Anti-vaxxers don’t want to be guinea pigs, doctor says on “Generally Irritable”

Stillshot from Facebook video of video journalist Ericka Redic’s vaccination interview with Dr. Heather Rice.

Video Journalist Ericka Redic of Burlington talks vaccination with Dr. Heather Rice in the latest installment of her FB series, “Generally Irritable.”

“As our local health officials start discussing mandating the Covid vaccine, we need to ensure Vermonters have all the information they need to make an informed decision,” Redic said. “Who do you think should be making your healthcare decisions? You and your doctor, or politicians and unelected bureaucrats?” Below are a few excerpts from the in-depth interview.

“There is so much myth around what vaccines do. People believe it’s like some kind of forcefield,” said Rice, a Shelburne doctor of chiropractic medicine who is on the board of Health Choice Vermont. “They need to know it doesn’t necessarily work the way they are told it works. If you want to become healthy, you need to do the things that build health – not rely on some pharmaceutical.”

Compulsory vaccination supporters “use the word ‘anti-vaxxer’ like it’s some kind of slur now,” Redic said. Where is that kind of malign response coming from? she asked.

“It seems to me there is an agenda that is being set and they want everyone to follow, and if you vary from that, you are labeled and demonized,” Rice said. She said opposition to mandatory Covid-19 vaccination is putting a new, positive spin on the term ‘anti-vax.’ 

“They don’t want to be the guinea pigs,” Rice said.

(Editor’s note: proponents argue mandatory immunization is a necessary “public good,” like taxation; refusal to vaccinate is likened to tax evasion. They also argue that individual choice does not apply because a non-immunized person may transmit the disease. Vermont Daily welcomes comments and letters pro and con.)

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  1. If you read the article ‘Vaccine Development-101’, on the FDA website, you will learn that this vaccination is not approved, however, it is EUA,(Emergency Use Authorized). This means it has not gone through all of the trials and toxicity tests but is allowed to be used during this pandemic emergency.
    Don’t be frightened by the media’s constant reporting on the rise in covid cases, 99 point 9 percent of which, survive!! Are you in that 99 point 9 percentile that will live through this , as you have other flus and viruses or are you older and/or compromised? Weigh things out, and talk to God, before you agree to be vaccinated. The choice is yours.

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