Officials unsure how many VT deaths due primarily to Covid

By Guy Page 

Statistics revealed during yesterday’s press conference show that 455 Vermonters have died of Covid-19. At least some of these Vermonters died “with” Covid-19 and not as a direct result of the disease, Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine said during the press conference.

How many? They don’t know.

Vermont Daily Chronicle wanted to know because public policies aimed at driving down the Covid death rate are painful to some Vermonters. As Scott and Levine noted with approval at the press conference, vaccine passports are an ‘incentive’: get vaxxed or lose access to public places or even your job. So we asked: “How many of the unvaccinated dying of Covid actually had Covid symptoms leading to death, and how many who merely tested positive actually died of other causes? And if there is no effective way to break that down, why not?” 

Scott responded: 

“I’ve had some of the same questions. Because I see a number of the deaths as well – they die with Covid, they have tested positive for Covid, and it probably contributed to their death – but not all. There are some that had terminal cancer, for instance and so it was inevitable. But at the same time, we want to be able to communicate exactly what we’re seeing. Under the conditions that we impose upon ourselves and others throughout the country, I believe that’s the guideline that we use, so that we wouldn’t be accused of hiding anything.”

Levine added:

“All of this information comes from death certificates. So the quality of the death certificate is essential to understanding what went into a particular death. You have to understand that with the number of deaths that have occurred in this country, which I think are in the 800,000 range at this point, not every medical history and hospital chart is being opened so it’s really done through death certificates.

“I can tell you that because we have a much smaller number of deaths in Vermont we do have eyes on every single one and i can tell you that particularly now during the Delta surge the deaths that have occurred in the unvaccinated people are generally people who ended up in an ICU because they had such a severe case of covid – not exclusively, but a very large percent. There will probably be some that had Covid as being present at the time of death, probably the straw that broke the camel’s back, and a person who had other illnesses but it’s really hard to give you the exact number you’re looking for based on the fact that you can only read into a death certificate so much, and not every case is as easily decipherable. 

“But my instinct about the delta surge, I think you can take to the bank.”

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  1. See this is how they get you. With a fake PCR test that yields positive results even if you get hit by a bus.

    That’s why the ‘800,000’ died of covid number in the US is patently FALSE.

    The number of people who actually died OF covid is much smaller than those who died of something else and tested positive for covid.

    People need to wake up and understand that the misuse of the PCR test is at the heart of this whole farce.

    • Something has led to over 800,000 excess deaths over the past 2 years:

      If not Covid (with vaccines contributing), what’s leading to crazy increase in excess deaths/all cause mortality?

      Not just in the USA, but all over the world, including our “enemies” like Russia and Iran.

      Why would they fake their huge uptick in deaths for the last 2 years?

      I personally see incompetence in how this pandemic has been handled, not a “plandemic.”.

      It seems many nefarious corporations and governments have tried to take advantage of the crisis.

      Causing more incompetence.

  2. I’ve no doubt the politics of Covid will set Scott straight on the exact amount plus (Wink, wink, nod, nod)…His search for “The Truth” will be short lived…He’ll have a catharsis after he receives a call from DC and will be back on the mandate train therein…Scott doesn’t have the cajones to do the right thing…At least, not for very long

  3. Unvaccinated? Or “under” vaccinated? Or Vaccine reaction / failure?
    VDH did this with whooping cough vaccination numbers years ago.
    Turned out they were calling people “unvaccinated” when they got sick, even if they had five out of six mandatory doses. So for Covid I would really like to see the cases/hospitalized/death tally in a chart: Persons (by age category) and who got:
    0 doses – 1 dose – 2 doses – 3 doses . The mandatory registry tracks this information. Let’s use it.
    Follow up Q: why are hospitalizations within 60 days of a shot not reported as post-vaccine events, as federal law requires?

  4. Re: “But my instinct about the delta surge, I think you can take to the bank.”

    Yep. Follow the money.

    One thing is certain – with the various subsidies attached to the Covid pandemic, Dr. Levine, Gov. Scott, the Fauci led CDC and NIH, the pharmaceutical companies they represent, and Wall Street in general, are taking it ‘to the bank’.

    Vermont, alone, has received approximately $10.1 Billion in Covid support in less than two years. That effectively doubles Vermont’s typical annual budget.

    And don’t kid yourself if you think the direct financial gains being realized because of the pandemic aren’t apparent to Wall Street. Think about the level of research investment controlled by the NIH.
    “The NIH invests about $41.7 billion annually in medical research for the American people.”

    Is it any wonder the medical research community is towing the company line? And keep in mind that hospitals receive significant additional subsidies when the classify cases as Covid related.

    Pfizer stock peaked in November 2018, before the pandemic, having just recovered from the same highs 20 years earlier. Then, after 2 years of Pfizer stock price decline, comes Covid. Two weeks ago, Pfizer stock hit its all-time high, almost doubling in value since the pandemic began. Moderna stock has had a similar history. And Wall Street in general is more than happy with the government’s expansion in the money supply and the inflation it creates.

    But even more insidiously, and as I pointed out more than a year ago, July 2020, Wall Street knows that “The financial health of Social Security will be helped by deaths from Covid-19, Social Security Administration Chief Actuary Stephen Goss told Congress today.”

    Conspiracy Theory? Perhaps. But will you bet your life on it?

    • Last year’s conspiracy theory has more often than not become this year’s reality.
      10.1 billion is a pretty big bribe to toe the line.

    • This is not a conspiracy theory. When Covid first began it was directed that all deaths in a hospital were” due to or because of covid”. Except for gunshot wounds. So if you died in a car accident covid is listed on your death certificate. Covid pays. The flu does not. Many of the PCR’s were made in China. Nurses have sent covid swabs that were never used on patients to covid certified labs and came back positive. Or batches of swabs were sent at the same time, if one was positive, the entire batch was labeled positive. So if you were in that batch you were told that you were covid positive. A physician sent 3000+ covid tests to a covid certified lab, they all came back positive. The same physician reswabbed the same patients, sent them to an independent lab and they were all negative. Covid has.become a money maker. So much for an inpatient and even more if they are intubated and ventilated. Most of these positive covid tests on those who died were more than likely done post mortem. Anyone can have a positive test and not be symptomatic. It was probably not the cause of death. It may not have even contributed to it.
      This state is profiting from covid. This state has not got a handle on who the hell they have tested. We received a call from the health dept last week telling me that my husband’s covid test was positive. Not once but twice in the same day. Pretty hard to have a positive test if you were not tested. You see, if the government would stop paying for covid, there would be fewer cases. Since the state is refusing to test patients for the flu in addition to covid, the numbers are skewed!! Just saying.

  5. Well Dr. Levine, it’s not “science” if you don’t have “data”, so no, I won’t be taking your “instinct” to the bank. At best, what you’re promulgating is pseudoscientific sophistry. At worst, it’s medical malpractice and fraud.

    Show us the data or shut your trap.

    • Perhaps Levine should forget about data for a while, remember he has an MD after his name and start acting like a doctor.
      Why is there not emphasis by Levine and the VT DOH on measures that CAN be taken to reduce the severity of SARS-CoV-2? Simple stuff such as vitamins and supplements? Does Levine require a double blind peer-reviewed long- term study to prove the efficacy of Vitamin C? Or Zinc, Vitamin D? I have heard nor read little from the doctor or the VT Dept. of Health. The DOH website? You’ll need to do a lot of looking. Scott and Levine both have preached “vaccine” for almost a year- and we are seeing those results work out poorly. Levine discounted any treatment options until recently- monoclonal antibodies- and disregarded as worthless other treatments that have been effective.
      I’m sure of this- That the diktats sent from the federal government, along with the plethora of cash amount to a panacea and marching orders for VT government and damn little for VT Residents.
      This needn’t be a dark winter as prophesied by ignorant politicians. They just prefer it that way.

      • Yes Frank, and I think the money flowing into the hospitals also affects what doctors are putting down for the cause of death for the death certificate. Why wouldn’t the government be able to break down these cases to find out if there were comorbidities that were actually the cause of death. What about life style, smoker, obese, drug addict or alcoholic. Shouldn’t all this be taken into account. And now that the governor and his medical officer realize that vaxxed people can carry and spread C-19 without knowing, what good are vaccine passports?

  6. Is anyone else’s head spinning? This is such BS!! Scott and Levine must really think Vermonters are ignorant!!

    • Debra, I think they are finding out that lots of us are not stupid but, they haven’t figured a way out of the mess they’ve created by vax, vax, vax only as the solution. Apparently, they believe that sticking with the failed experimental injection will somehow save them from embarrassment and eventual liability for the damage done. I think it’s to late for that and stopping the current line of BS would be better for everyone especially the children that may be severely harmed by this.

  7. it’s time to stop the fear mongering, open completely up like Norway and whoever gets sick let them recover and eventually we will have herd immunity. this blaming, shaming, pointing fingers, not knowing, is for the birds, let’s get on with life, enough is enough! Covid will be with us from now on, get used to it, life is too short to constantly live in fear and be denied the right to enjoy it!

  8. People with adverse covid “vaccine” reactions typically die with a couple days or 1 week of the vaccine. According to cdc data, all of those deaths were “unvaccinated ” people until they hit the 14 days after booster shot threshold. If that’s not data manipulation, i dont know what is. Despite the fact, VAERS has topped 20,000 deaths.. a number historically under-reported by 40 fold…you do the math.

  9. Medicare- typically the diagnosis- Related group lump sum payment would be $5000.00. But if it’s
    Covid-19 pneumonia then it’s $13,000.00 and if the covid-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $ 39,000.00
    Thats my two cents folks.
    The Vermonter from the Right period!!

  10. Vermont has had a total of 166 Covid-19 deaths between Sept. 3rd and Dec. 15th. According to Vermont COVID-19
    Data Summaries
    93 of those Covid deaths were fully vaccinated breakthroughs (over 50% of the counted deaths) were considered fully vaccinated according to VDOH. Don’t forget that one is only considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your second dose. (Which is likely to change in the name of boosters, boosters, boosters like it did in NY and California.)

    Vermont’s 65 years and up population are 100% Vaccinated.

    440 total Vermont Covid deaths in Vermont as of December 15th. Screenshot case numbers and fatalities daily and analyze data yourself.