Month: January 2021

Scott might agree to taxing more services and products, if overall burden reduced

Gov. Phil Scott would consider expanding sales tax on services, products, but only to reduce the overall burden. Asked about a plan to reduce the percentage of the sales tax but expand the scope of taxable products and services, Scott said: “This isn’t the time to increase taxes on anyone….if the Legislature is talking about reducing the burden, I’m all ears.”

Writer admits unfair criticism of Benning, Billado

Ms. Billado: There is no need for you to respond to my request for confirmation of certain FB posts. They have been exposed by the full force of John Walters’ Vermont Political Observer, who, like so many others, if not burning Hester Prynne (I mean Ellie Martin) at the stake for witchcraft, are forcing upon her, and those who dare associate with her, the Scarlet Letter R, for Republican.