Lawmakers, staff must test or show vax passport to enter State House

Vax passport, testing “strongly recommended” for all other visitors

By Guy Page

Under a draft approved Wednesday by the Vermont Legislative Joint Rules Committee, lawmakers and legislative staff will not be allowed into the State House unless they demonstrate proof of vaccination or submit to a PCR test.

The draft reads that all legislators and legislative staff “shall either…: (i) demonstrate fully protected vaccination against COVID-19; or (ii) on a weekly basis provide proof of a negative NAAT1 COVID-19 test.”

All members of the public will be “strongly recommended” to:

“(A) provide proof of fully protected vaccination against COVID-19; or (B) perform a rapid COVID-19 test provided by the General Assembly and obtain a negative result on that test…..prior to entering any legislative space on any day of the week.”

Some lawmakers – including Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany) – have said they will not be vaccinated nor submit to PCR testing. According to media reports, Senate Pro Tem Becca Balint (D-Windham) acknowledged the Legislature has yet to determine how to proceed with dissenters like Strong. 

The Joint Rules draft recommendation will now go to the Rules Committee of each body for approval. If approved, the policy will begin Jan. 3, 2022. 

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    • And just in time to keep you from entering and having any say on the next round of House and Senate bills.

      No vax……..No speech.

      Mask up and mumble like they do.

  1. Vicki, Biden’s vaccine mandates for federal employees was blocked. I hope Vermonters can come up with an equivalent for you and others who work at the State House. We need your eyes, ears and voice keeping an eye on things there.

    Constitutional rights apply to legislators as well as – We the People.

  2. i remember not long ago when the Statehouse didn’t even have metal detectors installed as the prevailing belief was the people should be able to freely enter the People’s House without being molested or scrutinized. My how rapidly has our State & nation changed – from freedom & liberty lovin’ to “show your papers” & Marxism lovin’.

    Sadly, there are still many (democrats/progressives/socialists/communists) who see nothing awry.

    • It IS the unfortunate truth of the matter. They were in cahoots with CHI-NA. Covid was NOT an accidental release.

  3. The rules committee is in violation of the constitution,and these tactics to infringe on our rights need not be complied with!!We must stand against tyranny or it will get much worse!! The Vermont Government has broken the people’s trust!! If we do not trust or like who is in office,we must vote them out!!Rinos,Democrates,and Progressive‘a!! Fear won’t ever beat the Truth!!

    • “On November 6, The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, with a three-judge panel, issued a Temporary Restraining Order staying the approval and enforcement of OSHA’s ETS filed on November 5. The ETS was found to have ‘grave statutory and constitutional concerns’ with the Mandate. The ETS covered vaccinations, testing, and face coverings. On November 12, an Appeals Court reaffirmed the stay on the Biden Administration’s push for this mandate, therefore, no employer in the United States is legally able to cite OSHA’s recent ETS as justification for forced vaccination, testing, or mandating face coverings in the workplace, neither is any individual state OSHA agency. This stay applies nationwide, not just to the states covered by the 5th Circuit Court. Legally, no individual state may create a standard where no federal standard exists, so no state within the United States may legally create a Covid-19 standard with any mandates regarding vaccines, facial coverings, social distancing, etc. Until there is an approved ETS, there is no standard. Where there is no standard, there can be no enforcement.”

  4. This from the same people who insist that any requirement for voter ID would be too onerous. I’ll put this in my “can’t make this stuff up” filing cabinet.

    Good job Vicki Strong. We stand with you in dissent (and disbelief.)

  5. There is a new product that will kill all viruses in the air, called “Krypton lighting”. The Pentagon and military bases are using them so that people do not need to wear masks or worry about getting infected.

  6. So they must be able to “demonstrate fully protected vaccination against covid 19”. NEWSFLASH*** there are “breakthrough” infections (way more than they will admit or predicted) because its not a vaccine. It cannot, nor was ever designed, to neutralize the virus. I dont care how many “boosters” you take or what kind they, no is fully protected, so no one can possibly demonstrate being “fully protected “

  7. So much for the 1st Amendment rights ” . . . The right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Vermont legislation has added a clause to the exercise of your 1st amendment rights. It is a clause separate from the U.S. Constitution. It stipulates that in order to exercise your 1st amendment rights you must first submit to the committee mandates, otherwise you are not allowed to exercise your rights in the legislature.

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