Still room on the Trump bus going to DC next week

There’s still room on the bus leaving South Burlington for the January 6 March for Trump in Washington DC.

“President Trump has called for patriots from across the country to attend a protest rally in Washington DC on January 6th to show our support for President Trump, who won the Presidential election by a landslide,” organizer Ellie Martin of Underhill said.

A bus has been secured and several people have committed to making the trip.  Others have made contributions to help alleviate the cost. Details:

  • The Bus Tour line is U.S. Coachways The bus fare is $100 per person. It’s a 10 hour ride with 2 hours for stops along the way.  
  • The bus will be leaving the Old Kmart parking lot on 947 Shelburne Rd in South Burlington on the 5th of January, 2021 at 7 pm. It is planned to stop in Vergennes Park and Ride between 7:30 and 8 p.m., located at VT 22A. The next stop will be in Rutland at the Green Mt. Plaza,  286 South St.  
  • Passengers will be responsible for their own meals.  There will be bottled water supplied for the trip. Passengers will sleep on the bus.  They should bring a blanket and pillow and get a good nights sleep to be up an ready to hit the ground running.  The bus is expected to arrive in D.C. at about 7 a.m.  on January 6.  Passengers be dropped off on Capital Hill as close to the rally as possible. Participants will wave Vermont Trump Flags and wear MAGA hats for the day showing support for President Trump and VP Mike Pence.
  • Ron Lawrence, of the Essex Republicans has been collecting names and money for the trip.  To make things easier, there are now two new PayPal buttons on the Essex Republicans web site:  https://www.essexrepublicans.org/#h.kr65tx9kyjc7. If you can make the trip, you can purchase your ticket directly using the PayPal button. You can also send a check made out to “Ellie Martin”, and mail to: Ellie Martin, 54 B River Rd, Underhill, VT  05489, or you can email Ron Lawrence (rlawrence41@comcast.net) or Ellie Martin (elliemartin333@gmail.com) directly.

“If you love our President, and want to show your support on this critical day in history, then jump onboard!,” Martin said.

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  1. All this for a guy who belittles you behind your back, lies about his religious devotion and cares only about himself and his wealth. This devotion will be studied for decades.

    • In order to keep a Chinese puppet out of the white house. One who made millions from Chinese kickbacks, bribed foreign governments, got fewer votes than Barack & Hillary except in four Democrat cites, doesn’t know what day of the week it is due to cognitive decline, is a fake Catholic because he supports abortion, has a fondness for young girls who rub his legs at the pool to watch the blonde hair on his legs stand up, who lies about his entire life story from the death of his first wife (blaming the truck driver when she drove into oncoming traffic) to his college grades (he did not finish top of his class) to his political (lack of) achievements over the past 50 years. Yeah, Joe is a real winner.

    • Hi Kevin, It is going to be difficult, for the people who have been bamboozled/fooled by globalist owned/controlled mainstream lying, propaganda-spewing media. Things simply are not how those people have come to believe they are. This isn’t really about Donald J. Trump, actually. He IS beloved by many….but what we patriots love even more, is freedom, liberty, the U.S. Constitution, and that that’s what this Republic is about. It is about the absolute FACT that there has been massive fraud in this election…and that no federal agency, no judge, no politician, and about half of this nation, have refused to even LOOK at a SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE, OR HEAR EVEN A SINGLE TESTIMONY! How can this be?! The level of corruption in high places in this nation is off the charts. Frankly, Kevin, we are living in biblical times. Many will snort at that…perhaps you will also. We must humble ourselves, and seek the TRUTH, turn to GOD, turn off mainstream media/the TV, and that includes NPR, which is among the worst. Listen…get a copy (listen to the audio on YouTube) of 1984 by George Orwell. I don’t know how he and others (of the elite families) KNEW decades ago, what would be happening now, but they did. We read that book in high school, in the late 60’s, and didn’t have a clue how serious it was, and that it was warning us, giving us a DIRE WARNING, of what was to come, and now is here… Try to chill abit, Kevin, and others who share your viewpoint….if ever you were to talk with patriots, Trump supporters, people who love freedom, and liberty, FOR ALL… you would likely, eventually, change your tune, and sing a new, joyful song. I pray that happens for you, and for many!

    • We didn’t vote for a perfect person. His positions are closest to what we want. We have been asleep hiding in our church pews. I believe God used him to wake us up. We did not know how tired of political correctness and virtue signaling, victim mentality,
      Revisionist history we were. We don’t believe homosexuality is Gods design but we still love them. We believe the welfare state is ,although meaning well ,perpetuates racism and the victim mentality . It keeps people dependent on government only to increase corrupt politicians electability so they can sell out our country to communism and line their pockets with bribes to the highest bidder. We don’t want to see our children indoctrinated in our schools against their creator. I guess you believe you are righteous all by your lonesome. Have you noticed that utopia has never been a reality in all of history? The closest thing to utopia is to realize you are a sinner and that your only way to eternal life has been paid in full life for life by the blood of God. Maybe you can give yourself a hall pass on your own deeds or why not blame them on Trump. Don’t think that will look to good on judgement day when you have to answer to God for what you have done. Our kids are now being taught in schools that they might not know what gender they are. That is what you are taking part in when you vote for the hypocrites you vote for. Not to mention killing babies that God wants alive. You will be held accountable . At least trump has some balls. God works well with a mess. My guess is that he and God are becoming friends . He is patient with all of us that we might repent. If you don’t like what God has to say about humanity then you are free to eternity with out him. He won’t force you. Democrats are doing everything that they accuse Trump of doing anyway. At least Trump is batting for the team. This is a special country and we have had enough of your godless freak show. This is what happens when you believe you are a descendent of an ape. God made man to house his glory and gave us dominion but we chose to do it our way and look at the mess we have made.
      He is restoring us back to Him if we want it and you are right politics won’t do it but every changed heart will. Trump 2020 why not audit the election fraud what are you afraid of. Trump gave up his business to serve Biden has made millions through selling our country out to communists.

    • Biden is the answer to all our problems. He is the honest, devoted public servant who has successfully created a better life for all in his 47 years of service. His son Hunter will certainly carry on his father’s legacy proudly.

      • That was sarcasm, right? or, in other words, You’re sh____’ me, right ?

  2. There is not enough people going on this bus , you should opt for the short bus. Cram as many trump supporters in there and go for a 20 hour round trip bus ride. That should do it.

  3. Please don’t forget to quarantine upon return to VERMONT. Riding on a closed bus for hours amidst COVID doesn’t seem like a great idea! Prayers for all….

  4. Wow– scary. No mention of masks or distancing on this bus to DC. Oh right— COVID’s a hoax… (And, yes, I’m being sarcastic .)

  5. Wanted to go in the worst way. Can’t find any groups in the Allentown Pa area.

  6. PS. How funny, my sister and brother-in-law live in Underhill. Can’t mention Pres Trump in the household. Remember the girl in The Exorcist when processed? That’s how she gets. I pray for her.

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