Have you been called a traitor? Answering the charge of treason

Two Minute Warning: Why we are NOT traitors, despite what some say

by Guy Page

I’ve been called a traitor for questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election. It’s a serious, painful charge. But is it true?

As of now, 686 of you have petitioned Congressman Peter Welch to investigate allegations of fraud. Is a petition treason? The First Amendment protects our right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” What could be more American?

On Wednesday, many Americans will exercise, and again I quote the First Amendment, “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” in Washington DC on January 6. No treason there either – it says so in our Constitution.

Is it treason to ask Congress to refuse the votes of state electors? No – U.S. law requires Congress to accept the electors vote – OR NOT. Congress is the last line of defense against electoral fraud conducted by the states. That’s not treason either.

Finally, would it be treason for our president to declare martial law? Precedent, law and the Constitution all say no, provided he has sufficient reason. Federal martial law was declared in 1857 in Utah and in 1861 and 1863 during the Civil War. The 1807 Insurrection Act allows presidential martial law “to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion“. The 9th amendment of the Bill of Rights says “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus” – the right to hearing and trial removed by martial law – “shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

But martial law is extreme and dangerous. That’s why America – starting in Congress – must face these allegations right now. Congressman Welch and our two senators – investigate these concerns. It’s not about who won the election. This very month could decide whether America has a future as “We The People.”

This is a crisis and it’s no time for sunshine patriots. Leaders in Government and media will face the judgement of history if the decisions they make this month lead to tyranny, chaos and injustice. And for everyone fighting for “We The People” I have a word for you: “Don’t Give Up.”


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  1. Give them hell Guy!
    On the 29th of May, 1765, Patrick Henry gave a rousing speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses. You may know Henry for his “give me liberty or give me death” speech in 1775, but this one came earlier—and it shook Virginians in pre-Revolutionary War America to their core.

    It just happened to be Henry’s 29th birthday. What a way to celebrate?

    Virginians were then trying to decide what to do about the controversial Stamp Act. You won’t be surprised to hear that Henry was ready to take charge. He’d proposed a set of Resolutions and was now arguing for their approval by the Virginia House.

    Henry’s speech was nothing if not brazen. He compared King George III to Julius Caesar! Do you remember what ultimately happened to Caesar? Needless to say, Patrick Henry was treading into dangerous territory.

    Henry began thunderously: “Caesar had his Brutus; Charles the First his Cromwell; and George the Third . . . .” At this point, Henry was interrupted by cries of “Treason! Treason!” But Henry persevered in the face of these cries. “George the Third,” he said, “may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it!”

    You’ve got to love our founding fathers–they were better men than we have today.

    Acknowledgements to: Patrick Henry’s Resolutions Against the Stamp Act: May 29, 1765 to May 30, 1765 (Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation Red Hill)

  2. Guy: Where did Trump so corral your point of view that you lost your…integrity. Wasn’t there a time in your Trump world that your didn’t feel that you were being played. Or, are you just now playing yourself?

    At some point it isn’t about who you are against, but who you are? You are a Vermonter. Don’t you know better?

  3. If we are reviled, we are in good company and it is a blessing! Be strong and very courageous, you must be doing something right!!

  4. I think sedition might be a better descriptor of what you are doing rather than treason. We had a free and fair election from which there was a clear winner. You are now trying to legitimize the unfounded and unsupported claims of the loser to justify disregarding the will of the people. “We the people” agreed that the loser in an election does give up. That’s how elections in democratic republics work. You are now discussing martial law when all the living former SecDefs have come out calling for a peaceful transition of power.

    Sometimes your candidate wins and sometimes they lose. Unless you have evidence to support fraud that you can present, your columns are only undermining the credibility in our election process. Where is your evidence?

    • >>>”Where is your evidence?”<<<

      Are you serious right now?? Have you not been listening to people? Have you not seen video surveillance? Have you been living under a rock?
      It's not only about "dead voters" and mail-in votes! All of the above have been proven! Yet people such as yourself seem to think it's cause we want Trump to continue on as POTUS. That is NOT why Patriots are standing! We would be doing the same no matter whom it was happening with!
      The election was RIGGED!

      • Hello TJ,

        Rhetorical questions and personal opinion are not evidence. Objective facts are evidence. Election officials, state officials, and courts have found no evidence of fraud or ballot tampering. Like Guy, you have presented no evidence, just innuendo and conspiracy based upon the unsupported claims of the losing candidate.

        As a “journalist,” Guy Page knows the difference between conjecture and fact, but he is actively using this forum to undermine the legitimacy of our democratic process. That is an observable behavior and it is sedition.


      • John, I’ve been gathering my questions that need to be answered – but here are a few. If you choose to provide answers, great! But don’t just say “it’s been debunked” without supplying appropriate info. 1) Did Jessy Morgan transport thousands of signed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania in late October, as claimed by him and several reputable organizations supporting him? If so….BIG fraud alert. 2) Why did Trump’s vote totals go DOWN in several Pennsylvania townships? It’s a (apparently proven?) fact they did – since it’s rare in the extreme for a candidate to lose thousands of tabulated votes in a matter of minutes on Election Night, there needs to be an explanation. 3) Did Nevada Dem/voter turnout activists dispense enough swag (free gift cards etc.) to entice enough voters to affect the election there? It’s is incontrovertible fact that it happened – it’s all on video, clear as day – so the only question is did it happen enough to affect the election? 4) Antrim County Michigan – where a huge proportion of votes were somewhere deemed unfit, to be replaced by pro-Biden votes. Some expert vote auditors say it was a likely software scam. Are they right? Can you prove they are wrong? If not – yet another election fraud allegation that must be reviewed for its impact. 5) Fulton County, Georgia – for the life of me I cannot understand why GOP observers and especially reporters would just stroll out of there while people were still counting votes. Were they told to leave? If not, why did they leave? As a reporter I can tell you I would never have left on the biggest night of my career while anything was still going on. All the Georgia people will say is “nope, nothing happened here” – no really hard questions answered, that I can tell.

        This is just a quick overview, John. There are many more, much better-researched concerns about election fraud. And no-one is giving any answers – real answers that are more than “just go away and stop being seditious.” So – give me real, factual answers to my questions, or else join me in calling for an inquiry into potential presidential election fraud. And if when the questions are all answered I will say what I was ready to say on Election Night – “well, Biden won, too bad from my POV, but that’s democracy.” But until those questions are answered in this weird election year, I’ll keep asking them. Americans deserve answers. So give me the facts, or else spare the conjecture about my journalistic behavior.

  5. Whether or not you are a traitor is beside the point. You are defending a man who has bragged of sexual assault demeaned the office of the president on multiple occasions. Every losing candidate in my lifetime has honorably conceded. Dole, McCain, GHW Bush, Gore, Kerry, McGovern. Hell, Nixon even refused to challenge the 1960 election for fear of what it would do to the country. You are in league with people who would do the country harm. This is bad for America. Stop hiding behind the Constitution and do what the founders envisioned – concede and pledge to work toward a better country with the new president. Not asking a lot. Just do what Nixon did.

    • It’s not about what Trump has achieved or not achieved. It is not about politics any more. It is about the furze of the country. No one was more angry than I when the Supreme Court handed the election to Bush over Gore. Gore disagreed. But he conceded on national TV and then presided over his own defeat when counting the votes as VP. It is now about the country, not about your political views. You and your supporters are headed to DC to protest with those who would overturn an election. That is a coup. And no American, blessed with all our protections, would be a party to that. Did you protests the Florida recount in 2000 over irregularities? Did you protest the voting in Ohio when Kerry lost. I suspect you are clinging to a desire for an America of your childhood that no longer exists.

      • Kevin THIS is why we need full investigation. Because everyone agrees trying to steal elections is unamerican and reprehensible and seditious- choose your adjective of calumny. But in this polarized bizarre election year no-one knows what Really happened. And we just have to. Did Jessy Morgan really transport thousands of completed ballots from NY to PA? Etc etc etc. Let’s get answers and reach agreement. Sadly both sides more interested in winning than knowing.

    • Kevin, if you thought there was a good chance Trump stole the election and would try to ensure no more truly free and fair elections, would you gracefully concede? Would that be the good American thing to do?

  6. I have seen no common ground since presdent trump was elected, immediately after the election democrats planned on impeaching him in hoax after hoax. I truly believe this election was stolen based on watching the elections per state and what happened there. fraud should never be allowed to exist in elections or there will never be trust in elections or their outcomes again. the democrats have made no efforts to prove there was no fraud, and they should be anxious to verify the honesty of this election! 70 million voters feel they were cheated of an honest election and that is why people will not give up on this issue!

  7. The Governor called us all racists and believes we are super spreaders of a phantom virus – a virus so cunning they have to look for it with a test that is right maybe half the time? The leftist mafia and the RINOs make it clear they are all in on the New World Order. Anyone who is not aware of what is truly going on here and across the USA is living in an alternate reality created by the MSM and new Socialist Marxist movement. Saul would be so proud! Keep watching WCAX and CBS, NBC or whatever lamestream lying network you chose, it’s all a lie and has been for well over 40+ years. A conspiracy theory you say? No evidence you say? Ah….the plan is working well. Good luck in CCP Western Division. NY is already legislating new leper colonies as we speak.

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