GMP continues carbon-cutting customer rebates

Green Mountain Power, Vermont’s largest electricity utility, is extending its carbon-reduction rebate programs through 2022. The rebates were set to expire at the end of this year. 

In 2021, GMP customers received more than 7,000 rebates when they switched away from fossil fuel at home and on the road – for heating, driving, mowing their lawn, and electric motorcycles. GMP rebates include a $1,500 rebate on all electric vehicles, plus an extra $1,000 for low- and moderate-income customers, and a $400 base rebate on cold climate heat pumps with an extra $800 in incentives for income-eligible customers in partnership with Efficiency Vermont.

In 2021, GMP rebates and customized projects with business customers around the state will offset more than 173,000 metric tons of lifetime carbon emissions – the equivalent of taking 38,000 gas-fueled cars off the road.

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  1. Can anyone say “Ulterior motive ” on this?

    Think about that…They give you a treat then , have you for life.

    Every time that someone switches to “heat pumps” GMP gets richer and , moves closer to THE only power source in Vermont.
    Every time someone switches to “Electric vehicles” they get richer and THEY are lord and master over YOUR car electric.

    while you’re at it , Ask you lazy-minded legislators WHY Vermont electric rates are the highest in New England

  2. Yes, GMP is using customer electric revenues to subsidize more electric use. It’s a classic quasi monopoly-based strategy and it does make our electric rates higher. GMP also pays ‘green energy’ providers between 15 cents and 22 cents a kwh for solar, wind and methane generated electricity, when it could be purchasing that power for about 6 cents a kwh from Hydro Quebec and cutting our electric bills in half.

    But GMP doesn’t do that. GMP is a regulated utility, and its profit is limited to a percentage of revenue – the more it spends, the more it can charge, the more profit it’s allowed to make – a Neanderthal regulation courtesy of special interest lobbyists and crony capitalists. So, we can thank Representative (soon to be Senator) Peter Welch and his wife, VT Public Utility Commissioner Margaret Cheney.

    GMP will make out either way because it is owned by the same consortium that owns Hydro Quebec. But we shouldn’t blame them for blowing with the political wind. And while I think electric cars are the future, the least we can do is buy the cheapest and cleanest energy available in the process. But as long as Welch and his wife run the show and are financed by special interest lobby groups that start solar power companies and sell them for millions of dollars (e.g., 10-4-21 SunCommon acquired by iSun for $25,534,621 in cash and an aggregate of 1,810,915 shares of ISUN shares of Common Stock of iSun), GMP’s customers will continue to be hosed.

    • GMP is regulated utility. They are regulated by the Public Service Board (an oxymoron…) and must comply with legislative requirements. This is a circle of the legislatures creation decades ago and honed to razor sharp efficiency at extracting maximum dollars from ratepayers. Look at past and present PSB boards, legal counsel for various utilities to get a very muddied picture of the crony capitalism the Vermont legislature demands of regulated utilities. Have a look as well at Efficiency Vermont, for the return on the .018 cents per kWh they are collecting from every customer

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