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MUST-SEE VIDEO: local hams go wild in new “Convention of States” video

A handful of Vermonters gathered last month to produce a video re-enactment of the Constitutional Convention. In “Article V – Why a Convention of States,” things get hairy after the Founding Fathers are granted a look into the future about the pitfalls and temptations of unrestrained Big Government.

Burlington patrol force dwindling, early morning police coverage at risk, chief says

Retirement and attrition could lead Burlington from 81 sworn officers to 59 by this coming September – and that might not even be the worse case scenario. “From that 59 you would have to staff the airport,” and leadership, and detectives, and community affairs, and CUSI (sex crimes unit). The domestic violence prevention officer may be reassigned as a patrol officer. The community affairs already has been reassigned to patrolling (beginning next month). An uptick in graffiti will be a likely consequence, Murad said.