Worker shortage grim and “the cavalry is not coming”

by Guy Page

In a recent newsletter, the Lake Champlain Chamber legislative advocacy team offered the thousands of businesses that comprise its members little hope Vermont’s crippling worker shortage will improve.

Demographics, lack of housing and childcare are big contributors to the ongoing, chronic problem. “It’s clear that the cavalry is not coming; we just don’t have enough people in the state to meet our workforce demands, we can’t easily recruit them to come here because of housing issues, we can’t pull some people back in due to childcare issues, and we do not have enough young people even coming out of school to meet our needs.”

“Simply put, a conversation about workforce development really needs to be about how to best assist employers with the workers they do have, automate where possible, and deal with other deficits in the Vermont landscape.”

The worker shortage will hamper legislative policy goals, including the one nearest and dearest to the hearts of the Democratic majority: carbon emissions reduction. Simply put: you can set all the weatherization goals you want, but what if you can’t find the workers to fill the contracts?

“The workforce is continually an issue in conversations of how to achieve the energy retrofits and infrastructure improvements necessary to meet the goals, and these very well paying jobs serve as evidence for the pundits pushing the simplistic policy of “just pay more” that wages are not the problem in our state’s worker deficit,” the Chamber said.

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  1. It’s not just housing. It’s the total lack of infrastructure.
    Our roads are going to pot.
    We have some of the most expensive electricity in the country.
    And our geniuses in mountpeculair are trying to outlaw cars(what could go wrong here)
    The CUD’s are blowing their wad from the feds. If they get a thousand homes hooked up to broadband it’ll be a miracle! We no longer have functional land lines where I am and cell phone service is very unreliable.
    As a business owner in this state, I tell anyone thinking of moving to Vermont, Don’t!
    I would leave but there family to consider.


    • Don’t worry. I imagine there are thousands of strong, independent women desperate for the opportunity to lay asphalt, string fiber lines and chop lumber. Alternatively we could employ the newly arrived doctors and engineers scheduled to arrive from Afghanistan.

      These “problems” are actually opportunities in disguise. Just as long as we don’t suggest to, you know, pay more. Cos that’s communism.

  2. The State has been the biggest opponent of getting people into open workplaces due to their constant fear-mongering over Covid and MUCH of the bogus science and data that the State has pushed along with it.

    Fear can be a great tool and the State of Vermont , led by its Legislature and Governor , have used it too well.

    It wasnt demographics and childcare BEFORE the plandemic. So, what’s really up?

  3. In short, The LCCC has given a report card on the legislature’s decades long effort to turn Vermont into a socialist utopia. Final grade: F

  4. Good news! Burlington will soon have many openings for ‘Adult Workers’. High wages for all!

    I wonder if they’ll mandate the fake poke for them.

  5. They need us more than we need them. America First Patriots have the power to STOP the Marxist takeover of Vermont, New England and this Country!

    • We live under finance/crony capitalism with oligarchs.

      Whatever you think about Marxism, the USA and Vermont is not Marxist.

    • How do you propose to do that? With guns. Liberals have guns too. My Dad’s Colt 45 eliminated fascists during WWII. It’s primed and ready for another fascist if needed. We’re not afraid to fight back.

  6. The Chamber should really consider what it will mean for their members when the state drafts the existing workforce into its climate activities with higher, taxpayer-funded wages. No there are not enough workers to weatherize all the homes, install all the heat pumps, etc. and so on and not likely to be, but you can bet they’re going to try. They’ll boost taxes to pay weatherizers more than the local appliance store can pay staff to install dishwashers and service washing machines, and your local handyman more than you can pay him to fix your rotting deck. It will be impossible for local employers to compete, and normal people to get necessary services from skilled laborers.

  7. It’s never coming. The idiots in the state government don’t want industry or any other type of business other than useless tourist. If they were to pull their heads out of their backsides, they might see the light, but we know that isn’t going to happen.

  8. The fact that people don’t want to stay here is a cause.

    Why don’t they want to stay? Because it’s darn hard to live here these days. You look at states like Florida with no income tax, lower property taxes and an overall more favorable attitude toward everything the working man needs in order to be self sufficient.

    The program where the progressives in Montpelier paid people 10,000 to move here, the recommendations of the climate council, onerous new water regs, the constant fight against legislative changes that NEVER stop. The push for radical progressive policy in all areas from abortion, to the sex trade, legal pot, subsidizing everything and promoting every cockamamie idea that they can come up with. Wouldn’t you think they could try doing nothing for a change????? But no!

    This is why there aren’t enough people.

  9. My neighbor who moved here from New Jersey never ever leaves his house. What do you want to bet he was paid 10,000 to move here and telecommute to work. There’s one less house and a family unit that does not fill local jobs.

  10. Why work when you can so easily qualify for public assistance and have such generous taxpayer provided drug supply available? This is nirvana man!

  11. Funny, I always saw the problem, at least in my area , as a lack of jobs, thus, people leaving the area or state, not the other way around….

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