VT ACLU wants safe spaces for illegal drug use

By Guy Page

The Vermont American Civil Liberties Union (VT-ACLU) announced Dec. it will promote legislation for ‘Overdose Prevention Sites’ – locations where illegal drug use is allowed and overseen in the interest of user safety and rehabilitation.

Overdose prevention sites are facilities where people can use previously purchased drugs under trained supervision, according to Hopkins-Bloomberg Public Health. Providing sterile needles, health care services, and referrals to drug treatment, these sites aim to reduce the harms associated with drug use, 

“This upcoming legislative session, we would like to see the State Legislature fully discuss and explore the feasibility of implementing an Overdose Prevention Site, or system of Overdose Prevention Sites, in Vermont,” the ACLU said Dec. 14. 

The only other Overdose Prevention Sites in the U.S. opened this year in New York City. A press release issued by the NYC health department yesterday claims the pilot program averted 59 deaths in the first three weeks of operation. 

The ACLU justifies the need for the drug use safe space by pointing to Vermont’s worst-in-the-nation rate of overdose increase: “in Vermont, between March 2020 and March 2021, there were 211 overdose fatalities, as compared to 114 for the previous 12-month period. The percentage change was 85%, which is the fastest one year increase by state in the country.”

The Overdose Prevention Site programs are popular in Europe but (except for NYC) unknown in the U.S., in part because a federal ‘crack house’ statute makes it a felony to “maintain any place” for using controlled substances, Hopkins-Bloomberg reports.

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  1. And now more Tomorrow’s News Today. ACLU lobbies for “Child Engagement Centers” so that “Minor Attracted Persons” can practice their natural proclivities in safety and without interference from far-right activists. (you heard it here first…)

  2. ACLU, like the FBI & the DOJ & the Democrat Party are simply arms of the “New World Order” Socialists & Marxists and their primary funding source: George Soros & Sons. WHY is not this demon being extradited to the Philippines (or one of a number of other countries who are out for his head)???

  3. The ACLU, somewhat like the Southern Poverty Law Center is a misnomer. Really just a group of ideologues with law degrees, grifting money for liberal causes. Certainly, an individual has the liberty in the US to procure drugs deemed illegal and attempt to not commit suicide- but so does the rest of us have the liberty and right to not condone, support nor otherwise be forced to pay for the first individuals bad choices and planning.
    I’d bet that if the ACLU could be held liable for supporting quasi-legal drug dens, then there’d be no support from the ACLU.
    Many of the issues negatively affecting Vermont and the US are resulting from groups like the ACLU and SPLC supporting and defending policies and groups that have caused these negative issues in the first place. Support for BLM and Defund the Police come to mind….

  4. The ACLU is a lost cause… Why would we expect anything else but Marxist rhetoric from this Orwellian organization.. What’s next? Safe zones for bank robbers? How safety zones for illegal car theft? it’s a precedent that is set for all illegal activitiy. This business of granting safe zones to illegal activities is a slippery slope….

    • What I am really surprised about is that The Loony Left hasn’t attacked the white-male-Christian-patriarchal concept of Santa Claus, for what is an insulting/shaming capitalist/caricature of weight-challenged albino he/she/him/her individuals, cisgender or otherwise, who employ downtrodden height-challenged Individuals with physical/facial (pointed ears) challenges. “Come On, Man!”

  5. Taxpayer support of illegal drug use is insane. Vermont is not a sanctuary state for drug users. Defund the ACLU.

    • Vermont is most certainly a sanctuary for dead beats, drug users and suppliers, legal prostitution, sex workers, deviates, crime, leftwing losers, hotels for criminals, decreased police protection, dangerous neighborhoods, race baiting education, and Burlington is the center of all this activity!

  6. Illegal drug abuse supervised by health professionals. The ACLU could also utilize Burlington’s new. shiny, happy legal prostitutes as sexual surrogates/IV drug administrators. Kill 2 birds with one stoned situation.

  7. This is yet another “harm reduction” strategy brought to us by the ideology that proposed and implemented needle “exchange” programs. The needle programs were marketed to the public emphasizing the word “exchange” and argued that junkies could bring in their old needles and “exchange” them for new ones, one for one. Surprise, surprise, these programs turned out to be simply needle GIVEAWAY programs, and make no such demand that you bring in old ones. And their “harm reduction” strategy in the name of “public health” has resulted in many more blood-tainted syringes disposed of improperly in public places where children and pets are likely to contact them. That is a “public health” disaster that shifts the risk of HIV and hepatitis infection from the junkies who make the CHOICE to engage in the risky behavior onto innocent bystanders in public spaces.
    If these shooting galleries are allowed by local ordinance and Legislative charter change approval, will the taxpayers be on the hook for the liability? Those who use such a place may be temped to up the dose assuming they are in good hands. Also, debilitated junkies may wander from there and cause harm to others. If the ACLU want to assume the legal liability, have at it.

  8. Perhaps the VT-ACLU should prioritize protecting the civil rights of those of us who do NOT want to have experimental drugs injected into us? The VT-ACLU is silent on the topic of government coercion by forcing we the people to chose between the Jab and the job.

  9. Great in Burlington. Should fit right in with the graffiti, curb stomping, gun crimes, snowshoe kleating, fentinol, no bail criminals released same day, under policed woketopia.

  10. When there are NO real consequences for dealing a number of different opiates and meth and cocaine items, what does the State expect??

    We have people from both VT and out-of-state selling “products” that have killed almost 150 , just this year. Nevermind the families that are ruined from addiction.

    Don’t forget ; throwing an addict into prison ( dept of corrections) hardly EVER corrects substance abuse.
    Yet, what does YOUR legislature DO while this racetrack of death and ruin runs it’s course? Why, they ban food scraps in YOUR garbage and plastic straws in YOUR drinks.

    Don’t forget that $180,000,000 that YOUR State blew away on the failed Healthconnect website back a few years ago.

    Just THINK of all the folks that suffer from substance abuse that could have been helped .

    Vote Better,

  11. Have any of these FOOLS seen the video of Toronto’s “Needle Park” (“Safe Site”)? There’s dealers peddling their wares, fights over “turf” & “product”, fights over God-Knows-What, OD’s OUTSIDE the “facility” etc. etc. But…This IS Vt. after all & we’re SO much more…”civil”..And how long will it take before WE are known as a state where every bum/junkie knows they can come here and get high & ALL your “$ervice$ provided by the working stiffs paying ever higher taxes? W/cell phones, I’d guess about 10 minutes..Hell, we’ll probably even provide interpreters too..Nuts..

  12. VT ACLU
    Has become the cesspool of the left agenda

    They have totally lost there value to the common person

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