Governor's Press Conference

Guv ducks martial law enforcement question

by Guy Page

At today’s press briefing, Gov. Phil Scott was asked by Vermont Daily: “Governor, there’s a lot of social media buzz that Qanon, one of the groups supposedly planning these State House protests, predicts President Trump will declare martial law. If he does, will you and the State of Vermont police cooperate?”

Gov. Scott answered: “I don’t believe President Trump will be declaring martial law.” Vermont Daily said, “Okay, say he does?” Scott replied: “I don’t want to play that game, because I don’t believe it will happen.”

Also, Gov. Scott confirmed that no cases of Covid-19 have been traced back to the bus trip that took more than 50 Vermonters to and from the January 6 Washington D.C. rally that culminated in a fatal riot in which protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol building. A reporter asked – as have many other media and social media commenters – whether apparently lax Covid-19 social distancing and mask measures on the bus have resulted in any Covid cases. Gov. Scott answered: “I don’t believe that we have contact traced anything back to the bus trip last week.”

In other news, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said he doesn’t know the vaccination acceptance rate among Vermont health care providers. “We don’t have more than anecdotal information right now,” he said when asked by a VPR reporter. He believes vaccination of residents at senior care facilities is high, but regarding staff, “we don’t have the numbers to give you.”

Levine noted that in some parts of the country, as low as three in 10 health care providers have volunteered to receive the vaccine. The rest “prefer to wait,” he said. In other regions, nine in 10 health care workers have received the vaccine.

“It seems regional, and challenging to get to true data,” Levine said. 

Gov. Scott also said he is as committed to not raising taxes in the coming years as he’s ever been. “I believe we can get through this without raising taxes,” he said. “What we need is more tax payers, not more taxes.”

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  1. I am glade the FBI and other agencies and police are ready to take care of a riot if that were to happen.But to blame Trump and his supporters is a sad thing!This seems to to a sign of the new administration coming and REPUBLICANS that are really Democratics to blame Mr Trump and conservatives and take Socialism to rule with no adherence to our constitution!This is seen in the fact that all across our nation this summer BLM and Antifa terrorized and burned looted cities all across our nation,even small towns in Vermont,and was ignored by authorities,but when Mr Trump is involved they crack down?I hope these protests don’t take place,it is a no win for any one,only an excuse to use martial law!!

  2. This 50 state ,state house rallies talked about by the FBI is totally false, no such rallies have been planned at all, this is called a false flag. If anyone shows up at these, it won’t be trump supporters, or election fraud protesters. Maybe BLM and Antifa insurrectionists will finally start getting arrested. Unlike what happened in Portland and Seattle.

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