Wilson: Speech from the Constitution Celebration at the State House

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by Rep. Charles Wilson (R – Caledonia-3)

In Vermont and in the United States, God and our Constitution cannot fall to Socialism unless we allow it to. Today’s deterioration of God, family and community is a result of a hidden plan. This is not a conspiracy theory or an opinion but an actual written plan for anyone to look up the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and then Global Governance. Please look up and judge for yourselves as this is written and has been published but governments do not let people know until it is too late.

The U.N.’s goal is to bypass our Constitutional Republic of laws and install a “one world government, religion and law enforcement.” They have created very specific rules to limit the behavior of individuals, companies, and organizations that cover all aspects of human life. They will use land, farming, water, green belts, conservation areas, “new” vocabulary, the press and media as well as businesses, politicians, schools, colleges and all those who are gullible, uneducated to “What is Really Going On” or those who could care less and just think everything is fine.  Then of course there’s climate change, everything to electric, public health, Covid variants, diversity, human rights, taxes, gun control, abortions in order to weave Global Governance into all aspects of our lives. This is exactly why the world, the U.S.A. and Vermont are in chaos. The cost of living is too high and the burden is too heavy for many.

Our United States Constitution states “We the People in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the Common Defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain (set in place) and establish this Constitution of the United States.”

-We can stop the U.N. if we hold fast to the Liberty that makes us free; perfect or not.

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. What scares me the most is the amount of people in power who have fallen for this ideology and the fools who follow with no thought to what they are giving up!

  2. What is the 2030 Agenda?

    This all started back in 1972 and a report entitled The Limits To Growth, by New Hampshire’s Donella Meadows, sponsored by the Club of Rome. Of course, it was Rachel Carson (1962 Silent Spring) and biologist Paul Ehrlich (1968 The Population Bomb) who instigated the movement early on. I remember listening to Ehrlich when I was in college. And, yes, I drank the Kool-Aid. But more on that in a minute.

    Then, in 1991, The Club of Rome went all in with The First Global Revolution, the precursor to todays 2030 Agenda. As this Epoch Times documentary illustrates, the global elitists (i.e., the World Economic Forum and others) were looking for a straw man to replace the ‘Cold War’ as its raison d’etre. The USSR had collapsed, and some other boogeyman was needed to be the next enemy.

    Consider this quote from The First Global Revolution report.

    “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

    Watch the Epoch Times documentary.


    EpochTV host, Roman Balmakov, coined a prescient term in the documentary. We’ve all heard that the FBI and the DOJ have been weaponized. Well, in this case ‘compassion’ itself is being ‘weaponized’.

    So, more now, on drinking the Kool Aid.

    Here’s the deal. Being compassionate is an admirable quality. Yes? Saving the planet is a worthy endeavor. Clearly, current population growth is not sustainable. Back in 1968, when I went to a lecture by the American architect, systems theorist, inventor, philosopher, and futurist, Buckminster Fuller, he explained that, if the population continued to grow at its current rate, doubling every 25-50 years or so, that at some point in the not too distant future the mass of human bodies would expand away from the center of the earth at the speed of light.

    While anything is possible, some things are highly unlikely – at least to any rational soul. The question is, how does a communicative and sophisticated earthly society cope with this eventuality? And it is here that I part ways with The Club of Rome, The World Economic Forum, Agenda 2030, and I suspect, most of the other global elitists out there. They may think they’re in control. But if so, they’re fooling themselves. In fact, they’re doing just the opposite of what they should be doing. They are crushing our constitutional individualism, liberty, and free markets, which are, in my humble opinion, the only saving grace left on the table capable of resolving this conundrum without, literally, murdering millions of people as an expedient.

    Think that can’t happen? Again?


  3. The fact is this subversion of the US Constitution started way back in the late 1800’s. The establishment of the Federal Reserve. Bankers and the Crown bankrolling both sides of the wars (can’t lose money if you’ve covered the spread!) Federal income taxes and all taxes thereafter pushed through after WWII. Foreign money pouring in for domestic control and power that they will not relinquish – treason at the highest and lowest levels. Will see if our real military rises to the occasion to defend our Constitution against all enemies – foreign and most importantly – domestic.