Gang crime worsens in Bennington

Bennington, Vermont police (above) say Springfield, MA drug gangs are bringing violence to southern Vermont.

By Guy Page

Springfield, Massachusetts gangs are bringing violent crime and drug dealing to southern Vermont,  Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette said recently. 

Springfield is a conduit for illegal drugs, including heroin and fentanyl, smuggled across the U.S. southern border, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. 

According to media reports by NECN and the Bennington Banner, Bennington police are working with Massachusetts and federal Homeland Security and U.S. Attorney officials to cope with the crime outbreak. Recent examples include:

  • A raid on a Bennington home last month uncovering suspects with ties to Springfield, MA drug dealing organizations, along with a stash of guns and “extended magazines,” cash, and illegal drugs.

The home was located just steps away from an elementary school, Doucette reportedly said. 

  • A November breaking-and-entering in which someone claiming to be a gang member pistol-whipped the home’s occupant. 

Gang violence is not new, but it has increased across the southern Vermont region, and in the amount and severity of the crime, Bennington officials said.

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  1. I guess this isn’t on the radar of the scott administration or betty balint who wants to bring more of this to Vermont and America!! Why is that??

  2. We live in a world where wrong is right & right is wrong. Gangsta’s, drugs, criminality, violence are all: good. Godliness, Judaeo/Christianity, family, and honest work are suspect.

    Bennington has turned itself from a quaint, historic tourist destination into a run down, crime-ridden, seedy, drug destination.

    How’s that “woke” refusal to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before your Select Board meetings, morons? You have destroyed your own town and kowtowed to the ruthless madness of the radicalized left.

    Great job, by the way! And it shows!

    • Kathy, Your first and second paragraphs say it all. No longer a family town, for sure. Not even where a couple can go out for a nice dinner. No one would take their wife or lady friend for an evening downtown. Afternoon shopping trips are a no no! Is Burlington a town you would want your college or university student to be living near?

  3. This is nothing new, but the opportunities dont get much better than the current status quo where the police are afraid to do their jobs, and are ESPECIALLY afraid to do their jobs when the person of interest is “other than white”.

  4. If you are breaking the law and subjecting yourself to the police I say to bad if you do not like the way your being treated…..It is not suppose to be a pleasant experience!

  5. There may be a tie to Antifa. I have many bits and pieces that indicate such a likelihood. It’s all alarming.
    For years I was close to Marina Brown and Laura Potter. They are important to Antifa in VT and nationally. I also research and put many pieces together.

    • You must think conservatives are incredibly gullible thinking you can spin tall tales at will to make us fight your battles.

      Some of us remember that you are a socialist who despises President Donald Trump !

      Keep in mind that many of us remember your disloyalty !