, er, indoctrination.

  6. Oh! And the former guy, Donny the rapist, document stealer, attempted vote stealer in GA and other places, violator of tax law, the Hatch act, etc, etc, has no issues at all, right?! FOATW!

    • The Durham Report has triggered a lot of angst. Peddling lies is the same as telling lies – reconcile with logic and research beyond the spoonfed propoganda. No other person in recent history has taken such vitriol and weaponized lawfare – why would someone who has it all even bother…hmmmm….

    • Voter Fraud in VERMONT and across the USA! Biden with classified documents in FOUR locales, his offspring a child molesting, crack dealing, illegal gun owning, deadbeat “dad”, prostitute cavorting, Communist China SELL-OUT TRAITOR to the USA, Joe & Co.’s influence peddling to foreign enemies, the intentional & murderous release of a bioweapon by your NIH in collusion with the DNC, your US Constitution and Rule of Law VIOLATING Biden along with your Democrat Party’s sickening “open” border abject lawlessness bringing forth cartels and drugs into a SOVEREIGN nation, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

      Your Communist ideologues shall NEVER take over this FREE Republic. Oh, and once again? Your weaponized FBI & DOJ can BITE me. FEAR THIS:


    • I think you are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
      The only known cure is to turn off all national media, which is nothing more than state run propaganda.

      • Peter Ivan Smith is really triggered, you can tell when a liberal calls the president Donny. This guy is like a fish out of water flopping around on the ground and gasping for air. His air is the criminal democratic talking points. Little does he know that each and every word fed to him is a debunked lie. The problem is that liberals stick together never searching for truth, blinded by a failed ideology and each a member of the hive mind cult. They are all incapable of individual thought. The democratic party has become an irrational cult of the Marxist indoctrination.

  7. Didn’t Myers Mermel just sing high praises to Phil Scott in a recent article on May 1st, while lamenting that Republicans treat our governor horribly? I don’t think you can ever balance signing bills which support murdering preborn children against some nice things a politician does. Think Mussolini/trains on time. The anti-life record of Phil Scott doesn’t show well for Myers Mermel, and his support of Phil Scott only confirms for me even more deeply that I could never support Mermel if he were to run again for public office.