MUST-SEE VIDEO: local hams go wild in new “Convention of States” video

A handful of Vermonters gathered last month to produce a video re-enactment of the Constitutional Convention. In “Article V – Why a Convention of States,” things get hairy after the Founding Fathers are granted a look into the future about the pitfalls and temptations of unrestrained Big Government.

The video is the brainchild of “Generally Irritable” co-producers Ericka and Ben Redic of Burlington. Redic works for the Convention of States, a advocacy group urging constitutional reform – including congressional term limits – at the behest of the 50 states.

Local actors feature Tom “Poppycock!” Nelson and Jim Sexton of Essex Junction, Michael “C’mon” Valdez of Stowe, 2020 House candidate Tony O’Rourke of Williston, Guy Page of Berlin, and the Redics.

“For anyone who is tired of the Federal Government taking more and more advantage of the American people and spending our tax dollars on nonsense special interest groups – go to and sign the petition,” Ericka Redic said. “Let’s return the power back to the people!”

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